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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland April 15th 2014

Now we are on the last leg of our holiday. We are all packed and ready to go. Looking forward to getting home again to catch up with family and friends and return to our well loved recliner chairs! We had a great day yesterday buying an all day transport pass we hopped from ferry to ferry. Our first stop was Devonport. We had tried to drive into there with David and Cheryl on Sunday but as there was too much traffic we decided to turn around and not go in. It is a pity as it was really the best part that I have seen of Auckland. We went for a great walk up the north head to see the remains of the gun battery that was there. The views were just fantastic. Then we ... read more
Out of uniform
Great views
Not the Sydney harbour bridge!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland April 13th 2014

Our wonderful holiday at the bay of Islands came to an end today. Before David dropped us off we went to the mt Eden lookout. Mt Eden is an extinct volcano. It was quite an amazing view. We then got dropped off and booked into our apartment that will be home for the next 3 nights.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland April 5th 2014

right outside the hotel is this triatholon, swimming in Auckland harbor, running in front of the hotel. 🏊🚴Last nite we went for dinner at queens harbor Baduzzi restaurant 🍷 was the name tapas but good. No tipping here but then service is not what we are used to. Breakfast was a challenge !! Had to find water and get refills for coffee on our own ☕️🍝 And that was in this hotel. last nite in Auckland, dinner with Nigel and kathy later. Time change last night , fall back one hour.... read more
View of city of auckland from the east of cityimage
view of city auckland
kathi and kathy at dinner

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Ponsonby April 4th 2014

Took the city bus to Auckland zoo. Saw kiwi and kea bird and KaKau birds indigenous to NZ. Can pretty much take any bus east/ west and will take u from Victoria street west. Art museum and zoo same stop. Jacuzzi at hotel Walked up college to kathy and Nigel's . Beautiful suburb lovely home great dinner and wine with good renewed friends. Golf in the morning with Nigel... read more
Kathy, kathi Nigel

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland April 4th 2014

Nigel taking us to a links course. Dinner last nite at kathy and Nigel's. Best lamb chops ever and great home!!! Played muriwai golf course off tasmine sea! The sand traps are really deep!!!... read more
Viaduct Harbor Auckland
Kea Bird


Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland April 3rd 2014

Arrived in Auckland after over nite flight from LAX. Business class #AWESOME. Was not able to check in but they let us use the spa for showers and locker. Staying at the Sofitel in Auckland right on viaduct harbor. Lots of small cafés, for strong coffee! Got our room around noon , ate some lunch and took a nap. Going to sky Tower tonight.... read more
Pita Pit
heading to Auckland

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Devonport March 31st 2014

Tuesday 25th An early start as we drive to the other side of Wellington to the VW garage to get some special fluid put in the van. The warning light’s been on for 5 days. We then set off on a long days drive to Hastings, about 190 mile away. The scenery’s mainly rolling hills covered by sheep ! there’s 1000’s of them. Also a few 100 cows. In the back ground are dark menacing looking mountains but they’re miles away. We stop for lunch in Dannevirke, a Danish and Swedish settlement. The park’s quite nice with an aviary and lots of wild chickens with furry feet, they look like they’re wearing Ugg Boots. We soon set off again and I’m glad when we reach Hastings, it’s been a long drive. At tourist info we get ... read more
A misty morning in Taupo
Tin Tirau

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland March 31st 2014

We got off to a great start with Pete telling the guys at security that he was carrying drugs. The guy said I hope you mean medicine??? Then Pete says to me you can put the passports away, we won't be needing them! Even after I say are you sure? Next stop the departure gate and yes sure enough I have to pull out the passports again! Anyway Louise 1 Pete 0!!!! We have arrived in Auckland and so far the people have been very friendly. We haven't seen much as we got in at 11.00pm. Pete of-course is checking out the breakfast menu. The stomach is pinching as we had our curried egg sandwiches confiscated at the airport!... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland March 31st 2014

"Kia Ora" in "Aotearoa" (Welcome in New Zealand, in Maori language!) Finally I took some time to write a new blog! New Zealand, finally here....a country that has been high on my wish list too. I still remember the first time I found out about New Zealand, I was a little kid. It was because of the butter brand "Anchor" which they (used to?) sell in Curaçao and it's made in NZ. Back then I would have never thought that I'd make it here one day! I arrived in New Zealand about 6 weeks ago. I took China Airlines from Taipei, Taiwan and flew to Sydney, Australia and then on to Auckland, New Zealand. The country, which consists of two big islands (North Island and South Island), looks small on a world map because it's next ... read more
Auckland skyline
Auckland: randomly bumped into this older man in the city!
First flight

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Mount Eden March 29th 2014

Aotearoa- I came to visit you to get some positive energy for the next stage of my life. You gave me the opportunity to try out things that I would never dare to do at home. Now I know that I have proved myself and I can do it because I want it. But everything is about good preparation, isn't it? I realized it after I booked so many flights unnecessarily and doing hard tracks in sneakers:) I made my debut in: Buying a car Renting a car Hitchhiking Taking hitchhikers Travelling with strangers Couchsurfing Woofing holding a shark in my hands standing on surfing board being a horse groom This journey was exceptional special because of the lovely people that I met. They gave me home and shelter when I needed the most. Thank ... read more

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