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North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe November 7th 2013

Albuquerque & Madrid, New Mexico From Silver City we drove through slowly along the twisting route 152 through the scenic Mimbres Mountains and onto Interstate 25 heading north at Caballo. One of the town we passed by was called Truth or Consequences – what a great name for a town! But the drive though the mountain pass took us much longer than we had planned, sometimes we had to go 10 to 15 miles per hour, so we didn’t stop at Truth or Consequences and pushed northwards instead toward Albuquerque. We parked Rudy V on Central Avenue (aka Route 66) next to a small park halfway between the downtown and the old town. We walked first toward the downtown and our first stop was a wonderful consignment gallery of over 75 local and area artists called ... read more
Albuquerque & Madrid, Arizona 026
Albuquerque & Madrid, Arizona 029
Albuquerque & Madrid, Arizona 036

North America » United States » New Mexico » Silver City November 3rd 2013

Bisbee, Arizona and Silver City, New Mexico We visited these two old mining towns that have re-invented themselves as artists’ communities, on succeeding days and were charmed by both. Neither of these towns did we know anything about before we saw them on the route we were following and did a small bit of research and thought they would be worth stopping at and exploring; we feel like we ‘discovered’ them and that is one of the reasons for this adventure! Bisbee, population about 7000, sits on the slope of a narrow gorge about 30 miles north of the Mexican border (and 25 miles south of the famous town of Tombstone). The mine ceased operations in 1975 after producing over 6 billion dollars’ worth of metals, mostly copper, since it opened in the 1880s. At its ... read more
Bisbee, Arizona 026
Bisbee, Arizona 028
Bisbee, Arizona 029

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe October 18th 2013

Madam, sulphur or arsenic bath? Tues saw me headed north for a day out at the Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs. Leaving the main road at Espanola heading another 25 miles alongside the Oriega Mountains turning just south of Abiquiqu following the canyon, I realised I was in Georgia O’Keefe country close to her home at Ghost Ranch. Once again the scenery of the blues and greys of the mountains visually stunning. There was very little traffic the last 20 or so miles but when I reached my destination I was surprised to find a well developed and busy complex consisting of wonderful Abode type hotel, grounds and the spa buildings themselves. Within the spa are 10 pools containing different combinations of the 4 types of mineral water that makes the springs so unique: lithia, iron, soda ... read more
santa fe 003
santa fe 009
santa fe 011

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe October 10th 2013

Plato perches on top of his cage, feathers quivering (and he IS an old bird. A Grey African Parrot.). He is observing me prepare his daily fruit bowl containing no less than 10 different types of chopped up fruit. This is news for me as I was not aware that there were no many different varieties but I think he likes peanuts best and little green peas. He delicately strips of the outer layers , spits them on to the floor and chews up the rest. Plato does quite a lot of spitting food, but he’s old! Plato enjoys a challenge, his aim being to nip me whilst I feed him. I retaliate by squirting wate very close. Then he whistles and runs around. Sooooo am house sitting in the middle of nowhere, desert country south ... read more
Abode Home, I can see for miles

North America » United States » New Mexico » Taos October 4th 2013

Geronimo! Geronimo Day at the Pueblo last Monday took place in hot hot sunshine. This is the main Festival of the Pueblo in memory of that great warrior. I missed the early Mass at the beautiful Spanish Mission, and the running races, but made it about midday (sun very very hot). The Pueblo was heaving with locals, visitors, stalls selling food (didn't eat the fry bread but the blueberry pie---- what can I say, it kept me going), jewellery, Native American stuff. Lots of milling around of brightly adorned crowds, but strictly no photography permitted. Next the sacred clowns appeared at the top of the old buildings, painted with convict/type stripes and straw hair, leaping down and causing havoc amongst the stallkeepers and crowds. The stall holders had covered their stuff but left out presents of ... read more
Salida Fall
More Fall Colours at Salida


North America » United States » New Mexico September 29th 2013

September 28 – an unexpected event - September 28 – It was my intention to explore Santa Fe some more today and more of the local area but I really couldn’t think of anywhere else in New Mexico that I hadn’t been to before that I could get excited about. I was having a serious case of “been there and done that”. I considered that I could go to the Rest area next to the “High Bridge” that goes over the Rio Grande Gorge. It is quite impressive and I have overnighted at the Rest Area next to it before. From the rest area it is a short walk over to the bridge and various overlooks. It is on Hwy 64 where it crosses over the Rio Grande canyon. I could overnight free in the ... read more
I always get to thinking this would not be a good place to break down.
Old Ft Sumner Museum

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe September 27th 2013

September 27 – It was a bit brisk last night. I went by MacDonalds for my morning coffee and then headed into Santa Fe on Cerillos Road to spend some time at the central Plaza. The weather was cool and to my liking. I drove in on Cerillos Road which changed into Gallisteo St. which deadended at San Francisco Street. On San Francisco Street I took a right which took me alongside the Plaza. On the other end of the Plaza I took a left onto Washington Ave and found a place to park a couple of blocks up on the street just north of the Library which is at 145 Washington Ave. I parked on the street and fed the meter which charged $2.00 an hour to park. Then I walked back to the Plaza ... read more
Indians selling their wares outside the Palace of the Governers
The Plaza in Santa Fe

North America » United States » New Mexico » Taos September 27th 2013

The Abominable Snowmansion Second week in and I decided to remain at the hostel here for another week It's not en-suite but the craic more than compensates! The hostel is an abode type building in Arroyo Secco . Roughly translating as dry valley, it is located at the foothills of the Sangro de Cristo Mountains, bordering lands of the Native Americans of the 'Place of the Red Willows.' and yes there is much local reference to the red colours which the mountains turn facing the setting sun, moving through palate from pinks to deep purples all in the space of 10 minutes. Stunning! The hostel is inhabited by a unique mix of humanity. At the moment I am sitting opposite the 'bee man' who arrived earlier this week as part of the woofers programme on gardening ... read more
The Taos mountain
Behind the Abominable Snowmansion

North America » United States » New Mexico September 25th 2013

25 September – Aguirre Springs to Socorro – I headed out from the Aguirre Springs campground and back over the Organ Mountains to Las Cruces. As I headed West I was facing a long, long line of headlights of cars heading East out of Los Cruces. Evidently most of the personnel working at Holloman Air Force Base and at the Condron Army Air Field have chosen to live in Las Cruces. It is really incredible the amount of gas consumed in this country by people commuting to their work. When I got to Las Cruces I turned north on I-25. I first headed to the rest area north of Las Cruces where I took a break, checked up on a few things on the internet, and had a bowl of cereal for breakfast. I had decided ... read more
Former Parade Ground
The Rio Grande
Crossing the Chihuahuan desert.

North America » United States » New Mexico » Las Cruces September 24th 2013

September 23 – Monday – Cloudcroft to North of Las Cruces - I came down off the mountain in Cloudcroft and did some rat killing in Alamogordo and then drove across the Chihuahuan desert and over the Organ Mountains pass, then up I-25 to north of Las Cruces for the evening. I had not intended to drive to north of Las Cruces but had intended to go to the Aguirre Springs campground on the Eastern slope of the Organ Mountains. They close the gate going to the campground at 7PM sharp. I got there at 7:20 PM and the park host said the gate was closed. It was about 100 yards from her trailer to the gate and I guess she didn’t want to walk down to it to let me in or whatever but she ... read more
Morning in New Mexico
My office at the rest area north of Las Cruces
Old Courthouse in Mesilla

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