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North America » United States » Alaska » Anchorage July 21st 2014

North to Alaska Flying into the four hour endless sunset is weird and we arrive at dusk in Anchorage at 12:45 am. It is chilly waiting for the hotel shuttle, sort of like an October evening. Check in and drop off immediately. Awake to the sound of a train whistle. We are near the station and across from the rail yard where the observation cars bed down for the night. In a couple of days we will be seated in one and off to discover southern Alaska. We enjoy breakfast and head out for a walk. Our hotel in on Ship Creek and the salmon are running. It's about 60 degrees and cloudy but the weather is refreshing and does not discourage fishermen (and women) from wading in the chill water. The creek banks are mud ... read more
Ship Creek
Ship Creek
Bridge Seafood

North America » United States » Alaska » Fairbanks July 16th 2014

Si il existe de journée sans, et bien aujourd'hui en est une. Hier au soir je suis allé souper dans le centre d' Anchorage, j' ai eu beaucoup de mal a trouver un resto, Même pas de fast food. Je me refuse d' y mettre un pied mais pas Mac Do, non plus. Tout en marchand dans la ville, par hasard , je suis tombé sur une brasserie, assez animée. ce doit être la seule de la ville. Un bon fish and chips, un tour de ville en voiture. Je n' ai pas trouvé, non plus, une belle photo a faire. Vous ferez le constat vous même. Depuis que je suis en Alaska je n' avais pas de dollar US sur moi. A Valdez, une banque, ma carte refusée. je pense pas d' accord avec la ... read more
au moins 50 m2
mes adieux au Pacific

North America » United States » Alaska » Ketchikan July 15th 2014

Here's Ketchikan ~ the Salmon Capitol of the World! I should think that's great, if only I eat salmon. It was drizzly there, but not the whole time. We walked around. First stop, the Totem Memorial Park. While on the way there, we saw some totems, some cool looking benches, walked down the famous Creek Street, and saw the University of Alaska Southeast. And the slugs, all over the sidewalks and plants, we HUGE and fat. I've never seen them so big. The say things are big in Texas, but in Alaska, they're even bigger. The totems were tall, very tall. The backs of the benches that we saw, were shaped into a dolphin and a whale. It was pretty neat. I don't know how comfortable it is, as it was sprinkling and I didn't want ... read more
Chief Johnson totem
Dolphin bench
Whale Bench

North America » United States » Alaska » Valdez July 14th 2014

Pour moi Valdez c' était en Amérique du sud. On peut avoir des lacunes. Merci Apres réflexion, il m' ai revenu a l' esprit que c' était bien en Alaska, quand en 1989 le tanker l' Exon Valdez avait fait naufrage et déversé dans la mer, plusieurs millions de litres de pétrole, et pollué des centaines de kms de côte. Nous avons maintenant 10 h de décalage, et 4 avec le Québec. Comme hier au soir, je n' avais ni tv, ni internet, au lit a 20h30, sous un grand soleil. Il faudrait que je m' organise autrement, car le soleil brille, ici la nuit. Apres un peu de lecture dodo a 9h. Le matin je pette le feu tôt. J' attend 6h30, l' ouverture du bar pour prendre un café. A 7 je démarre. Le ... read more
vite un rayon de soleil
beau mâle
Tok down town

North America » United States » Alaska » Glacier Bay July 14th 2014

In Glacier Bay, we did not disembark. We just cruised around the glaciers. Rangers from the National Park System came aboard to give information, get a stamp in your NPS Passport, and gave a description, over the intercom, about the glaciers, its history and future of the them, and the two different types of glaciers. I don't remember what the different types were, so please don't ask. They also talked about pollution effects. The rangers told us that the black streaks in the ice is due to pollution from the cruise ships. Makes me wonder why we were there. I don't remember the name of this particular glacier, as we did pass several, but stopped only at one. It was pretty amazing. I don't recall the dimensions they gave us, but it was something like 70 ... read more
Glacier (4)
bald eagle skimming water (2)
Glacier Dean


North America » United States » Alaska » Anchorage July 14th 2014

Pour commencer un petit mot sur l' Alaska, Superficie 1 717 854 KM2 (France 551 000). Population 736000 ha (France 65 000 000). Anchorage 301 100 ha, Fairbanks 31 000, Juneau, capital de l' État 32 000, n' est pas accessible par route. Ca laisse de la place pour les autres. Sur une carte ca parait, relativement petit. Quand le matin je regarde ma carte, la destination prévue, est juste a côté, le soir c' est 500 kms. La nuit derniere a Valdez, je suppose, qu' un ferry, a débarqué ces passagers, tard le soir. Peu apres minuit, ils sont arrivées, pour certains, a l' hôtel, pas franchement discretement. Ce qui ma permis de faire une photo, passé minuit ½. Vous verrez la clarté. J' étais d' ailleurs un peu en rage, car le ciel était ... read more
3 étoiles
la mort d' un géant
"J' en reveu"

North America » United States » Alaska » Tok July 13th 2014

Je quitte Whitehorse assez tôt, quelques fruits, le plein, ne surtout pas l' oublié, il peut y avoir plus de 200kms sans essence, et beaucoup plus si les pompes n' ont pas été ravitaillées. La je me sens sur les traces de Jack London. L' Appel de la forêt ou bien ou bien encore Croc Blanc. Les livres de ma jeunesse. Une sensation depuis Prince Rupert, je trouve les gens beaucoup moins sympas, froids, beaucoup avenants que depuis le début de ce périple. Les premiers 100 kms sont les mêmes qu' hier, longs, le paysage est un peu "insipide". J' aperçois bien quelques ours mais tous tres loin. Malgré que ce soit le matin j' ai une tendance a piquer du nez. La route suit la Yukon river, avec ses pans de falaises en sables bien ... read more
le grizzly
l' église

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway July 12th 2014

After leaving Juneau, we headed to Skagway, which is further north where the sun sets around 10:30 pm, but you still have daylight until around midnight. Then the sun rises just before 4 am. Skagway claims to be the sunniest port on this tour and it did not let us down. I was able to wear shorts and a tee shirt, although I did have my raincoat with me. We did not pay for any excursions. Once again, we walked around. There's so much to see and do, all within walking distance. I would have loved to take the train ride through the White Pass, but Dean didn't want to. After being "confined on a boat", he didn't want to be "confined on another vessel", which is fine. Once off and away from the ship and ... read more
Main Street (4)
Red Onion Saloon
Dean at Dolly's house

North America » United States » Alaska » Glacier Bay July 11th 2014

Early morning entry into Glacier Bay, 6.00a.m. very foggy and not able to see much of the mountain tops, but within two hours WOW! Glacier Bay have you turned on the beautiful weather, sunny and crisp! Just amazing cruising up the passage with icebergs bobbing up and down beside the ship. Such an eerie feeling, such wilderness and no civilisation for miles around. Saw some amazing glaciers here, all different, Margerie Glacier 1 mile wide and at least 200ft high and we actually saw some carving happening, lots of small ones but just before we turned around to leave a huge one went down - this happens all the time on the face of the glaciers. Cruised by at least 4 different glaciers, and stopping for one hour in front of one, and by mid afternoon ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway July 9th 2014

Docked early in Scagway. Very low cloud everywhere - were thinking of doing the train to White Pass - but after getting off ship and talking to some people decided to do a small tour group by bus up to White Pass - train seemed a rip off $127.00 return, and the train travelled directly on the opposite side of the valley. So pleased we did the small group tour, there were eight of us, and we had a really (Harry Butler style!!) fantastic tour, Ron has lived up here for 15 years and is so into nature and the wild, treks a lot, he took us to the most amazing spots right up into the mountains, didn't see any bears but that was OK we had our bear fix down in Canada. Went for a ... read more

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