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North America » United States » Mississippi August 30th 2012

Here we are.....watching the damaged end cap being removed. They brought in the new cap on a big rack....similar to Hannibal Lector on his wheeled rack in the Silence of the Lambs. Took many men to lift it and they only laid it down.....and that's where it stayed for the rest of the day. Our tech spent the afternoon putting the small stuff on it like tail lights, back up mirror, etc. Then they told us we couldn't stay in it for the night but they would set us up in a motel. A motel...not even close...they were going to have us stay in this old travel trailer up in the corner lot. Sometimes you think it can't get any worse...... and then it does. Tiffin's slogan is "Roughing It Smoothly"......but this would be just "roughing ... read more
Moving the Back End
Where to Stay?
Elvis Presley Birthplace

North America » United States » Mississippi » Biloxi August 28th 2012

Thursday-August 23, 2012 Day 2 began with breakfast at the Blue & White Restaurant in Tunica before heading south to Biloxi. We had enjoyed both the Donut Tower and breakfast at the Blue & White on a previous trip, so knew what goodness awaited us. It took about 7 hours to get to the Gulf. We first stopped at Island View Casino in Gulfport, which turned out to be much larger and nicer than the Grand Biloxi where we were staying. We were in both Gulfport and Biloxi a couple of years before Hurricane Katrina, but couldn't really remember all that was along Beach Road at that time. Today the beach is a wide open expanse for miles, while there are both newly remodeled buildings, and open areas, some for sale, perhaps where homes stood before ... read more
Beach Between Gulfport & Biloxi

North America » United States » Mississippi » Tunica August 27th 2012

Wednesday-August 22, 2012 Day 1 of our 5 day Great Race to Rewards (Harrah's summer promotion) trip found us leaving home at 7:00 A.M. and headed to Tunica, MS by way of Effingham, IL and Memphis, TN. We decided not to stop at Lambert's in Sikeston to be pelted by those delicious "throwed" rolls, but opted instead to enjoy that deep fried hamburger and side of fries at Dyer's on Beale Street in Memphis. So good! We arrived in Tunica around 3:00. We visited Harrah's, Fitzgerald, and Hollywood before checking into the Roadhouse for the first of our comped nights.... read more
Cotton Fields of Tunica

North America » United States » Mississippi August 26th 2012

WINNING!!! Lulu loved the displays!... read more
The Titanic
Cobra Car
Bat Mobile

North America » United States » Mississippi August 25th 2012

It only gets better......our travels took us to the Mississippi River at Memphis. We took a paddle boat ride on the Island Queen which was very nice. It even went into Arkansas. It was a horrible place to get to, though. Cory had to drive our car onto a very steep slope of cobblestones to park. I almost fell down into the river going down the embankment. From there, we hopped a trolly to Beale St. in Memphis. It was just like the festive street in Nashville we visited coming down. We stopped at a couple bars and a park to listen to the Blue's singers & bands...excellent! Next stop: Tunica, Mississippi to hit the casinos, again. This time we stayed at the Hollywood Hotel & Casino. And again, they compt'd our room. What a way ... read more
Cobblestone Slope
Paddle Boat
Happy Couple


North America » United States » Mississippi » Vicksburg August 11th 2012

Sometime in the middle of the night it started to storm....and I mean storm! Thunder, lightening and flash flooding. It was crazy. Our swamp tour was cancelled and we made a decision to head north after watching the weather channel and seeing that it was showing sunshine up north. We left town and headed towards Vicksburg, Mississippi. What a beautiful drive. We drove over the swamp for about 45 minutes and the kids thought it was so cool that they were on a never ending bridge, it was storming the whole time too! As we were cruising along we saw a sign for Port Hudson. We decided to stop and see what it was all about. As it ended up it was a military fort that was used during the Civil War by the Confederates to ... read more
Port Hudson Cannon
Port Hudson

North America » United States » Mississippi » Natchez July 3rd 2012

Reluctantly, we left Winter Park, by far our most comfortable stop, both in terms of the weather and luxurious accommodations, and descended the mountains heading east. To give Adina a feel of Colorado's biggest city, we stopped for a walk through Confluence Park and Denver's downtown area before picking up a late morning meal and continuing on our way. Our forthcoming plans were entirely up in the air. Originally we had thought we would attempt to drive to Oklahoma City on this day, but our unanticipated time in Denver put OKC beyond our reach. Instead we drove all day across the parched Great Plains of eastern Colorado and Kansas and called it a night at a motel in Wichita. I'll just say, driving on the interstate in Kansas was frightening. You couldn't help but notice there ... read more
Adina and the Mississippi sunset
One of the antebellum style homes in Natchez
Bridge from Louisiana to Natchez, MIssisisippi with a riverboat casino in the foreground

Day 1: Got off from DFS at 8:00 AM. Stopped in Magee, MS to have lunch under the canopy of an out of business gas station in a shopping center parking lot. Nice breeze. Arrived at Vicksburg National Military Park at about 3:00. After a quick visit to the visitors center (stamps & patches) we took the auto tour of the park. It included a visit to the USS Cairo (a union civil war ironclad that was sunk by the Confederates using the first electrically detonated mine). Took only 12 minutes to sink. Got our first view of the Mississippi River. The park was nicely maintained and very interesting. It was just about 4 miles from there to our campground (Ameristar RV Park - - a glorified parking lot for the rigs used by the gamblers ... read more
Memorial obscured by a hill
USS Cairo under its shelter
Close-up of USS Cairo

North America » United States » Mississippi March 13th 2012

3/12/2012 The way HOME………Over a period of three days……Sydney to Los Angles 14 hours……….Los Angles to Nashville 3.5 hours…….Nashville to Tupelo 4 hours. We had the best welcome home in Nashville from Ollie, Eric and Sydney. They greeted the weary travellers at the airport. Ollie was very excited about his new kangaroo toy. We spent the night at their home before heading to Tupelo. In Tupelo we were greeted by a WELCOME HOME sign on our garage door. So…….the trip is complete, it was the BEST and we have a lot of wonderful memories (Beware we will bend your ear given the opportunity!).... read more

North America » United States » Mississippi » Clarksdale December 8th 2011

The place is almost like a ghost town. Driving up Highway 49 is a drive back through time. It may not be what it looked like in its heyday. But a movie would set it up like this to show a scene of a time gone by. Plantation fields dominate the area. The Mississippi was a place many African Americans saw as a promise land. A place to work and earn enough money to buy a plot themselves to work on. That time didn’t happen with many working on plantations. Working on cotton fields. It is a different part of America. Slushy looking still, the swampland was perfect for growing cotton. This is where the blues began. It’s hard sometimes that a music genera I like came from hard slave labour but its true. The weather ... read more
2 - Sun Studios
3 - the brick wall in front of Elvis' house Gracelands
4 - entrance to the Ground Zero Bar

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