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Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk August 25th 2013

My friend Ashlee from my village in California joined me this week. We spent a week in Warsaw and then went to Gdansk, Poland on the Baltic Sea. Here is more about Gdansk if you are interested: read more

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk July 14th 2013

We have said it before but what a difference a good night’s sleep does getting you ready for the days adventures ahead. We had thought that we and a Russian family were the only people staying in the guest house as apart from a little noise at some stage after we went to bed we didn’t hear anything else until we went down for breakfast. Gretchen had ‘met ‘the Russian guy in the kitchen last night when doing the dishes, while he was looking for a bottle opener. However, at breakfast there was another family group who sounded Polish plus the Russians. We all obviously spoke different languages so there wasn’t any chat amongst the tables over breakfast. We could have taken the train into Gdansk but we wanted to stop off at Sopot, Poland’s favourite ... read more
Sopot beach
Grand Hotel,Sopot
Market Square,Sopot

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdynia July 13th 2013

The rain of yesterday had sorted of cleared but the sky was still overcast and the temperature remained cool leaving no other option but to stay in longs and sneakers. We took a look at the lagoon as we left to drive south towards two attractions today hoping that at least one would work for us before we drove north to our next stay for 2 nights in Gdynia,north of Gdansk(formerly known in East Prussian days as Danzig).Had we had more time we might have taken a walk to explore the area a bit more but we wanted to get on in case we found we had enough time to do both the things on our list today. First in our sights was the Elblag canal about 40 minutes down the road in a rural location.The ... read more
The Elblag canal incline out of action
Malbork castle
Inner courtyard,Malbork Castle

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Elganowo May 28th 2012

Today was a very important day. Very fulfilling and I'm sure it was a very special Mother's day for mom. We would be travelling to her grandparent's villages. We had already visited the Archives in Krakow and submitted a search for the Foyt's (fojt) orgin. When we return to Krakow June 4th I will check on the progress of the investigation. After breakfast I went to pick up the car that was not far from the square where it was parked overnight. In the garage I found I could not get the car into reverse gear. I actually put it in neutral and twisted the wheel to get it back enough so that I could turn it safely out of the lot and drive it up the ramp where mom and dad were waiting. OK, so ... read more
Praying outside the church
After Mass
Little girls

Europe » Poland » Pomerania May 1st 2012

Motorhome News from Poland 1 28th April 2012 Germany, The Pied Piper of Hamelin - and along the Baltic Sea coast into eastern Poland. A weasel gambolled across the lawn on the morning before we left our home in Suffolk, prancing in and out of the flower-beds and along the patio by the front door. A badger lay dead immediately outside our front gate, stiff and cold from a night at freezing temperatures and a hundred metres along the road crows pecked at the carcass of a roe deer beside a freshly killed fox in the middle of the road. It's not as if there's a lot of traffic in our neck of the woods but it seems it is a major predator. This was not the best send-off for two wildlife enthusiasts en route for ... read more
Hameln (Hamelin) Germany
Beechwoods at Kartuzy
Jantar - Gdansk Bay


Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk March 16th 2012

Home, sweet home;) 5 rano... buraczki i inne warzywa wesoło podskakują we wrzątku szykując się na 1 polską kolacje... Moje poczucie czasu fiknęło koziołka i nie wiem czy to pora aby jeszcze spać czy już powinnam szykować się do obiadu? Pewnie już zauważyliście ze zmienił się narrator;) Nie martwcie się to pierwszy i ostatni raz;) Wojtka poczucie obowiązku i zapewne chęć nadrobienia nie małych kwot wydanych na wyjeździe pchnęły go do tak desperackiego kroku jak pójście do pracy po 2 dobach podróży powrotnej. Mi natomiast przykazał napisanie podsumowania naszego wyjazdu... no nic, będę próbować ;) Wybierając się w miejsca położone w równikowych rejonach Azji należy być przygotowanym na trzy rzeczy, wszechogarniające wrażenie ze powietrze się ścięło jak serwatka na gotowanym mleku a ty siedzisz w tym... read more
Jeszcze raz Cameron Highlands
Basia z workiem prowiantu

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk February 28th 2012

Nikogo kto nas zna nie zdziwi chyba fakt, że już od 4 dni jestesmy spakowani :). Tak. Plecaki stoją i czekają a my już wiemy, że zmieścimy w nich cały dobotek. Plan mówi, że odlecieć z Gdańska do Monachium powinnismy jutro 16.45. Z tamtąd parenaście godzin lotu i jesteśmy w Singapurze. Na Singapur mamy 3 dni i 2 noce. Być może potem ślad po nas się urwie bo tylko tam jesteśmy pewni WiFi w pokoju hotelowym. Potem może być różnie. Rodzinne miasto żegna nas chmurami. Według prognoz Singapur nie powita lepiej. Tylko temperatura jest tam o 30 stopni Celsjusza wyzsza. Taka mała różnica.... read more

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Kwidzyn August 7th 2011

On this beautiful morning in Poland we drove in heavy traffic through woodland, clusters of lakes and cultivated farmland en route to our first destination, Olsztyn. By now we were well north and noticed the roadside fruit stalls had been replaced by a lone figure sitting with a bucket or two of potatoes and onions on the roadside. It would be very hard to stop at these points without causing havoc for following vehicles, as following distances in Poland seem to be pretty tight most of the time. Olsztyn was a very pleasant stop, with time to look around the well-presented old town and castle. On this fine Sunday the town square was filled with what seemed to be ice-cream eating local families and some tourists, all enjoying the sun. We needed to leave this scene ... read more
Old town entrance, Olsztyn
Old town Olsztyn

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Leba August 3rd 2011

Hi friends and family, Today was just walking around and planning things to do in the next couple of days and also sampling and trying various yummy things to eat and drink. We're at the sea-side so obviously seafood was practically being given away the prices were so cheap! We so wanted to go to eat at each and every restaurant but one only has one head and one mouth so one sitting per day would have to suffice. Nevertheless, we managed to have a good dose of no-frills fish and chips without the fancy stuff and where the local people patronise. Its important to buy from local people and not only the more expensive establishments although we went to those too! We also went to this river-side cafe where you could people-watch as you sat ... read more
Where we had dinner
We had scrummy cake and a lovely pot of tea on the riverside
Photo 3

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Leba August 2nd 2011

Hi Friends & Family! Today, we decided to go cycling locally and for your information I have just learnt HOW to ride a bike!!!! I undertook a two-week adult intensive course in Berlin which consisted of 5 people and cost just under 200 Euros and well worth it I thought. Anyway, one of the reasons for this was to cycle in the Polish countryside which I did but I learnt a few valuable lessons too thus: 1. Never rent a bike without a bell 2. Stay on the bicycle path 3. Just because you can ride a bike doesn't mean that you can ride a bike 4. If in doubt stop the bike and get off it. 4. I do much better cycling where people are not actually present! I learnt the hard way and it ... read more
Photo 15
Local fishers
Photo 3

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