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Barbara Smatlanek

After a very busy, expensive and totally enjoyable four months of travelling here and there in Europe and Ontario I am ready for another academic year at Laurentian University in Sudbury. Anthropology and Spanish once again will occupy the brain. Next trip week ....St. Vincent and the Grenadines in Feb. 2013.

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury April 1st 2014

..... having been remiss with blog entries the reporting of past and present adventures will take some time. But let it be known that catch up will occur sooner than later. At this moment I am in a new apartment, selling my house, spending my summer at the lake and waiting for a friend from Austria to visit me in June. The getting-rid-of-junk pile continues to be smaller than the keeping-junk pile. Do not qualify for the reality show Hoarders and therefore do not require people in white suits and masks to come to clean out my stuff. But a giant yard sale has been slotted into someday in May!... read more
Winter Decoration
Winter Tools

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury December 25th 2013

OMG ... it has been such a long time since my last entry. Am still alive and more than kicking as%! Today have have stood silent among the trees watching bluejays greedily snatching peanuts at the feeder.Snow is fluttering down picking up speed and intensity. That means more shoveling. If the cabin were painted brown and had heart shutters I would be in a highland vale in Switzerland, or Austria or Bavaria and all that needs be done is step outside and imagine. Am at the moment experiencing with astonishment and disbelief the Disney Park Parade. All this without breakfast ... birds come first and also the need for a fire ...its -22 outside. The Parade is too tooo tooo much! have never been will never go and anyway its not live.OMG and the crowds are ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury September 4th 2013

With great horror I realize that I HAVE NOT BLOGGED FORa whole YEAR !!! oye vey ... not that I have not had adventures, excitements, encounters y muchas diversiones. Survived Spanish Year three. Dropped Anthropology. Had a great time in St. Vincent. Worked at de-weeding my veg garden space with the help of a friend visiting from England via Australia. Drove the length of Manitoulin Island (largest fresh water island in the world), crossed Georgian Bay with the Chuchiman Ferry(sic), stayed at an extremely pleasant B&B near Kincardene Ontario, did the whole enchilada at Niagara Falls and safely put my friend on the plane to London in the middle of June. She had a wedding to attend and I had a cabin to prepare for possible rental by next summer. With the help of my sister ... read more
Pocket Friends

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck July 16th 2012

June 8 to 11 The Gasthof Halle was a very convenient, comfortable, friendly and clean hotel. It was one of the better hotels I had stayed in during the holiday. But who can turn down the offer of a friend's couch, even if it means rolling up the bed sheets every morning. My friend Mirjam, whom I had met in Malaga, Spain some time ago, made me this irresistible offer. I was able to experience living in a compact centrally located apartment in Innsbruck a stone's throw away from the Old Town with the Hofburg (castle), the rail station and varied shopping opportunities from small family shops where one was served from behind a counter to glitzy malls. Innsbruck is surrounded by snow capped mountains and lies along the banks of the River Inn. The best ... read more
Downtown Innsbruck
Eating Gelato
Horse Riding Lessons

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest June 14th 2012

Buda lies on the hill side of the Danube and Pest, the flat area, lies opposite. The st of the name is pronounced with the 'shh' sound. Goulash is a soup not a stew. I only saw Bobosh Torte once and did not taste it. There was an opportunity to shoot with a bow and arrow (as Hungarian warriors are depicted) on the hill during the Goose Festival. Many buildings have been carefully restored. Many more are in need of attention. May 30 The seven day visit to Budapest needs to be summed up in one blog. The arrival day counts as day one only because the arrival was at such an ungodly hour ... 08:30 ... thankfully not too early for the man Sandor from the Blue Danube Hostel to pick me up in his ... read more
St. Stephan,  founder of Budapest
The Beautiful Chain Bridge
The View During Breakfast at NewYork Cafe

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest June 12th 2012

May 27 .... Arrived in the city of Bucharest late in the evening and after asking two people, found the IBIS Hotel. There is one of these in almost every city and they can be trusted to be nice. After a much needed shower, ate peasant veg soup and desert but no coffee after my 18 hour fast... well almost ... cannot count that white bread with one slice ham one slice cheese I bought while the train was standing forever at a spot in Bulgaria. The room is excellent with TV and WiFi. To get to the room one has to go thru two security locks... one to the corridor and then the one into the actual room ..... shades of Cuba from ages ago .. there in the 70's cubans could not come upstairs ... read more
Impressive Parliament
Find Me in the Peasant Museum
A  Stroll in the Park

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Hall in Tirol June 4th 2012

The word hall in medieval times translated to salt. I have had a fascination with salt ever since my Father made me a model of a salt mine as a Christmas gift. “Hall's Old Town is the mother of all medieval city centers.” Like Luebeck in Northern Germany loved how the streets meandered one into the other past church spires and brick works a thousand years old now holding either a hair salon, bakery or paper shop. “The two marvellous squares and the labyrinthine layout of the side streets are unique in the world.” I walked from my hotel, Gasthof Badl, on the other side of the River to the cemetery past an active convent. In the cemetery I spied a nun caring for the sisters laid to rest in the cemetery. A baker advertised strudel ... read more
Spire thru the trees ...  past a park
Coffee - strong and fragrant
Living in unaffordable style

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul June 1st 2012

Saturday May 26 was a day spent wandering with map in hand negotiating the streets leading eventually to roman aqueducts ... that fed the cisterns! First passed thru the Grand Bazaar in the search of knitting needles and to peruse the choice of wool in the Bazaar. No such luck ... the Han described as the one with sewing goods was not found but I did encounter numerous underwear stalls with every kind of under wear except the ones I during trips ... Silly's grandma pants! There were long underwear pants, but to the knee is a bit too far and they were not quick dry anyway. So goodby bazaar hello the meandering streets towards the aqueduct. There are two major obstructions in the street system ...the government buildings and the University grounds. If a mosque ... read more
As Many Souvenirs as Tourists
A Corner for Bargains & Prayer Beads
Ancient Aqueduct

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul May 27th 2012

The first day was V ERY busy so events in piont form. Hotel Evsen reached by public transport from airport - metro first then a change to tram - helpful men at turnstiles - get tokens 2turkish lira each- machines gives change- insert red token and you are on your way. Each stop announced in turkish and english and scrolling info rolls inside the the tram wagon. If you have a map and familiarize yourself with the name of the end station of your route you are well on your way. No time for digs at Toronto Transit! Breakfast always eaten on the roof of the hotel and selection each day can be counted on being a repition of the day before .... eggs, sausage, carrot sauce, black and yellow olives, sliced cukes and tomatoes, bread, ... read more
Ferry Under Galata Bridge
Spice Bazzar

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul May 25th 2012

OK ...first comment ... they didn't film the movie here and the dagger is nowhere to be seen. So much for dashed expectations... Audrey Hepburn wasn't here either! To reach Topkapi Palace I walked from my hotel towards the railroad tracks and veered right. On the way I saw exquisite hand work crocheted with myriad beads and metal pendants ... prices high, and so they should be for the original ideas and the labour ... could not take a shot because the guy was standing right there. I had given myself a day to explore the treasures of Topkapithinking it would be vast and much to absorb. I came upon the back entrance of the Gulhane Garden. Masses of flower flats with marigolds, impatience and tiny begonias were all set out on the ground waiting to ... read more
Disney Tapioka
On the Grounds of the Palace
Carnation Motive

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