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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Fujairah December 28th 2013

The big escape..... It has been a long , tough year... and a drive through the desert to the East Coast has become our pilgrimage of refuge & respite. To have space around us... driving across barren, mountainous, quarry like, landscapes and sand dunes dotted with ghaff trees and low scrub. Seeing groups of camels hanging about in the sand dunes... munching away, not bothered by anything.. a slower pace... Our eyes and senses can rest and we can take in a 360 degree view and vast horizon line... something I miss living in built up Dubai. It doesn't take long to leave the high rises and manicured street scapes of Dubai... a quick exit behind our place takes us directly on the route out to the desert at our back door.. and across the the ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Fujairah March 17th 2013

With a 2 hour drive we can leave the glitz of Dubai and be transported through a changing desert landscape to arrive at the spectacular area of Al Aqah Beach on the East Coast of the UAE. We drove through the shifting and changing sand dunes, from low dunes, pale yellow, to more dramatic deep orange & higher dunes, then just as suddenly we were surrounded by flat scrubby rocky desert . Suddenly again it changes as we drive through the rocky mountainous moon scape, soaring up out of the flat desert scrubby landscape . Quarries, cement factories, convoys of heavy laden trucks, potted roads and road works abound in this mountainous part of the desert. We pass through the small towns of Al Dhaid, Masafi then through to Dibba and down the coast road to ... read more
Miramar night pool
Traditional doorway UAE

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Fujairah September 10th 2012

This morning I met Matt, a doctor of geology (or, "Rock Doc" if you will) before heading out to my favorite road cut in Khor Fakkan. I was looking forward to this because I love site visits, and rocks, and I was looking forward to learning about geology in general from a former geology professor. I hadn't been this heavily involved in Geology since college and I miss it. It is starting to come back to me, but it will definitely take lots of practice and research. fortunately, dork that I am, I enjoy reading about geology. We actually missed our freeway exit and since this is the UAE, there was no place to easily turn around so by the time we found the next exit we decided to take the scenic route - back roads. ... read more
inside Al Meshwar restaurant
a rare photo of ME
typical Emirati homes

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Fujairah July 20th 2012

Miramar, Al Aqah... it just rolls off the tongue, especially with an Arabic accent! This gorgeous beach resort is surrounded by the desert rocky landscape of the Hajar Mountains on the east coast of the UAE. It takes a 2 hour drive from Dubai, across the scrubby desert landscape to be swept down off the rocky scraggly mountains on to the east coast road which hugs the edge of the Indian Ocean. Miramar, Al Aqah beach resort is a short drive down the coast from Dibba. We first came here back in early 2009, and so after a 3 year wait, I was very happy to be returning. It is a low rise resort referencing the traditional Arabic/Moroccan building style. Sand colored stone villas, carved and pointed arches, hanging lanterns, bougainvillea creeping over the wooden terraces.. ... read more
Photo 31
Photo 30
Photo 32

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Fujairah July 13th 2012

Recently we had a trip driving across the UAE desert to the East Coast, to the Fujairah region of Al Aqah. I always find it extremely interesting to see life outside of the metropolis of Dubai and to see the lay of the land and lifestyle in the more isolated regions of the inner desert across to the east coast. The contrast is extreme. Leaving the manicured palm lined streets of Downtown Dubai, past the sparkling glass towers lining Sheikh Zayed road, the desert routes lead you in to a very different landscape. Although the roads continue to be excellent dual highways, lined with streets lights all the way across the country, the views change to a different pace. Skyscrapers are replaced by sand dunes and low scrub, dotted with Ghaf trees. Small townships are scattered ... read more
making the most of opportunities
waiting for a ride
foot transport is often the only way


Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Fujairah June 25th 2012

For the first time in weeks, I am posting from a different spot. Woot woot! Today was a lot of first for me. This is going to be fairly long (I think), so I will try to organize. You know me! Part 1 - Desert Dunes and Mountain Work Eric and I left the office a little after 8:30 this morning. He had managed to snag a fugro truck which I will provide a picture of tomorrow. Apparently, no one can buy a truck here unless they are a business or a native with a farm. Pretty cool! Very few souped up ghetto trucks or redneck vehicles here! I had noticed that before and also that all the work trucks tend to look alike, so this explained a lot. We stopped at a gas station too, ... read more
Giant Mosque Construction
RoadCut Inspection

Another weekend in the UAE, and what was in store? A trip up to Diba in Fujairah, to do some scuba diving and geocaching. It all began with a long drive after I finished work, passing through Sharjah and standstill traffic. Once I got through this I was off, foot down on the open roads, passing through the desert. As usual, sign posts slowly faded away and I was constantly questioning myself if I was going the right way. Fortunately I was, and I didn’t end up geographically unaware or even worst, lodging with a goat for the night. As with driving to Hatta, the landscape changes quickly, and the mountains spring out of the ground engulfing small villages and farms. I had to pull over at one point and take a couple of pictures, but ... read more
The lair
Find number 5
View from the top

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Fujairah December 26th 2008

Fujairah is on the Indian Ocean, just north of the Omani mainland and south of the Musandam penninsula. Sallahuddin won a major battle against the crusader forces just north of Fujairah and west of the Musandam penninsula. This was beach time. But, we seemed to be the only ones on the beach. There was an Emirati party during the weekend, but we had the place pretty much to ourselves the rest of the time. W.. enjoyed digging big holes in the sand and burying himself in those holes. He showed himself to be a pretty good climber by repeatedly scaling a hill that over looked the hotel. He also enjoyed swimming in the sea and the pool, even though the water was colder than we expected. Not as cold as Vancouver seas in the summer, but ... read more
Our Hotel Room by the Beach
Discombobulated Head
Discombobulated Head

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Fujairah December 21st 2008

6.15 am UAE time Sunday morning aboard Rickmer Seoul alongside the wharf at Fujairah following a wonderful night’s sleep on the ship and a whirlwind 36 hours earlier to get here, largely without mishap: but there is always something, isn’t there? The flights from Singapore saw us upgraded from there to Bangkok courtesy of Cathay, very nice, thank you Cathay, and an 8 hour wait in Bangkok before the leg to Amman. No sign of unrest or blockade in Bangkok these days, the airport was bustling like a large town, but given the distance it now is from central Bangkok, and the inability to ‘freshen up’ between legs we erred on the side of ‘sensible’ (assisted no doubt by ‘tired’) and remained in transit. Connections were seamless and we landed in Dubai as scheduled at 1pm ... read more
At the Wharf

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