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It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man (that’s Jon) is snoring! For 12 days we’ve had sunny weather and this is our first real bit of rain on the trip. Dare I even say we even kinda missed it?!?!!? We started the day with an interesting breakfast at our B&B. A goat’s cheese quiche and some sausage links courtesy of Sierra our host. We’ve now arrived in the part of the world where people name their children Sierra, Rainbow, Tempest, etc. This happened further east than I was expecting but what do I know. Maybe the trend is spreading? If we conceive a child here, we’ll be sure to incorporate the trend into it’s name - Jon Guns-&-Ammo Myatt sounds about right. Today we’ve got about a 6 hour drive ahead of us as we venture ... read more
Going-to-the-Sun Road
Limited visibility

I can tell we are all settling into "vacation mode" as we keep sleeping longer and longer in the morning! We slowly got around and out the door to head into the park to do some kayaking. The drive into the park is seeming longer and longer so I'm thinking this may be the last time, even though its only 15 miles from our campground. We launched our kayaks onto Lake McDonald at Lake McDonald Lodge. Then headed up the lake along the shoreline to find a spot of beach to picnic on. We don't have many pictures as we couldn't bring our good camera as it would get wet, but Ryan had his GoPro so most of the pictures were of the tip of the kayak and his hands paddling. The Lake is crystal blue, ... read more
Huckleberry Milkshakes!
Our bounty from Huckelberry Patch
Huckleberry Patch in Hungry Horse, Montana

We tried to get out the door again early, but couldn't quite get it together until 9:30 but we still made it into Glacier National Park and to our first trailhead in plenty of time. We stopped at Avalanche Trail and took the Trail to the Cedars to Avalanche Lake. It was a 2.7 mile each way hike with a 500 foot gain in elevation (so mostly uphill in the way there) but the hike was well worth it as Avalanche Lake was stunning with at least four waterfalls feeding into the lake from the huge glaciers above it. We also passed an amazing waterfall on the trail with turquoise water running through it! In fact all of the streams, rivers & lakes here have an crystal clear appearance that is the bluest blue we've ever ... read more
Trail to Avalanche Lake
Avalanche Lake
Me and Jeff

Left Missoula this morning at 9:20 and headed North on I93. Again, beautiful timber country! We were especially impressed with the town of Polson on the south end of Flathead Lake. We think we will come back to Polson some day soon and check out this area. One of the chiefs from San Marcos Fire retired there and we can see why. The whole Flathead Lake area is beautiful and we would love to visit again. We continued north to Kalispell then onto Hwy 2 which led us to our campground in Columbia Falls (Columbia Falls RV Park). The campground is clean and nice, but the campsites are super close to each other, kind of a bummer since we'll be here for 4 nights but hopefully we'll be so busy doing all the fun outdoors stuff ... read more
Perfect Cut Meats steak...yum!!

7/2/13 - Today we rode two other roads into Glacier National Park, one from Babb and the other from East Glacier. Dakota and Briar got into the creek at one of the waterfalls. Briar floated down the creek from the base of the falls. Had hotdogs by Aleta for lunch. For supper Jack fixed chicken. Briar set off fireworks for Jack, Aleta, and Pawpaw(Shelby T)... read more


7/1/13 - We drove over to Glacier National Park to drive the "Going to the Sun" highway. This is a 50 mile (oneway) trip through Glacier National Park. It was very scenic with sneaux, waterfalls, cliffs, creeks, bottomless valleys, and glaciers. Dakota had a snowball fight with Briar and Nanama (Aleta). We also drove past West Glacier up a rough dirt/gravel road to the Canadian border. The border crossing (way in the boonies) was closed with no one present. There was a camera watching the border crossing. A deer ran off just as we were coming onto the site. Dakota and Briar made it all the way to the Canadian border. We stopped in West Glacier on the way back to eat at the Glacier Restaurant - pricey!! We then drove the Going to the Sun ... read more

I love our National Parks. Glacier is one such park that will never be the same, as the glaciers are melting, never to be seen again. I just found out that the famous "Going to the Sun Road" through Glacier is closed to motor vehicles in the spring and fall. That leaves the road to us bikers, hikers, and basket weavers. Fifty two miles of this famous road stretch over sheer cliffs! We may settle for one of the park's famous Red Jammer buses. Sidebar: The Going to the Sun Road is as spectacular as it is treacherous. But you must see and drive it at least once in your life. Glacier National Park is located in the U.S. state of Montana, bordering the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia to the North and the ... read more

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The day we left Yellowstone, we drove into Missoula (after going through West Yellowstone- adorable), which may be the coolest college town aside from Athens, GA. Because of the cold/wet/shivering/scary atmosphere in Yellowstone, we all thought it best to stay in a hotel (motel) once we arrived in Missoula. Actually, it seems as though Motel 6 is doing some redecorating because the cheap room was pretty nice. It was no Ritz, but the Ikea décor provided a warm welcome. Almost immediately after arriving, I had to leave the gang to finish up some assignments. I found a Starbucks to continue my research while Abi and Rob strolled down by the river and watched some nice gentlemen fish. I finally finished my work, then walked around the downtown alone for a bit before going back to the ... read more
Outside Glacier
Fireplace at McDonald Lodge
Lake McDonald

My first glance of Glacier National Park was from Hwy 89 as it slopes down from a mountain pass towards the east side of the park. I can see St. Mary's Lake (a 9.9 miles long, 289 ft deep lake) sitting in between two jagged looking peaks (Divide Mt and East Flattop Mt). I knew even before entering the park that I'm really gonna have fun visiting and exploring Glacier NP these next four days. After checking into my campsite and setting up my tent, I decided to take a drive to the Logan's Pass visitor's center where I wanted to partake upon a 1.5 mile/one way hike to the Hidden Lake overlook. Normally I would not be up for a late afternoon/early evening hike because experience has taught me to fear the afternoon thunderstorms. Fortunately ... read more
The Garden Wall
Hidden Lake with Mt Reynolds
St Mary Lake with Triple Divide Pass in back

6th August ’12 Fort McCloud to Whitefish, Montana, USA. After our sneak look at the Mounted Police show in the Fort we set off for the border crossing, which was out on its own in the middle of nowhere. There was quite a queue for the one booth that was open – I guess this was due to the Bank Holiday also. Everything went ok until the officer asked us when we were leaving the US, when we said we had a flight booked for the 22nd he pointed out that our visas run out on the 2nd September, oh dear! We were then told to park up and go inside……….. as it turns out we just had to pay 6 dollars each, fill out a form and we got a new visa until November. This ... read more
Glacier National Park
Glacier NP
Glacier NP

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