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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City June 18th 2013

I'm very behind with this blog entry; about 6 weeks behind in fact, but I've finally now got the time to write about one of the absolute best weeks of my life. My last blog ended in Brisbane, after which I'd already fallen head over heels in love with Queensland. However, the best was yet to come. I flew from Brisbane up to Cairns, north Queensland, where I'd booked myself a little treat - 2 nights in a swish hotel. Wow was it swish! I had 2 double beds in my rooms, big TV, gorgeous bathroom, a mountain view and onsite gym. The sea was just 2 minutes walk and the city centre only 10. When I got into my room I jumped for joy and did a little happy dance around the whole place. It ... read more
My mountain view
On the Aboriginal Walk

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City June 17th 2013

From Christchurch we began our short series of flights in to Australia and up North to Cairns. After 3 hours we had arrived in Sydney and had a small wait before boarding our flight to Cairns. As soon as we departed the plane the change in temperature from New Zealand was quite the contrast. The sun was beaming down and there wasn't a cloud in the sky - we just wanted to head straight to the beach. After a short shuttle bus ride from the airport we arrived at our hostel - Caravella Backpackers which was located just across the road from the promenade. After checking in we were shown to our room - a 6 bed dorm. The room was a bit of a mess and was full of stinking, sweaty French guys (lucky me). ... read more
Great Barrier Reef
Scuba Sonya
Scuba Jon

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City June 3rd 2013

Dear Grace & Mag, I know I haven't blogged for a while but I wanted to make sure I took pictures of all different things to show you what my life is / will be like in Cairns for the next few months. I've been here for nearly 2 months already - that's gone crazy quick. In the first week up here I had a lot of people I knew from the East Coast and it was the last stop altogether before people moved on of went home. Most of the first week was going out together and nursing hangovers by the lagoon during the day. The lagoon is amazing, right by the beach so you can lay in the pool and look at the horizon and plenty of space for everyone to lay and relax ... read more
blog 6
blog 9
blog 1

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City May 25th 2013

16/2 We got up and checked our of our hotel, then walked to the sky bus to get to the airport. We hadn't walked with our rucksacks for a while, it was got work, but luckily it wasn't too far to walk. It took about half an hour to get to the airport, and we checked in for our flight, and had a McDonald's for our lunch. (McDonald's monopoly in Oz, yay!).our flight went fine, but it was quite long. We arrived in Cairns and got a taxi to our hotel, which wasn't too far away. We checked in with the lovely, camp manager at our hotel, and he gave us lots of good information about different tours we could do in our 2 days in Cairns. We dumped our stuff in our room and went ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City May 14th 2013

Cairns, North Queensland. The trip to Cairns almost nearly did not happen. I had booked with JetStar at 0900 hrs from Sydney and being a domestic flight assumed that I have to go to the domestic terminal. Little did I understand that it was a flight to Osaka in Japan. Luckily I had given myself plenty of time that I could take a transfer bus to the international terminal and still make the flight. The Airbus 330-200 was barely half full, I presume they get more passengers from Cairns. The landing was in windy conditions. I hope the wind abates by Tuesday for the trip to the Great Barrier Reef. After checking into the hotel reconfirmed the tour as required. Took a walk to the quay to familiarise myself as to be in the morning of ... read more
Rainforest pond
Sky Rail colourful Locos
Railway bridge 1


Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City April 28th 2013

So we were lucky enough to have one girl in our unit not drink on this huge uni party night so she drove us to the bus station (you have to blow a 0.00 here). We arrived in cairns at about 2 o'clock and took a shuttle to our hotel which I thought was going to be crap since it was so cheap but it really wasn't. We had a great room with a double bed and two single and our own bathroom. There was also a really nice pool outside. We didn't know what to do all day so we just called a taxi and told the driver to take us downtown wherever he thought was best. We ended up at the night market place that wasn't open yet so we just wandered around town ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City March 24th 2013

Well folks arrived in Cairns a couple of days ago, got a taxi from the airport to my accommodation which is a ten minute bus ride to the centre of town. The first day it was a full on tropical storm, the rain was relentless so just got on the bike and cycled into town and although soaking wet for the whole day it was warn rain so it didn't really matter too much. Wondered around the town to get my bearings, found a man made lagoon for swimming, all the shops and information centres etc. rode back along the sea front and got wet again. Day two guess what raining again, decided to catch the bus into town rather than get soaked again. Decided as it was raining I may as well get wet so ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City March 13th 2013

Cairns Our last stop in our tour of the Australian east coast and by far the most uncomfortable climate...everything was damp! When you weren't dodging the torrential rain showers, the 90+% humidity combined with the stifling heat meant that you were sweating constantly, not even sitting in the shade offered much respite. Because of this we spent the majority of our time wallowing in the man-made lagoon on the esplanade. img= The lagoon - Absolutely no ball games but death defying acrobatics is acceptable! img= read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City February 11th 2013

After the 6th flight of this trip, ie from Bali to Cairns via Sydney my Rohloff gears have sprung an oil leak. This could be temporary and just related to temperature changes in the aircraft hold or if I'm seriously unlucky the seals have gone and that's 'armageddon on wheels' Requiring a train ride to Brisbane to fix. I'll find out in the next couple of days. I'm now back under canvas after 7 months. I hope to sleep better than on the plane last night. Nothing else to report I think that's more than enough for 1 day. Nick/Cyclopath... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City December 12th 2012

Wednesday - 12 December - I arrived in Cairns at 6.30am, as the hostel wasn't checking anyone in at that time, I went on the hunt for breakfast. Once full i walked around the town and tried to sort out a good deal for diving the barrier reef. I managed to arrange a dive for the following day and by that time i was allowed to check into my room at Gilligan's, the renowned party hostel!! I made myself some food and headed out for a drink with my new room mates. We ended up playing bogan bingo which was a hoot, i won a trip to Port Douglas but i can't tell you how, what goes on tour, stays on tour!! Thursday - 13 December - Today i took a days boat trip to the ... read more
Cape Trib
Photo 11
Cape Trib (3)

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