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Strandliv på Isle of Palms var fint etter mye kjøring og mange opplevelser. Det ble med to turer før vår skandinaviske hud var godt stekt. Vi hadde nok ikke smurt oss så godt som vi burde ha gjort... Lars ser litt spraglete ut på ryggen og Guri hadde problemer med å sitte og å gå trapper i tre dager og er i ferd med å skifte hud på baksiden av lårene. Finfint :)... read more

Since I was off yesterday, I decided to continue on my journey of "being a tourist in my homestate." It looked like it was going to be a rainy day, so I decided to do something indoors. My journey took me to the Charleston Museum Before leaving the house, I printed a $1 off coupon from the Charleston Visitor's website and proceeded on my way. The Charleston Museum also plays host to two different houses. Both the Joseph Manigault House (right across the street) and the Heyward-Washington House (located further downtown) are maintained by the Charleston Museum. It costs $10 to get into each place, but they offer discounts if you tour more than one at a time. I decided to just go to the one across the street today. The Museum plus the house tour ... read more
Joseph Manigault House
Polar Bear Statue
Gershwin's Piano

We drove down to historic Charleston and began a walking tour. We visited the historic market area, viewed Rainbow Row and the Batteries that fired on Fort Sumter. Cannon and I had visited Fort Sumter last year with the Webelos so we didn't go out there. We arrived back at the car around 2PM and started driving to Savannah. didn't take us long to decide the 8 hour drive home sounded really nice. We hit the house at 10.30PM... read more
walkabout 189
walkabout 200
walkabout 242

Good morning from Charleston. Yesterday we went out to Fort Sumter. It is a great tour and although I did it once before, it was worth it again. It is very interesting to see where the first shot of the Civil War was fired. After that we went over to market street. It is old and charming and we had lunch and then walked through the open air market. This structure dates back as well and was used as a market place pretty much as it is today. The difference being that you can get a new holster for your cell phone now and back then it was corn or rice or hand made baskets. It is at least partially sponsored now by the Daughters of the Confederacy. Next we walked over to the Slave Market. ... read more
Checking a cannon

Hot and humid is what we have here again. We are driving north but it isn't helping. We are in Charleston and went to town today. Another beautiful and historic city. It also dates back a ways. Even more than Savannah by about 90 years. We were at a plantation today that dates back to the late 1600's. It is called Magnolia. It was a rice plantation of about 2000 acres in it's day. It was and still is owned by the Drayton family. Something like 11 generations of them. It has not been a plantation since the Civil War. It is now known for it's gardens and historical tours. As you can see there are still a few of the slave quarters in the pictures. They were actually a little nicer than I thought. They ... read more
Slave Quarters


So were on our way home, we did our crossing from the bahamas. 30 hour trip from great sail cay to the st. lucie inlet. we got boarded by the coast guard in the middle of the stream. they thought we could fit more people on our boat then just us 2. they thought we were smuggleing people into the states. then they came on the boat and realized that would be a joke! during the crossing we had a fish jump into our boat. is was so calm we were watching movies in the cockpit. a fish came and hit me, i was like what the hell was that then we saw the little fish flappin around our feet! after we got boarded we put out a fishin line, to try and catch another mahi ... read more

***These blogs are written by a preschool teacher intended for the viewing of preschool children and their families. Therefore if the content seems a bit simple or obvious it is because it probably is not simple or obvious for the three year old's hearing about it!*** it is the night before my trip begins although in a way it has already begun. The floor is a mess with things to pack for I have waited until the last minute for this task! I am bringing a large yellow hiking backpack and a small green backpack (like a school bag). The large bag will be checked in at the airport and the smaller bag will be carried with me on the airplane. I will fly to Atlanta Georgia and wait an hour before flying to Madrid in ... read more

Boys and girls. See the attached photos as evidence of the following activities: Michael Jackson cover band with associated random dancing!Band wasnt so good......people boogying......EPIC! Shaun's girlfriend Christie is a part of the local roller derby team. Girls on skates going round in circles trying to knock eachother over......obviously the game is a little more tactical than that but every team needs some die hard fans. Insert us! Snoop Dog bringing the house down in Charleston no less! Awesome show. The enormous Georgia Dome, home of the Atlanta Falcons NFL team found in down town Atlanta - all for you Sarah! Victory for LC (Low Country - which is what the part of the state of South Carolina that i live in is refered to) United bringing home the Sunday arvo leauge title! Finally Liam meets ... read more
When in Rome
Roller Derby Madness
Night at the Derby

On Saturday we brought the Wallaces on a short boat ride to have a picnic and maybe see some dolphins. We stopped at a quiet island on the Stono River. We thought the tide was almost all the way out. We were wrong. We dubbed the island Stuck Island after being stuck there for four and a half hours. This did provide both Colleen and Dorie some much needed forced relaxation. It also allowed the kids to explore and play in the mud. The clip is of Reed running from the river to the other side of the sand bar. ... read more

My old friend, Barak, from Boston was getting married in Charleston. None of the rest of our boston posse could make it, so i went to represent the thing we had. Rented a car - how responsible - Camped outside at a hostel in Charleston and went to the wedding. The day following the wedding we went to the beach and explored Charleston a little bit. It was Memorial Day weekend and everywhere in the town was crowded. So we did what we could and decided to drive to Asheville instead of spending the last night in Charleston. On the way there we stopped in the Congaree NP in South carolina. It was beautiful. I could have spent time there. Some of the oldest growth on the eastern side of the Mississippi. Tupelos and Bald Cypress ... read more

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