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Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Beşiktaş October 24th 2012

Merhaba! Today was definitely a good day - we got to do a lot of different things. To start off, I will remind you that tomorrow is the Muslim Festival of Sacrifice which is a holiday that lasts four days. Even though it is a religious holiday, it affects some national things as well (banks are closed, the bazaars are closed). So, we had a tour planned to see a Jewish synagogue tomorrow and the guy that arranged the tour for us weeks ago called us today and said that they cannot do it because of the Muslim holiday. (Last time I checked, Islam and Judiasm are not the same thing - but like I said, this holiday does affect certain national things - probably similar to Christmas in the US.) Since we are primarily a ... read more
Top of the Galata Tower
Dolmabahce Palace

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Beşiktaş May 3rd 2012

First day of Travel: Arrived ay YVR at 5:30, first one out of our group to arrive. Definitely feeling excited. The new backpack, osprey farpoint 65L, works like a dream. I was able to pack everything I needed with room to spare. The detachable day back is proving to be critical feature. The rest of the group arrived shortly after myself and we proceed with the essential steps of international air travel: check bags, get through security, drink beer. The first flight was about 9 hours into London…poor ventilation and parenting skills lead to a hot, humid and child-screeching filled flight. The 5 hour Layover in London consisted of sitting around and playing pokemon. It was here where I found an interesting display of premium scotches (with my personal favorite weighing in at 20,000€.) The final ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Beşiktaş April 30th 2012

Today was a long walk day. I'd planned to get to the Rumeli Fortress on the west coast of the Bosphorus. Typically, I had intended to walk there and find some public transport back. From Sultanahmet I followed a hugely circuitous route down the hill via the Grand Bazaar (open today) and beyond that all the little shops that sell belt buckles, beads, mannequins, taps, cleaning equipment and garlic-crushers. From there it was a gravity-filled walk to the waterfront of the Golden Horn and a noisy walk across the Ataturk Bridge with all the buses and trucks. In a misguided attempt to avoid the backstreets, I followed the main roads up and down the hills (and there are many many hills which give an inclinometer a good workout) with a side trip along the boulevard to ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Beşiktaş January 14th 2012

Today it's snowing in Istanbul. The cars are driving the slowest I've ever seen them move and everyone everywhere has a knit hat. It's also my last day. I'm not too sure what to say about my last day. I'm disappointed that studying abroad didn't work out for next semester, and my plan to travel around Europe also didn't pan out. Basically, my plans for this year have hardly been met. But I suppose that when making plans a year in advance these things happen... I guess I'll just talk about what I'll be missing about Istanbul and what I'm excited to see at home (People aside for both parts) I want to come home to see.... -A real park! Istanbul is a city of sprawl. As time moves on people moving into Istanbul just tack ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Beşiktaş October 19th 2011

School has begun! The streets near my apartment are bustling with young adults and the obscene amount of photocopying stores lining the block now make complete sense. I'll begin with where I last left off. Registration was the headache that many warned us about for everyone except me. Mine was exceptionally easy. Honestly, the Gods are smiling upon me. So the way it works is the 20,000 students attending Bogazici are all given IDs and passwords. For us exchange students these won't even work until registration opens, so all we know of what the website looks like is the screen shots that the school, aware that this is a really stupid idea, provides. At 10:00, ready or not, the system opens. The 20,000 students attending do a virtual scramble for classes. At Purchase, my home university, ... read more
Antalya Museum!
Greek Gods
Also, my camera died in Olympos so you're getting a ton of pictures of the museum!


Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Beşiktaş September 25th 2011

Ok, so school is about to start and I figure I should write out a recap of my ridiculously long summer break here in Istanbul (about things other then the city and the creepy men.) Now writing this has become a bit more complicated, because much of my stay has to do with who I've met, acquaintances and annoyances. What if I write something a bit rude and the person I write about sees it? Well, I guess I didn't like them anyways, but still. I'd feel like a jerk. Hopefully I just won't dislike anyone and that won't be a problem. ;) A majority of the time I've spent here I've been hanging out on my balcony with my room mates. Like I said, doing all the touristy things will be much cheaper once I ... read more
One of the more famous Mosques!
Galata Tower

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