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Oceania » New Caledonia » South Province » Noumea January 19th 2008

Our excitement of getting to visit New Caledonia dampened a bit when we started researching how much it costs to stay there! Definitely it has imported prices as well as the language from France, and thats a real shame for backpackers. Új-Kaledónia látogatása iránt érzett lelkesedésünket kissé lehűtötte mikor rájöttünk, hogy milyen sokba is fog ez nekünk kerülni. Nemcsak a nyelvet, de az árakat is importálták Franciaországból. With only a short time available we opted to visit the most talked about location in New Caledonia, the remote island of L’lle des Pins (Isle of Pines). The only way to get there is by ferry which runs only 3 days a week, making the island paradise feel very isolated. We had a fun journey as the cyclone that had affected us in Fiji had passed nearby and ... read more
Road to the pool - Ut a medencehez
The pool - A medence
The sea behind - Mogotte a tenger

Oceania » New Caledonia » South Province » Grand Terre September 28th 2007

My last excursion on this journey was the north province (Grand Terre) of New Caledonia. Again we rented a car for three days. Our final destination was the city of Voh. It takes around 4 hours from Noumea to get to Voh. Because we left Noumea late in the afternoon we decided to camp on the beach Pindai. It’s a nice place top camp, it’s for free but it is hard to find this place, because there are no signs to guide you to this place. Well early in the morning we left for Voh. City of Voh is famous for it’s natural shaped heart. Yann Arthus-Bertrand used it for the front cover of his book called Earth from above. The only way to see this heart is from above, either from the airplane or from ... read more
Camping on the beach of Pindai
View from the tent
Henry the lama

Oceania » New Caledonia » South Province » Noumea September 11th 2007

As you can see in the summer of 2007 I went to New Caledonia. The flight to Noumea was very long. It took me 30 hours of flying to get to Noumea. I had a flight Ljubljana-Paris-Tokyo-Noumea with Air France. If you come from EU, you don’t need any visa requirements. Well in Noumea I was staying at the YHA. I really recommend this hostel. It is actually the only hostel in New Caledonia. It is save, clean and full of travelers. It is located in the centre of Noumea, on the hill, with a great view of Noumea. Well I stayed there for 5 nights. During these 5 nights I made a plan for Noumea (what to see, where to go etc.). I was surprised by the knowledge of English language in Noumea. Not a ... read more
View from YHA
Baie des Citrons
Friends from YHA on Baie des Citrons

Oceania » New Caledonia » South Province » Noumea April 13th 2007

2 blogs in 2 weeks I hear you say! Well nearly at the end of our 2 weeks here and where has that time gone. Once we landed in New Caledonia we were greated by Ben, Nathalie and Sam who took us back to Noumea a 50km drive. Once we arrived we were welcome into their apartment where we made ourself at home for the next two weeks. After a couple of days rest we decided to head south to and Island called the Isle of Pines known as 'the closest island to paradise'. We took a catamaran to the island which took 2.5hrs and you could say it was a little bit rough. We camped on the isle of pines at a place called Nataiwatch for 2 nights. While on the Isle of Pines we ... read more
Isle of Pines
The Big Chicken
The ''boat''!

Oceania » New Caledonia » South Province » Noumea April 3rd 2007

We left you in Hervy Bay, from where we moved onto Brisbane! Brisbane is a really nice city, its not too big or busy and is well looked after. We stayed at a really nice hostel called Bowen Terrace, it was more like staying in a big house than in a hostel. You can get around the city using the city cat, which as it sounds isn't a large feline, but a catameran that cruises up and down the river in the centre of the city! We decided to take a trip to Australia Zoo, home of the late Steve Irwin. We encountered lots of animals, from mini crocodiles to the largest you could ever imagine, to circus rescued elephants, bengal tigers, wombats, turtles, dingoes and of course lots of Koalas, we even got to cuddle ... read more
Elephants Football
Sarah and Mash
Nick and Mash


Oceania » New Caledonia » South Province » Noumea February 12th 2007

Day 28 - February 12, 2007, Monday, Noumea, New Caledonia Time: 6:58 am, Monday (1:58 pm, Sunday CST) Latitude: 22 degrees 16.51 minutes S Longitude: 166 degrees 25.86 minutes E Speed: 0 - At Anchor Seas: Smooth Wind: Calm Distance traveled from FLL: 10,084 nautical miles Weather: 80 degrees / 75% humidity, Sunny Noumea is the beautiful capital city of the French territory of New Caledonia. As we arrived the sun was shining! We were happy to see that! The French established a settlement here in 1854. The area first served as a prison colony from 1864 to 1904, and then as a center for the nickel and gold that was mined nearby. Later it served as the headquarters of the U.S. military in the Pacific during World War II. After the war, the U.S. military ... read more
Time to play!
Our beach for the day!
Cathedral in Noumea, New Caledonia

Oceania » New Caledonia » South Province » Noumea November 10th 2006

My dear friends and family, Having a wonderful time in New Caledonia and warm at last! After a couple of days in Noumea resting at my brother Marc and Joelle's lovely appartment, we were off camping in the bush! Imagine that, I hadn't been camping since I was 18 years in Ireland! To top it all, we were to go camping in the wild for the 1st 2 days, not even on a camping site. Well I not only survived but loved the whole experience. Marc and Joelle have a landrover with a trailer (they call it their country residence) which Marc equipped with a double bed, cooking facilities, water tank with shower attachment and large ice box for keeping our beers (and food) cold. What else do you need? Going to the loo in the ... read more
Setting up the tent...
Poé 1st night
Wood gathering

Oceania » New Caledonia » South Province » Noumea October 19th 2006

Partly cloudy & strong winds - 25c It has begun!!!! On arrival at La Tontouta airport I needed to find out where the bus stop was, so I asked in my best french and got a reply I'd never heard before: ‘Il ny’a pas buses.. something something’ (translate: there are no buses.. something something). Very strange?! I asked someone else and got the same reply. I looked up the ‘something’ word in my phrase book, it read "strike". The buses were not running because the workers demanded an extra 5mins lunch break (seriously... 5mins?!?) and were on strike. It cost me nearly $50 to get to Noumea which was only 35mins away, damn those well thought out travel plans!! I complained about it to a local and got the reply 'Il est Noumea maintent' (translated: 'this ... read more
That's My Flight
My Room
Place Des Cocotiers

Oceania » New Caledonia » South Province » Noumea September 10th 2003

New Caledonia (or Nouvelle Calédonie) was my first trip overseas and I was in Year 8 (2003). The trip was a week long and I shared a room with Ilsa in my host family's house (Pierre and Régine). Most of the trip was spent in Nouméa, however we did go to Amédée on one of the days. My journal was written in French as an assignment when we got back to Melbourne, so most of the spelling and grammar is incorrect. However it is still interesting to read back. September 10th, 2003 - Day 1 À 1h30, je suis allée à lx00aéroport. Puis, je mx00ai embarqué lx00avion à 3h30. Nous sommes allée à Sydney ! À Sydney nous avons fait du shopping. Cx00était très amusant ! Après ça, à 7h55, nous nous avons embarqué une ... read more
day 1 - vue de l'hôtel
day 1 - vue de l'hôtel
day 1 - à l'hôtel

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