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North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Old Montréal September 1st 2013

September 1, 2013 We arrived in Montreal early this morning and unloaded our luggage in a locker at our "boutique hotel" in the Latin Quarter since check-in wasn't until 3. The girl at the desk led the way with our "close encounters of the nicest kind" with the citizens of Montreal. Yes, French is the official language here and everyone has greeted us in French. But we've found if we say "Bon jour" and "s'il vous plait" and "merci" that those few words go a long way in convincing people we are worthy of their attention. Almost everyone here can speak English, too, so no problems with getting what we need. It really does seem like we're in a country other than Canada. Joe says the people in Quebec are pretending they aren't in Canada. It's ... read more
Marche Jean Talon
Marche Jean Talon
Marche Jean Talon

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal August 21st 2013

In the last few days we have traveled to Toronto and then to Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Toronto is the largest city in Canada located on Lake Ontario with a population of almost 3 million people - it is a very busy city with buildings of condominiums taking place all over the place- it has the vibrancy and buss of a large city as well as the signs of homelessness and street vandalism that are inevitable. Toronto provided a base for us to visit Niagara Falls- one of the 7 natural wonders of the world - it truly is. The other highlight was a visit to a shoe gallery in downtown Toronto- over 13,000 shoe displays, the history of footwear across the world and a whole floor dedicated to sneakers- Nike Air Jordans being the ... read more
Niagara FALLS-2

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal August 14th 2013

Hallo zurück, einige von euch werden sich bestimmt wundern warum es von dieser Seite schon wieder etwas Neues gibt. Die anderen werden wahrscheinlich schon gemeckert haben, ob ich euch vergessen habe. Aber ich kann euch vergewissern, dass ist nicht der Fall und wird auch nicht eintreten. Diese Mal schreibe ich aus Montreal, Kanada. Nanu, was macht er denn jetzt schon wieder da, heißt es bestimmt gerade in vielen Köpfen. Mein neuer Arbeitgeber, bei dem ich eigentlich meine Bachelorarbeit schreiben will, aber das ist noch ein anderes nicht so interessantes Thema, hat mich gefragt, ob ich für einen längeren Zeitraum nach Kanada möchte um dort eine Wartung eines Flugzeuges zu begleiten. Kurze Info zur Firma: Das Unternehmen operiert Europaweit Geschäftsflugzeuge und kümmert sich um die Aufrechterhaltung der Lufttüchtigkeit, sprich den TÜV. Eines dieser Flugzeuge, eine Bombard... read more
Die Freiheit ist grenzenlos!
Residence Inn
Feuer 2 - BMA am Marriot

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Old Montréal July 31st 2013

I was sort of intrigued when friends decided that Montreal would be their next vacation destination. I was actually quite surprised as I thought we were headed to England & Scotland. But I am flexible. “Count me in” I said. And with the weak American Dollar, I was not looking forward to the financial ouch of European travel with conversion of the lagging American Dollar to the British Pound or Euros. And I can speak French and would enjoy a Parisian style ambiance without the 7 hour flight time for a pittance of a trip to France. As a devotee of haute French Cuisine, I could be useful translating French menus in a flash for not so French cuisine addicted friends. I was surprised by the small Delta Connection aircraft from NYC to Pierre Trudeau Airport ... read more
Rue St. Paul
Notre Dame

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Plateau Mont-Royal July 31st 2013

Due to the problems with our ride from Quebec City we arrived late to Montréal and because of this we were a little worried about getting into our place to stay. We had again booked through airbnb, a site to find rooms in ordinary peoples homes, and our hosts weren't actually home so we were supposed to get the key from one of their friends. However, when our arrival was delayed she decided to stay at the apartment for the night in order to let us in and give us the key. After the first night we had the whole apartment to ourselves, a town house apartment with a nice little backyard and excellent cooking opportunities at the price of renting a room! Our apartment was only a few metro stops away from downtown, so on ... read more
Montréal - People along the Water front
Train, bike, car or feet - anything goes!
Montréal - the Village


North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal July 19th 2013

From Canada...and our first visit for us in Montreal. I have an auntie living here and few cousins....but the last time I saw them, I was the age of Tiffany. I may have been 20 times to New York, but I never reached Quebec! So this time, we had to change this. We took two planes with our over 200++kg...and yes, not a single bag fee....ouf! First boring day flight to Miami followed by a short connection to JFK. From New York, I rented a car...which could fit all the no convertible or small size one this time, and we drove north. We first stopped south of Albany for few hours of sleep before reaching Montreal just before lunch. Crossing the border was a breeze...same thing on the return...this is not specially obvious...a single ... read more
Vieux Montreal
Lunch with Nick!

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal July 17th 2013

1. Even though I never get to see them often enough, I'm completely at home with them. And I never get told to use my "inside voice" by Shane because I am never the loudest in the room around them! 2. We are all either laughing or crying together...when one starts the rest of us start too! Thankfully it's almost always laughter! 3. They got us free tickets to a Just For Laughs magic show, which was great fun. And then Auntie Di entertained everyone once she figured out one of the card tricks! 4. Getting lost on the drive home after the magic show, which was equally entertaining! Special mention goes to two cousins, Brandon "I've got a good feeling about this way" Rae and Lindsay "I can't find my house of the map" Rae. ... read more
Winds starting to pick up in the backyard
The calm before the storm
A 'pic stich' that Linds did of Shane over the course of an afternoon

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal June 15th 2013

15 juin 2013 Bonjour à tous, Notre voyage se termine bientôt, nous avons décidés de vendre notre belle Moana 1, Nous sommes de retour au Québec et la vie est belle. Moana 1 se reposera pendant l'été 2013 à Jacksonville en Floride. Nous pourrons vivre avec notre famille au Québec. Nous en profiterons l'hiver prochain encore dans les Bahamas et peut-être à Cuba. Pour voir un peu plus de photos, vous n'avez qu'à clicquer sur une des photos et vous verrez jusqu'à 30 photos de notre voilier Nous pensons à vous tous, donnez nous de vos nouvelles. France et Guy 514-983-7072 514-781-7072 Moana 1 est un voilier unique, entretenu quotidiennement, Hauturier, construite dans le chantier Thorel à St Lambert de Lévis, Québec Canada terminée en 1985 ... read more
055  beauté de la nouvelle peinture
070 gulf de Cariacou couché de soleil
003a  chambre de Moana

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal June 2nd 2013

Bonjour! We left Toronto early on Tuesday morning, excited about the relatively short drive to Montreal. Shortly after noon we arrived, checked in to our hotel, and excitedly hit the streets as neither of us had been to Montreal in the past. First stop: Second Cup (something that the Lower Mainland is sorely lacking) for a Chocolat Chaud Glace which we sipped as we walked along Rue Ste. Catherine’s. The street was packed shoulder to shoulder with people young and old, rich and poor, English and French speaking alike. It was dirty, busy, and smoky, but it was fun. We ended up on a sunny patio at Les 3 Brasseurs for lunch which included biere, salade, et bruschetta. It was clear that a sunny day in Montreal means drinking in the early afternoon on any patio ... read more
lunch at Les 3 Brasseurs
lunch at Les 3 Brasseurs
lunch at Les 3 Brasseurs

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal May 27th 2013

Egy kis ebéd utáni "szuszogás" után fölkerekedtem, hogy megkezdjem az ismerkedést Montreal-al.Az eső is alábbhagyott hálistennek igy a kedvem is megjött. A metró 200 m - re tőllünk, ha amerikaias akarnék lenni 650 lábra (a google szerint) A megállóban 5,5 dollárért vettem két jegyet, amikor is a pénztáros megkérdezte, hogy mennyiért vettem a Columbia kabátomat mert 100 dollárt adna érte.:) vicces volt...Mondtam h. ebben a hűvös időben még igényt tartanék rá. Minden estere jó tudni, hogy pénzhiány esetén a kabátomra számithatnék.:) Lementem a metróba majd a városközpont irányában véletlenszerűen belőttem egy metróállomást.Két számomra túrista-csalogató név a Victoria Square és a Place-d Armes között vacilláltam. Bizonytalanságomat egy segitőkész fickó ki is szúrta és kisegitett.A Victoria Square nye... read more

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