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North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal May 5th 2013

Demain, est un jour non pas comme les autres. Car demain je prendrai l'avion.. "pff, un classique en ce qui te concerne!", me direz-vous. Oui oui, sauf que cette fois-ci, c'est pour une destination exotique (après déjà 2 ans, ça commençait à me démanger!), et avec un accompagnateur de choix. Demain, je prendrai l'avion direction Sri Lanka, pour un peu moins de 3 semaines, incluants plusieurs heures de voyagement et un record de 14 et 19 heures d'arrêt à Londres pour l'aller et le retour respectivement (allez, qui dit mieux??), et la cerise sur le gateau: je vivrai cette aventure avec nul autre que mon papou d'amour. Que de plaisir. Un jour, j'ai eu la piqûre pour le voyage (je ne t'en remercierai jamais assez, Sarah!), suite à quoi, mes différents séjours m'ont permis de réaliser ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Old Montréal April 27th 2013

After a nice long trip to Quebec, Canada where I spent half of my time in Montreal I am back in Atlanta. My trip to Quebec was great and I even got to see the Hip Hop festival (which was awesome by the way I am now), saw most of the Musee d'Art Contemporain de Montreal and the National Women's Show. Montreal is one of my favorite cities to visit in the Sprin time as I love the French aspect of it. In the winter time however, the city is very bleak. If you want to visit Quebec in the winter time, I suggest skipping Montreal and spending your time in la Ville de Quebec! So Now I am currently in Dunwoody, Atlanta where I am helping a friend of mine who was in need of ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal April 24th 2013

Although I left Montreal more than a year ago (I have not been working on my blog for a long time, now hope to pick it up again) I do still want to publish this blog as its got some good photo's. I won't write much this time, just wanna say I had an awesome 9 months in Montreal, and I miss the city a lot! Photo's are of the student demonstrations and a Toronto vs. Montreal football match.... read more
Nuit Blanche @ Place des Arts
Police at the ready 4 demonstrations
Sunlife building

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal January 17th 2013

After a rigourous 6 months in film catering I found myself unemployed with plenty of time on my hands. With empty days to fill I found myself consistently online searching flights for a little adventure. No place in particular, just seeking something new to me. I got a positive reaction when I consulted Courtnay on my decision to go to Montreal for 4 days in January. So we were going to Montreal with a trip objective to eat and after 6 months of 3am wake ups, we deserve it. Montreal is a city I disliked most of my life, without ever visiting, due to the fact that the horrible Montreal Canadiens are the arch rivals to my favourite hockey team the Toronto Maple Leafs. As I got older I realized the city might be more then ... read more
Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich
Schwartz's Deli Shop Window
Schwartz's Deli


North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal January 10th 2013

“You know another great thing about Vermont?” Mer asked rhetorically. “It’s within a reasonable drive to so many other great places. I just found out that Montreal is only three hours away!” “Really?!” I replied, “I’ve always wanted to go there.” A knowing look passed between us, and it was decided, “Let’s go to Montreal!” We hopped into Debbie, a 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage with an engine designed to power a lawn mower, and drove North. Two hours later, we crossed the Canadian border and continued to drive Nord. A road sign came up on our right-hand side pictorially alerting us to be cautious of car signs colliding into deer signs: Danger Risque du Collison! “This must be something that only happens in Quebec,” we mused and put ourselves on the lookout. I would recommend anyone to ... read more
Beware of Icicles!
Mer and the Strong Blonde

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal December 26th 2012

This is another blog that is a bit different. It has been 30 years since I took my first "big" trip to another country, so I pulled out my photo album to take a look. I was a Junior in high school when the foreign language classes from all of the county schools planned a trip to Montreal, Canada. I was studying French and pictured myself so very worldly. True, the longings for travel and far away places were within me, but that didn't make me the sophisticate I thought I was. One of the reasons I think about this trip as my first big trip is that I was starting to grow into myself. I was working full time in a local restaurant as part of the plan for heading to culinary school, so I ... read more
A Revolving Door
Notre Dame
Ah, the Awkward Teenage Years

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal December 8th 2012

All this stuff in those two bags. The day before the trip. Can everyone see where this is going? Massive packing failure. I was laughing at Tyson for having so much trouble, but in the end he had to help squoosh everything into my bag. And it still didn't all fit. So no fancy tops, special bras or extra thermal pants. I'll be wearing the same clothes in all the pitures! So fast-forward to today. We are now at the airport in Montreal waiting for our flight to Amsterdam. And so it begins! Big shout out to Judy and Sheena for taking care of Eily and Bandit. Sorry about the slippers :-( We'll post again soon! Anne... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Downtown November 1st 2012

Bonjour tout le monde, avec beaucoup de retard, voici enfin les photos de ma première soirée d'Halloween a Montréal. Cette dernière a eu lieu au centre de Montréal, chez des amis dans un appartement où nous étions plus d'une centaine. Donc gros bazard en perspective. 2 jours auront été nécessaires pour décorer l'appartement, et un peu plus encore pour le nettoyer (mais bon ca j'ai pas eu à faire donc tant mieux). je ne cache pas que le lendemain au bureau ça a été un peu dur dur. Bisous tout le monde.... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Downtown October 10th 2012

For English, scroll past the horizontal line Voilà, samedi dernier, environ un mois après avoir acheté mon billet d'avion aller-retour pour mon voyage «Un mois en sac à dos au Mexique», j'ai acheté ledit sac à dos (avec un de ces fameux «packing cubes» tellement vantés dans les forums de voyage). Ça s'en vient de plus en plus vite. Ça fait 2 fins de semaines que je dis que je vais faire mes réservations en auberge pour mes 3 premiers jours là-bas; faudrait bien que je passe à l'acte. J'ai une idée générale de ce que je veux faire (i.e. «voir la "fin du monde" annoncée par les Mayas» «-- notez les guillemets: je ne crois pas que ce sera la «fin du monde», mais je veux me reprendre pour mon passage à l'an 2000 qui ... read more

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