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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton August 25th 2013

Had my leaving the country party last night, brilliant night from what I remember! Brilliant friends! Hungover!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton July 24th 2013

Wednesday July 24th 2013. Southampton, England. We arrived at our friend's Liz and Ian's home in Gosport late morning having set off from Bristol around 9.30 am. We were fed a fantastic lunch of Gammon with parsley sauce and then Ian drove us to the Mayflower Cruise Terminal in Southampton. We arrived around 3pm and checked in and boarded with no queues whatsoever - brilliant! We had only been on board for an hour when we had to show up for the mandatory safety drill. We set sail at 17.10. The Oriana was moved off the birth with the aid of a tug. Once clear of the dock we set sail under pilot instruction for Dublin Bay. We went up on deck and to watch the sail out of the channel, passing the Fawley Oil Terminal ... read more
008  Leaving Southampton
006 Osbourne House IOW
001. Leaving Southampton

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton June 3rd 2012

Our first visit to Bromsgrove has drawn to a close and we are on the move again. It has been a wonderful stay with Kate and Al and their hospitality cannot be faulted. It has become quite the routine for me to pour Kate and Narelle a Pimms at 5pm to begin “sun downer” drinks and I think Kate may actually miss it. There is still a large bottle left so when we next visit we can continue to assist in its disposal. I am not sure how much Pimms will be consumed in the UK this summer but I would expect a great deal as everywhere you look it is being advertised. It being a very British summer drink its presence at Jubilee functions, Wimbledon and the Olympics is expected and often welcomed. I am ... read more
Worcester Cathedral
Worcester Cathedral
NLS at Blenheim Palace

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton April 7th 2012

We flew out of Brisbane on Thursday 5thApril, with the first stop being Singapore. We were only off the plane long enough to go out of the arrivals gate, down the hall and back through security (where Deb had the pleasure of a pat-down – clearly she looked like a terrorist) to get back on the plane bound for Abu Dhabi. Touched down in Abu Dhabi, and had enough time for a coffee, a rest, and a chat to some fellow travellers before boarding for London. The brief stop in Abu Dhabi was interesting – the terminal is unbelievable, and the sheiks with their bodyguards and the groups of Polici trotting around with their semi-automatics reminded us that we were far from home LOL We behaved ourselves in Abu Dhabi :) The last leg to London ... read more
Southampton Walls
The French Taunter

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton November 4th 2011

Ok, so I'm pretty sure that by now I should be excited to the point where I had become unbearable to those around me, constantly harping on about where I'm going, people I'll encounter, experiences I'll have, inexplicably amazingly wonderful adventures I'll be undertaking? So then, why is it that all I have is this overwhelming feeling of impending doom? Flying!! I hate flying!! What the hell am I doing? I keep repeating it to myself. What the hell am I doing embarking on an adventure that without the 'flying' bit would just be a lame drive up to heathrow and back home again? It's a necessity. Unfortunately. To make all of the good stuff real, the 'flying' bit inevitably has to happen. But the anxiety was almost so overwhelming last weekend that I almost panicked ... read more


Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton October 16th 2011

Something occurred to me recently. I was driving through the New Forest to go to work at the Pottery and thinking about my travels and all the wonderful places that I hope to see and feel and experience. What occurred to me was this; all of those beautiful places must be home to someone? And I wondered to myself if they look upon those places with sheer wonderment as I know I will. Do they form a part of the ranks of people who every day discover something new and incredible in these landscapes? These ranks made up of countless travellers before me and countless more to come. Visitors in these lands so new and interesting that we must attempt to capture its very essence in a million photographs or a series of intensely descriptive journal ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton October 11th 2011

At 7am on Thursday 10th November 2011 I will wake up, if indeed I have even slept, I will double check my packing list…I say ‘double check’ but chances are that by this point the ‘double check’ will be the distant and long forgotten ancestor of the ‘septuple’ or even ‘octuple check’…I will say a teary goodbye to my wonderful man, who has made this whole thing possible and I will embark on an adventure. One of the biggest I’ve had to date but hopefully not the last. There is so much world to see, after all. It’s going to be a whistle stop tour of North America, New Zealand and India. There was so much more I wanted to cram in but in three months I was asking a lot. So, given that I won’t ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton October 11th 2011

Ok, so I think I may have become a little obsessed with the planning of my RTW trip and have gotten to the point where I now have a ten page excel spreadsheet outlining where I am going to be on every day that I am travelling (except of course the 29th November 2011 which never exists for me...the mind boggles??). It details names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of everywhere that I'm staying en route, which of course being anally retentive in this area, I have booked well in advance. It includes daily activities, times, prices, whether it's booked or not booked and even daily budgets for food (which, no doubt, have no real relation to what will actually be spent). The crazy thing is, is that I am the least well organised, anally ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton July 20th 2011

Just a quick one today to explain that the last few days have been pretty routine with only one thing worth talking about, as we have sailed from Gibraltar back to the UK. Gibraltar was really warm, and half shut as we were there on a sunday. Even the monkees that live on the rock dont work sundays aparently. We traversed the bay of biscay afew nights back during the biggest winds Iv seen since Iv come on board. Iv been told it wasnt reeeeealy bad, but we did have to be extra careful during the shows and setups as you never knew if you were about to be thrown forwards, pinned to the floor or toppled sideways. Anyways, the thing I wanted to mention happened during last nights show of Celtic Heartbeat. Due to the ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton July 1st 2011

After setting out from Tallinn on our way back we had a couple of sea days to contend with. The weather was good to us again, and we got to see some more of the amazing scenery that the Baltic has to offer. Unfortunatly this did lead to something funny on board. During that start of a guest entertainers act our entertainment director was onstage infront of 800 people warming them up when the relay from the bridge cut in (when the bridge broadcast, every speaker on the ship broadcasts it) with an announcement telling us that we were about to go under the longest bridge in the world and there would be a commentary on deck. This pissed off both the ents director as she was interupted, which shouldnt happen, and the entertainer as loads ... read more

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