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Hola everyone! I have made it safely to Mexico and things are going well so far! I am a little homesick, but I just need to get used to things here. Guanajuato is a beautiful city - it´s surrounded by mountains. Hopefully I´ll be able to post some pictures soon. I haven´t done a whole lot yet, as we just had orientation today. We are taking a tour of the city tonight, which hopefully will help because I have never been anywhere more confusing! The roads are so random and just turn every which way. I had my first experience on a bus today, and that was definitely interesting. I thought for sure we were going to crash because the driver went so fast, but it was all okay. There´s an underground road system here which ... read more

We had decided it was time to get out of town for a day and when we saw there was a fundraiser trip going to Mineral de Pozos, we knew our time had come. The money raised was going to rebuild the town Jaridin and in doing so, a bus ride and a tour of 5 homes opened up to us. The day before, Friday, I had once again become very sick. It was a different kind of sick than the one before and sadly, I had to miss class and stay in bed all day. I hoped and prayed that I would feel well enough to attend the bus trip...and my prayers were answered. The bus ride was only about 45 minutes and we were by far the youngest couple there (except for one other ... read more
Downtown Mineral de Pozos
Ronnie next to the eco-casa
A skinny horse near the third house

Spanish classes have been hard. They cram a lot of knowledge into the 2 and a half week course. We have learned 100 verbs over the last week and a half. I have lots of homework every night and often ask myself…”What was I thinking!?” But, even as stubborn as I am getting, every day I am able to understand more and more. Even recognizing words that quickly fly out of my neighbor’s mouths…I am starting to understand and even reply a little. This is what has made the whole studying thing worth it. The other thing that made it worth it was the great fiesta we were invited to at my professor: Warren Hardy’s house. The whole class had a giant potluck on Wednesday after school. I was going a bit crazy trying to figure ... read more
Inside of my classroom
Senora Huevo
Says it all

This morning, we knew we were in for a treat. Our good friend Dianne, the owner of the Casa Luna B&B invited us to join her for breakfast at her inn. Breakfast is always served at 9:00am so we had be sure we were up early enough to catch a cab down to El Centro. When we got to the door and rang the bell, a peep-door opened up and a lady asked us in Spanish how she could help us. Glad for my increasing Spanish, I explained that we were friend's of Dianne's and there to join her for breakfast. We were happily let in. Every time I walk through that huge gate at Casa Luna into the paradise that Dianne has created, I simply lose my breath. After some hugs, we joined Dianne and ... read more
Dining Room at Casa Luna
Entrance of Parque Juarez
Una Fuente de Parque

One of the things our landlord Eleanor was the most excited about sharing with us was the Tianguis....the Tuesday Market. It is a traveling market that goes around Mexico and on Tuesdays, it makes it's stop here in San Miguel. It is very much an old world style market with just about everything you could ever think of for sale. Piles of clothes, shoes, toys and more all waiting to be dug into...all items are one price per table. The fruits and vegetables are the brightest I have ever seen. The seafood vendors had huge cuts of fish and large prawns flown in from Veracruz. We met the "Mole Man" (Mo-lay Man) who sells two kinds of mole that his mother makes. Everyone's mole is the best and so it has become a bit of a ... read more
Cups of fruit for a snack
Watermelon Stand
Ronnie eats some shrimp


The church bells were ringing, the mariachis singing and children were pushed up against the gates to see the bride and groom. Yes, we saw a Mexican Wedding. The HUGE wedding party was coming out of the San Miguel landmark church La Parroquia for all the world to see. Everyone looked so happy, but the bride seemed to be annoyed at being told what to do by her mother. Saturday was the first day that I felt well enough to go out for longer than a couple hours into the world. My illness had disappeared finally, even though my stomach was a bit sensitive right after eating. So on Saturday, Eleanor invited us to join her and her friend, Judy, to go to a crafts fair at Instituto Allende. The fair was wonderful but very crowded. ... read more
Ronnie drawing at the fair
Sitting Pretty
The most famous SMA landmark

Since I have not left the casita since Monday due to my illness, I really have come to learn about the three most important things around the house that we use daily, but never had in the US. First of all is our water filter system. We get all of our drinking water and cooking water from this source and it actually tastes great! Very similar to San Francisco water. I am sure some people in the states use filtered water all the time, but I always used tap. We have learned that if you are going to ingest any part of water in your cooking, to use this. Such as boiling pasta and what not. The next we use all the time is this waste basket. In Mexico, you DO NOT flush your toilet paper ... read more
Waste Basket
Veggie Mineral Bath

Last night, while sitting and reading a book, a giant loud cracking sound exploded near us and scared Byron to death! Okay, us a little too...I looked up in the sky and saw the tails of fireworks. It has been announced that SMA is now a UNESCO world heritage site. It is a a huge deal and all of the people of San Miguel are glowing with pride at their honored city. The days have been coming and going. The other day, Ronnie and I played "tourist" and headed to the Centro. As soon as we arrived, rain started to gush down and the crowded streets we suddenly barren. Everyone squeezed under various coverage to protect themselves. We did the same thing for a little while, but our hunger pressed us forward. We ran in the ... read more
Walkway to Roof Top
Byron enjoying the roof top patio
Archway painting by Ronnie

Things are starting fall into place and our casita is feeling more and more like home. Yesterday we took the bus by ourselves in El Centro. The bus ride was great! Each bus is individually owned by the driver. You flag them down like they are taxis and just hop on. The money is collected during or after the ride. The radio blasts loud music as we bumped up and down on the cobblestone streets. I was particularly touched when a very old man who could barely walk flagged down the bus. The driver pulled over and got out of the bus to help the man up the stairs. You don't see that on Muni in San Francisco! We then spent the day walking around downtown. We picked up the weekly English newspaper, stopped for a ... read more
Julia at Comida
Streets of San Miguel
Ronnie in El Centro

It is now day three and even though the thunder and lightening storms continue, we are giddy with our new life. Yesterday morning I met our first neighbor, though I have forgotten his name. I used my broken spanish to discover he worked on the casita that we live in and that he has visited Houston and San Antonio, but never to California. Then Eleanor (our land-lady and rad Senora) took us in a cab down to one of the major supermarkets to do some shopping. The store is called MEGA and it lived up to it's name. I was so excited to walk in and see many exotic frutas and venduras. (Fruits and Veggies) We bought many things in this section but mostly a lot of avocados and tiny limes that go well with tequila. ... read more
Our first dinner in la casita
Camerones con Avocado
Preparing Comida

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