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Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan November 5th 2011

A picture is worth 1,000 words Which means: (a) I have written a lot, or (b) I'm just getting lazy...... read more
Supervisor at work
Our neighbours at Kas...
Ride in the hills

Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan November 4th 2011

So, these are the photos that went with the previous blog... assuming the internet is being more cooperative here!... read more
Kas camping after...
Kas camping
The turtle!!

Middle East » Iran » West » Kermanshah November 1st 2011

What a difference a week makes! At about this time a week ago we were snorkelling in Kas, and lying in the sun. Today it is 1 degree Celsius. In the previous two days we rode about 1,000km, some of it above the snow line, and all of it bloody freezing. We are now in Dogubeyazit, almost at the Iranian border. The altitude here is about 1,700m, and the town is a dump. Still, in terms of ‘famous inhabitants’ Dogubeyazit holds its own, as Noah was supposed to have parked his boat just over the hill on Mt Ararat. On the subject of weather… Kas camping (14/10/11 – 23/10/11) After a week in Olympus we were getting a bit bored of ‘chilling’ in the tree houses with the ageing hippies, backpackers and curious Russian strays, so ... read more

Middle East » Iran » South » Bandar Abbas October 16th 2011

On Tuesday, 11.10., I was leaving Esfahan in direction of Shiraz. Saeids mother gave me lots of food that I had difficulties to pack all the stuff in my packages :) Thanks a lot to Saeid and his family! I hope I can give something back in the future! It was the season of Pomegranates. I was given so much Pomegranates. And they are heavy! It was a big challenge to eat them faster then getting new ones! But until Shiraz I made it:) I could also recognize that I get into the grape region. I was also given much grapes. But they are not so heavy... The first three days I was quite fast, I made over 400km. On the way to Shiraz I visited some historical sites. I thought a bit history in Persia ... read more

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran October 6th 2011

We started from Tabriz in the morning of the 18. September in direction to Tehran. We were happy when we were out of the very stinky exhaust gases of the cars. The highway went through somewhere of nowhere and it was quite seldom, that we crossed a village, or even town. Even to get a petrol station or little shops to get some water and food was not so easy.But we have survived :) But the scenery was amazing, the dry mountains around us! One evening we stayed at a truck stop. The cook could speak very bad English but we think that he was a soldier in the Iran-Irak war. He was quite fanatic. He always made some signs as to shoot at somebody and made "Rat-tat-tat". We didnt feel very comfortable at him. He ... read more


Middle East » Iran » North » Tabriz September 26th 2011

At Friday, 26.8., I started from the airport of Antalya. Rebeccas flight was already at 6 am so that I started riding already at 5.30. I had 5kg less of package because R ebecca took much of my stuff with her. To get my pepper spray back was no problem. I enjoyed the riding towards the rising sun, it was amazing! I followed the road next to the south coast. The first day I planned to come to Manavgat where a family I met near Antalya lives and invited me for having a break there. At 11am I was already there, I had already done 97km at this time. It was a pity that the family wasnt there at the moment, but a colleague of the husband offered me some food. After that nice lunchbreak it ... read more

Middle East » Iran » South » Kish Island June 21st 2011

My Day in Kish- An experience of people’s lives. I am quite nervous when I learned that I will exit in Kish Island of Iran. I have heard so many stories about the place mostly negative. I had a night flight so when I arrived at the airport I befriended a Filipina named Liza. Liza is a cashier at El Piero Restaurant at IBN Batuta Mall in Dubai. Mico and Dan-Dan who are both new in UAE also are with Liza those guys were very funny and nice. I also met three other cooks all of them Kapampangans. As we waited for our flight at 9pm we shared stories of our different experiences. When we arrived around 11:30pm in the airport the ladies were greeted by a changing area, in Kish they are very ... read more

Middle East » Iran » East » Mashhad May 31st 2011

Mashhad was always on the list to visit, not only because very few tourists make it this far eastern of Iran, and most importantly, it is also home to the Iman Reza, one of the holiest and important shrine for Muslims. Being one of the most holiest city in Middle East & Central Asia, Mashhad is very conservative. My partner, was required to wear Chatdor at all times within the complex, which is available at the entrance for free, as this city receives tons of thousand Shiite pilgrims from all over the world. My first port of call in this second largest city, of course was this huge 24-7 Iman Reza Complex, or called Hamam in Farsi (not Hamam in Arabic as in Turkish Bath), and the surrounding buildings. The main shrine, located right in the ... read more
Rubat Sharaf
West Gate - Iman Reza Complex
West Gate - Iman Reza Complex

Middle East » Iran » West » Hamadan March 19th 2011

this is my travel to tuyserkan in west of islamic republic of iran... read more

Middle East » Iran » South » Shiraz March 2nd 2011

NB: This post was originally written on Sunday, October 31st, 2010. 'Well, it’s the end of my second full day in Shiraz, embarking on my second visit to Iran. Yesterday, after having slept for a much-needed 12 hours on Friday night (I spent a total of 48 hours in-transit to get from Melbourne-Shiraz, with only max 5 hours’ sleep in between), I was befriended by a quirky 28 y.o. man by the name of Mostafa, who is one of the approx. 12 workers in the hotel at which I am now employed as well. He showed me around Shiraz on foot, saying that he would’ve liked to have taken me around on a motorbike (and indeed, I love riding on the back of motorbikes!), but he wanted me to get to know my surroundings properly first, ... read more
Cinema poster in Shiraz
The new 100 000 Iranian rial note (just under USD $10)
View of the old city of Shiraz from the hotel where I worked for a short while

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