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7/11/13 - Today, Briar and Shelby T got up early and went to the Fishing Bridge Visitor Center for Briar to complete his Junior Ranger activity. We were first in the building, Briar had a couple of things to complete in his booklet. Last night we completed the required ranger presentation for Yellowstone - "Finding Yellowstone". This presentation was really informative on early history of how Yellowstone came to be and some of the explorers responsible. It ended with the challenge for each to find their Yellowstone. Briar completed all requirements and received his Junior Ranger patch. We then headed out for the Grand Teton National Park. Saw very little wild life on this entire trip. A lot of pretty scenery. Briar completed his Junior Ranger requirements for the Grand Teton National Park. The ranger presentation ... read more

6/28 Departed Ashley National Forest, UT and headed to Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. Arrived Yellowstone late in day and disappointed with our $64 per night campground. No campground reservations are taken for sites inside the park so we reserved just outside the park. On 6/29 hiked along the Snake River and later drove to see Lewis & Keppler Falls and Old Faithful. According to Nancy's pedometer we hiked over 10 miles. 6/30 Visted Jackson, WY with a route closer to the Grand Tetons and saw a bull moose. Did a little shopping in Jackson and had a burger, quesadilla's with a beer for lunch. Also had a beer at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar where all the barstools were saddles. Beautiful square in Jackson with live music. 7/1 We drove into Yellowston on our way to ... read more
Jackson Lake
Old Faithful
Kepler Falls

Best Mountains EVER! Words cannot describe how awesome these mountains are. I could stay staring at them forever. From the very informative visitor's center to the scenic viewing points, its all very well laid out. The mountains, with their snowy peaks and blue color are amazing. What else could you ask for? Oh yes a cabin in the mountains! Maybe next time I visit. I’d love to take Colby here even though his idea of camping is 2 star hotels. I took a drive around the mountains and enjoyed them as they grew bigger and bigger. One of my favorite views is with Jackson Hole right in front of them. The water looks so clear and pristine and cold. I want to drink the whole lake like in tall tales of old. I didn't want to ... read more
View of the Tetons
Getting Closer
Best Mountains Ever!

Just a quick note to say that yes, I am still alive. No computers in Yellowstone and only spotty 3G service, so I couldn't access here long enough to post. (And typing on my kindle is really annoying). We're at the Jackson Lake Lodge on our lunch break and hoping for the clouds to break so we can get a view of the Grand Tetons. Yellowstone was incredible, but the weather was not. On and off rain and grey and gloomy. Old Faithful was cool and the Mammoth Hot Springs were interesting. Saw bison and elk (elk right on the lawn of the Mammoth Springs Hotel). Nice offshoot of the rain was the 3 rainbows we saw yesterday. Well, tomorrow is a free day in Jackson, so hopefully I'll have time to write up more than. ... read more

September 06 Riverton-Grand Teton National Park- Flagg Ranch Campground I got an early start this morning and went by the SuperWalmart here in Riverton to get some groceries as I figured they would be much more expensive in the mountains. I noticed that there were a dozen or more RV’s and peoples vehicles parked along the East side of the parking lot so I guess they allow overnight parking. I did not see any signs saying otherwise. After getting my supplies I made sure to top off my gas tank and went by the MacDonalds for a couple of senior coffee’s and to catch up my blog and send out emails. After taking care of that I headed Northwest out of Riverton on Hwy 26. I figured it to be about 140 miles from Riverton to ... read more
The Snake River and Grand Tetons
Jenny's Lake
Photo 5


Yellowstone is a very popular destination so, at this time of the year particularly, you would expect it to be mega busy. And it was definitely that. A visit to Yellowstone seems almost to be a rite of passage for many people in this country. Everyone wants to go or has been. Add a high level of domestic tourism to the very considerable interest of foreign tourists in the world's first national park and one of the world's largest active volcanoes, together with a relatively short visiting season, and you have a recipe for crowds and people pressure. We would normally avoid a place at a time of high pressure, but it made sense for us to travel from Glacier down to Yellowstone at this point of our trip and, later on, it will not be ... read more
Hot water is not good for everything
More hot water
The Indian Memorial

We were still pretty tired after a really cold nights sleep (elevation nearly 8000 ft!!) and yesterday’s long day was still taking its toll but we dragged ourselves to Teton National park! It is so close to Yellowstone that we had to come and pay a visit…and we were so glad that we did…the relatively small park was stunning. We stopped at the visitors centre, got a quick wash and then did a 2 mile walk around the marina taking in various views of the lake and the mountain range. A 2 mile walk to us at the moment is nothing but our legs were hurting from all the walking we have been doing, so to rest our weary feet we decided to do the 32 mile driving tour of the park. We stopped off at ... read more
Little Marina
Who's that spoiling the view?
A thoughtful moment

We did not attempt to arise ery early since we knew we would have plenty of time to see the greatest part of the park. We started just a couple of miles south of Jackson Lake Lodge at Lake Jackson Dam, taking pictures of the tremendous water flow through the dam spillway and of the Tetons reflected in the still lake. we then worked our way southward, stopping at every byway and turnout we could find, traveling along the slower low road. It is difficult to describe the experience of the Tetons. At every stop, you are presented with another view that can make even the most recognizable peaks unrecognizable. The glacial valley through which you drive is flat but curiously terraced away from th river, reflecting the height of the river at various stages in ... read more
Tetons reflected in Jackson Lake

Rising up almost directly from the plains, the Tetons present some of the most picturesque mountain views in the world. There is no crawl upward through ever higher foothills - it is just a straight shot up to the summit of Grand Teton at 13,775', rising 7000' above Jackson Hole. However, this is partly illusory, since Jackson Hole is depressed below the surrounding plains. Although containing some of the oldest rocks in North America ) 2.5 billion years old), the Tetons are one of the youngest mountain ranges on earth, their formation having started some 6-9 million years ago. The were created by a graben fault that resulted in the mountains being pushed up while Jackson Hole fell. The parks was created in 1929, and expanded with the addition of the previous Jackson Hole National Monument ... read more
Jennie, Jan at highest point Rendezvous Peak
"watermelon snow"
Grand Teton at sunset

I awoke this morning in a wintry wonderland. The coulee is even prettier after sunrise than close to sunset. Mountains stretched everywhere, with the jagged peaks of Grand Teton dominating the view to the south. The northern end of the valley was clearer in the morning light, a bowl of snow. This campsite has one of the best views in existence. I met my camp companions. Their plan is to cross the Paintbrush Divide ridge at the end of the valley, a difficult climb that at this time of the year requires technical equipment. We swapped notes on breakfast. Theirs is much better than the instant crud I brought. I got some good ideas for Burning Man, where I will need to eat out of my backpack for a week. I’ll need to try some of ... read more
Teton Wonderland
The Most Refreshing Drink in the Tetons
Mountainside Waterfall

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