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North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury April 1st 2014

..... having been remiss with blog entries the reporting of past and present adventures will take some time. But let it be known that catch up will occur sooner than later. At this moment I am in a new apartment, selling my house, spending my summer at the lake and waiting for a friend from Austria to visit me in June. The getting-rid-of-junk pile continues to be smaller than the keeping-junk pile. Do not qualify for the reality show Hoarders and therefore do not require people in white suits and masks to come to clean out my stuff. But a giant yard sale has been slotted into someday in May!... read more
Winter Decoration
Winter Tools

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury January 10th 2014

I haven't used the travel blog in some time, not that there hasn't been much happening since the last used. Mainly, immigrating to Canada. It's got it's pros and cons, but one of the pros is more time off for travel. Last year I watched the sailboats float up and down the other side of the lake, so summer 2013 I spent one weekend 6 hours a day in sailing lessons on a C420 two man dinghy. I've mellowed enough to where that appealed to me more than a jet ski or motorboat. By the end of summer I owned a little 16' pocket cruiser and trailer. I didn't get to spend a lot of time with it before the water turned too cold for me to feel safe out alone in it. The long winter ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury December 25th 2013

OMG ... it has been such a long time since my last entry. Am still alive and more than kicking as%! Today have have stood silent among the trees watching bluejays greedily snatching peanuts at the feeder.Snow is fluttering down picking up speed and intensity. That means more shoveling. If the cabin were painted brown and had heart shutters I would be in a highland vale in Switzerland, or Austria or Bavaria and all that needs be done is step outside and imagine. Am at the moment experiencing with astonishment and disbelief the Disney Park Parade. All this without breakfast ... birds come first and also the need for a fire ...its -22 outside. The Parade is too tooo tooo much! have never been will never go and anyway its not live.OMG and the crowds are ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury September 4th 2013

With great horror I realize that I HAVE NOT BLOGGED FORa whole YEAR !!! oye vey ... not that I have not had adventures, excitements, encounters y muchas diversiones. Survived Spanish Year three. Dropped Anthropology. Had a great time in St. Vincent. Worked at de-weeding my veg garden space with the help of a friend visiting from England via Australia. Drove the length of Manitoulin Island (largest fresh water island in the world), crossed Georgian Bay with the Chuchiman Ferry(sic), stayed at an extremely pleasant B&B near Kincardene Ontario, did the whole enchilada at Niagara Falls and safely put my friend on the plane to London in the middle of June. She had a wedding to attend and I had a cabin to prepare for possible rental by next summer. With the help of my sister ... read more
Pocket Friends

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury April 20th 2012

The fine weather in March was too good to wish for. The rhubarb shoots and tulip greens are today paying the price; a meteorological storm warning of fifteen to twenty centimeters of heavy wet snow! I will not be shovelling! Am at the moment supposedly studying for an Anthropology exam which takes place on Monday next. Am on cat duty since my sibling has taken herself to Toronto. It is not an onerous task. It just eats into the day ... twice! becuase the felines are sickly. Am preparing for a two month sojourn to Europe; Floriade, a horticultural exhibition that finds place only once every ten years, a visit to Istanbul, Budapest, and Innsbruck ending in England to see the Queen in order to help her celebrate her Diamond Jubilee. Have spent the last hour ... read more
Rustic Room Idea
Sprigs in Birchbark
Taipan Orchids


North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury December 13th 2011

Hello from Sudbury! After a long stay in Kitchener, we headed to Orangeville. We were able to swing it between my boss, my BFF and I to have Carol ride along with me in the Motorhome. Hank and I started this week driving vehicles on the main convoy. After the incredible End of Day Celebration that Orangeville put on with us, Hank and I and 4 other team mates went to the Rowntrees for a fabulous deep fried everthing dinner, drinks and as always, lots of laughs. Thank you again Rowntrees and Smiths for your hospitality. I got to have a little visit with Hemi while I was there! Smiths are doing a great job fostering our little guy! He looked great and very happy! After a short visit in Orangeville, we carried on the Relay ... read more
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North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury November 10th 2011

With this final entry before leaving Canada, I sit here at the Sudbury Bus Terminal waiting anxiously waiting for the bus to take me to Toronto, then from there to Pearson International Airport, Terminal 3 to get my flight from Canada to Beijing then from there To Guangzhou, China. I am filled with a certain level of nervousness, given that I have always been somewhat nervous of the actual take off and landing of the aircraft. This being no exception given that it is Hainan Airlines, a Chinese airliner company that I am taking to my destination for one part of my flight. I have always been somewhat apprehensive of flying on them, can’t explain why, I just am. I am taking in the sites, sounds, and smells of all that is around me knowing that ... read more
Sudbury bus terminal
mmm prizes for the games
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury September 23rd 2011

Well, at least in Sudbury we finally have better internet and phone connections! Just took us awhile to find our satellite, so went 2 nights without TV! Horrors! Very interesting city. Visited Dynamic Earth, where we went for a nickle underground mine tour, got the low-down on Sudbury's history, did a bit of biking and hiking, and are just starting to see the beautiful East fall colours come alive. Can't wait until they are totally in "bloom". It will be breathtaking. Our weather has only been so-so for the past few days, bit of rain and cool temperatures, but not bad enough that it has stopped us from sight-seeing.... read more
Sudbury, ON
Sudbury, ON3
Sudbury Nickle Mine

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury September 14th 2011

The countdown begins once again for my eventual departure, from Sudbury and from Canada, and my return to China. The nation that i have grown to love and understand. With so many wondrous sites to behold and so many places to see and experience, I am looking to experience them. My goal this time around is to see the vastness of the area in the northern area of China. I must admit being back in Canada seeing family and friends that I have not seen in ages, seeing the new people in their lives. The loves they have fostered and family that they have created has given me a renewal of faith sort of speak. That the world isn't a dark and desolate place as I once thought it was. But I am envious of those ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury July 26th 2011

Now you know some of the local tourist locations, now its time to show you what its like through the eyes of a Sudbury native. And no i am not talking about a native Indian, a Sudbury person. Some would say Sudbury is not that good, while others say its the greatest city in Northern Ontario. Me personally, a bit of both, there is good and bad in this city. Beauty and the beast side of this fair city. Like any city you go to the good and bad parts. and within each area of the city you will see both beauty and decay. I suppose what it boils down to is which side you wish to remember. The tourists do wish to remember the good and wonder of the city. as for some of the ... read more

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