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North America » United States » South Carolina » Charleston December 11th 2010

I'm sure a lot of people think the word "charming" is overused in describing Charleson, but I cannot come up with a more approriate descriptor. I'm no world traveler, but Charleston is, without a doubt, the most charming city I've ever visited. It is a law there that no building over 80 years old, within the original township boundaries, can be structurally changed. They can be modernized and upgraded, but walls, fireplaces, staircases, etc., must remain as they were originally built. I think this is a wonderful law. It forces the recycling of old buildings, rather than just tearing them down to be replaced by concrete, glass, and steel. Even the streets, as confusing as they are, must remain exactly as they were originally laid out. The result is beautiful beyond words. And, as an “older ... read more
Architectural Integrity
The Provost
The Old Exchange

North America » United States » South Carolina » Charleston November 15th 2010

We made it through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel, actually 2 tunnels located under water. The total distance of the bridge/tunnels is 17 miles . We were initially concerned about our 12 foot 3 inches making it through, but after learning that trucks routinely travel it we knew we’d clear the tunnel. Thanks Marty for the information! We crossed into the Outer Banks and found Avon, a small community on the Outer Banks with a small and friendly campground. We loved both so extended our stay and enjoyed more ocean walks with Harley, Pea Island Wildlife Refuge and several light houses including Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. The area attracts shore fisherman with very long poles. The dunes are gorgeous and include the highest on the East Coast. We took a 40 minute ferry ride to Ocracoke ... read more
Fort Sumter
Savannah Historical Home
Savannah's Baby-Old live oak

North America » United States » South Carolina » Charleston October 19th 2010

Well, after 30 years of existence I have finally managed to fulfill a life long dream….be able to ride my pushy for a surf check! So as you can see my new pad is spectacular. A raised back deck oversees the back yard equipped with a dock and canoes right on the river. The “surf” is only a 5 min bike ride away although as you can see from the photo the “surf” isn’t always as big as I would like. Although it is incredibly cool to be able to ride my bike the length of the beach at low tide instead of taking on the rather lazy traffic that snakes its way around folly beach. Ive attached some glorious surroundings that make up Folly Beach which again is now within a 10 min bike ride ... read more
The back yard - seriously
Canoe anyone?
Who needs a pool?

North America » United States » South Carolina » Charleston September 23rd 2010

In America, many people I meet can’t understand as to why anybody would take the train. It takes longer, can be more expensive, and the service, is, quite frankly, pretty limited. Rail travel is seen as something of an oddity, something either eccentrics or old people do. Though I must be one of the world’s biggest train loyalists, I begin to understand why when I plan my train trip across the USA towards New Mexico. I want to travel from Charleston in South Carolina to New Orleans (also on the South Coast), and then westwards from New Orleans across to El Paso in Texas. Simple enough. But is it possible? No. Instead, Amtrak (the US train company) wants to send me all the way up to Washington D.C., then across to Chicago, and from there on ... read more
Hmmmm.... not sure about this....
The glorious inside of Charleston's Amtrak Station...
The lovely Amtrak train

North America » United States » South Carolina » Charleston September 20th 2010

So now, after gliding over the ocean for two weeks, I am in the United States of America. It’s a strange, almost surreal feeling. And I have to admit that part of me doesn’t even want to be here. I am half-tempted to stay on board of MSC Ilona and go all the way to the Bahamas and Mexico with my lovely Filipino crew. If it wasn’t for my study place in New Mexico, the reason I came here for in the first place... When I climb down the wobbly gangway at Charleston harbour, it is extremely hot and humid. Again my hands get messy with black machine oil. A feeling of nostalgia comes over me when I remember scrambling up the same gangway a mere two weeks ago. Just opposite our ship is the tiny ... read more
Mr Michael Murray
With the fabulous Alluette
Art at Alluette's Cafe


North America » United States » South Carolina » Charleston September 16th 2010

Looks whats coming to bring some swell - Igor!!!! What a good bloke. Pic's and stories to come after this weekend - HOPEFULLY! ... read more

North America » United States » South Carolina » Charleston September 4th 2010

Thurs Sept 2nd- Charleston- Got up early to catch the free breakfast which featured a huge selection of bagels and fillings. Then we walked to the visitors centre in downtown before heading to the charleston museum where were learn't a lot about the history of Charleston in the adult section of the museum and played games dressed up and did drawings in the kids section. We then caught the trolley which is an old fashioned little bus used in the town centre to the waterfront park, rainbow row which was a street with brightly coloured painted old houses and the battery which is where they used to view battles in the water from. We caught the trolley back to the visitors centre and then walked back to the hostel via the best named supermarket ever, piggly ... read more
Trolley bus
water front
Water front and bridge to mount pleasant & isle of plams

Well, here we still sit in Cooper River Marina. It is a great place. We would have left but we are kind of waiting to see what the hurricanes are doing. We had wanted to go north but Earl is poking its noise in that direction. So we are thinking about ducking into Georgia for a week or so. The 1950-2009 hurricane landfalls show no landfalls in Georgia. I climbed up the mast to add a flag line so we can hoist a flag. Most everything is ready and the car sold on Sunday. So we are now water bound so if we do not get out of here, we will get hungry. Carol is mending the nets so we can catch some shrimp for dinner tonight (PS, donations can be sent). Carol’s sister Gloria came ... read more
Sunken Boat
Raising the Boat
Carol's sister Gloroa

Thanks again for viewing! Well, we have been home at Cooper River Marina in Charleston for a couple weeks now. This is like arriving at the Hilton with hot showers in air conditioned areas. We went through the Chesapeake Bay bridge tunnel and it is always a great sight. It is 27 miles of bridge and two tunnels. There is a viewing area at the start of one of the tunnels where you can stop. We started onto the Outer Banks in North Carolina and stopped at Kitty Hawk and saw the National Monument to the First Flight. It was still very hot so we did not spend much time on the Outer Banks and returned to Charleston from there. We traveled about 14,000 miles and the old Honda has about 304,000 miles now. If we ... read more
Before Tunnel
In the Tunnel Under the Bay
Looking Across

In a little place known as Charleston.... Live "Mam and Pa Ray", grandparents of Will and Adam, parents/step parents of Bill and Frances. The ride down from Charlotte was relatively short- 4 hours in an air conditioned car with sufficient ipod battery life didn't bother me in the slightest, plus windscreen in the Jeep was also replaced during our visit to Stacey and David's so the slightly unnerving idea of the windscreen falling in and smashing all over our faces was nicely put to rest. Arriving at Bobbye and Ray's was a lovely surprise- cottage style home, big enough for us all to fit comfortably (each of us in our own paired off room) complete with a Mini Cooper (!!!!!!!!!!) in the garage. I have been drooling over it the whole time we've been here. ... read more
Mam and Pa Ray's

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