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North America » United States » South Dakota » Sturgis August 7th 2013

Perhaps the name is an omen of things to happen in this dirty little town in southwestern South Dakota. A broken spoke on any two wheeled vehicle is generally quite unwelcoming. Most of us are thousands of miles from home. And I doubt we carry an extra wheel in our chase vehicle, assuming we have one. The famous Sturgis Bike Rally and Broken Spoke began as a small event twenty years ago. It was geared for riders who loved the open road, looking for an adventure, and enjoying several days with their motorcycling brethren or sisterhood. That sounds like a car part for an auto owned by a female. The famous Black Crowes will perform on Sunday, August 4th. But the Broken Spoke campground is located eleven miles outside of town. The "town" resides on 600 ... read more
Orgy pool at The Chip
You must go to Sturgis!

North America » United States » South Dakota » Custer July 24th 2013

How do you celebrate a 12th birthday when staying in an RV touring National Parks? Horseback riding, of course! Maggie's wish for her birthday was to go horseback riding, and Todd worked non-stop in the morning to make it happen. After a brief tour of Bedrock City for Sean and Maggie (complete with a ride on a go-kart powered Flintstone-mobile), we ended up at Palmer's Gulch Stables, part of the KOA Campground in Hill City, SD. What a gift - for all of us! The boys had never been, and Maggie had limited experience. But the gentle horses were perfect for our novice group, the scenery peaceful and rejuvenating for your spirit, and the guides for our group entertaining and capable. We rode the Buckaroo Loop for about an hour, with Marcia and the kids in ... read more
Maggie's Motorcycle
Waiting to ride
Billy on Monk

Today was our first really long drive day - clocking in at about 9 hours. We kicked off the day with a yummy hotel breakfast - and once Jon had mastered the awkward bathroom taps - we were ready to roll. That is for a sum total of 5 minutes through town when we hit the railroad tracks and freight train rush hour. We sat at that crossing for over 30 minutes as we watched 3 freight trains go past. One of those trains had at least 110 cars! A little bit of wikipedia in the car and we think that one of those empty cars weighs about 230,000 pounds. Jon was “astounded” which was pretty cute. Once on the road again, it didn’t take long before we were on the long straight highway heading through ... read more
99, 100, 101, 102.....
The Badlands
More Badlands

North America » United States » South Dakota » Custer July 23rd 2013

Our first full day on the road! Check out our pics for a “tour” of the interior and its passengers. We are definitely going to enjoy this mode of transportation. Squeezing back into the minivan for our return trip is probably going to be pretty painful. We kicked off the day with a veritable shopping spree at Walmart. Then we headed north to Cheyenne, where we had a delightful lunch at Sanford’s Grub & Pub – a model of interior decorating to which Todd aspires. There was not an uncovered square inch on the wall. The entire pub was adorned with pictures of sports stars, license plates, neon signs, pop culture items, classic toys and games, and all manner of knick knacks and memorabilia. If Todd could transform our playroom into this he would. But the ... read more
Maggie in the loft
Looking to the back
Private bedroom

North America » United States » South Dakota » Custer July 14th 2013

I dag kommer vi tidligt op og det vil også sige at vi kommer tidligt af sted, dagens mål er Rapid City i Syd Dakota, hvor bl.a. Mount Rushmore, den med de fire præsidenter skåret ud i klippen er. Det er faktisk en dansker der i sin tid stod for at få det udført, en Gutson Borglum som først var en kendt kunstner her i USA inden han gik i gang med Mt. Rushmore. I dag kører vi i et landskab med mere bløde bakker og en væsentligt mere frodig vegetation. Efterhånden som vi kommer mere øst på begynder der også at komme flere og flere oliepumper. Ikke sådan nogle man sætter i biler, nej det er sådanne man slæber ud på sin mark hvis man er så heldig at have olie i undergrunden. Det er ... read more
Mads angrebet af sofaen
Andet Wyoming landskab


North America » United States » South Dakota June 15th 2013

No trip to SouthDakota is complete without a visit to the majestic sculptures on the Mountains. We visited Mt. Rushmore twice. Once during the day to see George and Abraham in the sunlight and then at night for the lighting. Each time was unique. But the evening was the most special. All active and former service men were invited on stage to introduce themselves and Troy was one of them. Here were young men and women currently serving their country, veterans of Korea and the Cold War and World War II vets, each with their own memories of their youth and service. I think it was particularly meaningful to Troy because just before we left on this trip he heard from a service buddy he had not seen since 1961. The marvel of Google helped reunite ... read more
Sally in front of Mount Rushmore

North America » United States » South Dakota June 13th 2013

Today found Troy and me returning to Custer Park for one more scenic by pass. This one through Needles. These magnificent spires seem to reach long fingers toward Heaven like the spires of early cathedrals. The hymns that emanated from them were bird songs and the wind blowing through the trees. We could have stayed there forever, but we drove on to less spiritual adventures, Deadwood, SD. Deadwood began as a mining town that attracted greedy miners, crooked gamblers, "soiled doves" and one Methodist minister. The town hasn't changed very much. Merely added numerous tee shirt shops and tacky gift stores. Lacking the glitz of Vegas and the boardwalk of Jersey it still manages to attract those willing to mindlessly drop coins into slot machines. Among those, the Knights. One dollar in the penny slots and ... read more

North America » United States » South Dakota June 13th 2013

After a restful day in Custer, Troy and I took off for the Badlands. Part of the fun was the drive through the ranch lands of South Dakota. Spring was at her best with purple flowers and baby animals everywhere. Perhaps the most fun were the frisky colts that would suddenly come to complete rest and lay down beside their mothers for a sunbath before beginning to frisk around again. Their mamas kept careful watch over them as Red tail hawks, cliff swallows, and red wing black birds flew over head. The road led us to Wall and the infamous or famous Wall Drug depending on your point of view. Filled with tacky souveniers and travelers it is a tribute to a young pharmacist and his wife who perserved through the Great Depression and went on ... read more

North America » United States » South Dakota June 12th 2013

Troy and I entered Custer State Park through a pine forrest. Roughly a quarter of a mile into the park two wooly buffalo or bison lumbered to the side of the road. Totally oblivious to us, they moysed along and then headed back into the pines. A quiet little doe was having breakfast on the other side of the road and barely lifted her head as we stopped to snap pictures. The road led us higher into the Black Hills and offered up vistas that only the hand of God could have made. Along with the majesty of the hills dainty primroses and buttercups dotted the paths. Wood ferns were tucked in between rocks and tiny yellow composites had put on their best dresses to please their spring time visitors. Hairpin curve after hairpin curve led ... read more
7 Band Ground Squirrel
Wild burrows

North America » United States » South Dakota » Custer June 9th 2013

We are leaving for a trip to the South Dakota tomorrow. We plan to see Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park, Custer Battleground, Crazy Horse Mountain and everything else there is to see.... read more

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