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Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran January 16th 2011

SJan16 – Yek Shanbe Got a good night’s sleep – as far as I remember – and up early as a result. I take advantage of the metro, walking west along Taleghani to Moffateh St. to get the Taleghani Station and I casually make my way to Behest-e Zahara cemetery where most Tehranians or Iranians are buried, including those killed in the 1980-88 Irag-Iran war. First, I visit the Holy Shrine of Imam Khomeini. The Shrine is not a particularly pretty site to visit but I try to make the best of a bad thing. I enter a Mosque for the very first time (first ever as a Muslim, sshhh?). I take off my shoes, check in both Canon cameras, but not the iPhone, which they allow everyone to retain. I walk around and am actually ... read more
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Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran January 15th 2011

SatJan15 – Shanbe Well, I will keep the long details out of this day’s events. Suffice to say, I went terribly awry picking Reza to be my CS host. I will be much more careful in future. Consequence of this mistake was one long wasted Shanbe in Tehran. One thing of real value learned this day was how to grapple with taxi drivers over fares; the other was how to make use of the Tehran metro. This is clearly the cheapest means of getting around and it costs only about $1 per trip!!! Why use a taxi, except perhaps when lost? With ease of travelling with the metro now in hand, I make my way to the Bazaari district and then on to Golestan Palace; unfortunately, while this is a cheap tourist site, only 33,000IRR, the ... read more
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Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran January 13th 2011

Most of yesterday involved taking it easy and/or getting ready for the next leg of this trip -- Tehran! I think this will be the most difficult part of this holiday, but I am optimistic nonetheless. I arrive in Tehran Jan 13 (Thurs) – panj shanbe at 4:00am -- and, fortunately for me, my pick-up has been arranged, for what could only have been otherwise described as a 'most' difficult task -- imagine, travelling into 15 million population city, to the downtown, alone, in the middle of the night to the Hotel Atlas. (Read later blogs to get more on just how difficult getting to the Atlas can actually be for a tourist, even when I am from one part of the city to another in Tehran.). Luckily for me, Elham D. is waiting to deliver ... read more
Old Theatre and Chaykhaneh

Middle East » Iran December 1st 2010

Middle East » Iran » North » Amol November 10th 2010

Back at the Blog! I hope all is well to those who have been following adventures here in the East. School finally started! I must say it was wonderful having a long break. The semester here is only 3 months long and my last day of classes falls on Dec 31st! Its a bit crazy thinking that so much time has already gone by. I feel like I've done so little out here, yet at the same moment I know that I have experienced a whole new world. So I decided to take 6 classes this semester - and so far all is going well. I'm not liking 8 o'clock mornings though, especially since Hebrew is my first class. Not sure how they figure someone will be at their peak so early in the morning, but ... read more


Middle East » Iran November 6th 2010

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran » Tehran October 19th 2010

I'm just going to summarise Iran as oppose to a day to day account as there was quite alot of driving and to honest I can't really remember what happened! We left early in the morning for the border us ladies looking stunning in our full on muslim gear including headscarf and my gay wizard outfit! We said goodbye to our european bus driver Martin and crossed over into Iran which was surprisingly easy just more fingerprints and luckily no searches! Got our new bus and drivers and our Iranian guide who made us feel ridiculous as she was wearing jeans, a hoody and a scarf casually draped over her head! First night we stayed in Tabriz and to be honest not as scary as we all thought it would be and everyone here and in ... read more

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd August 28th 2010

This is a phrase that we so often heard walking along the streets throughout the many Iranian cities we visited. We can’t say enough good things about the people of Iran. We were there during Ramadan, which was particularly tough due to the restrictions of the whole eating and drinking thing during daylight hours. It was often an adventure to find food for lunch time; we ate mostly in “fast-food” type restaurants or at the hotels where we stayed. We’ve included a few photos from the various places we stayed at during the last 5 days or so in Iran to give you a feel for what we’ve seen and done. On a practical note, for anybody looking to cross the border from Iran to Turkmenistan, we highly recommend you change money on the Iranian side, ... read more
Old City street scene, Yazd
Jamme Mosque detail, Yazd
Jamme Mosque, Yazd

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd August 24th 2010

Middle East » Iran » South » Shiraz August 24th 2010

Shiraz & Persepolis pics... read more

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