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Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Tromsø June 29th 2010

I’m going to put the past two days into one entry since I really didn’t do much today - I bussed to Narvik from Tromso which took up a good chunk of the day, and then spent the afternoon/evening organizing for Sweden and just puttering around the town and mall. Narvik really isn’t that big. Anyway, back to Tromso! I arrived Sunday night - it was raining and foggy. Lovely. My taxi ride to the hostel was funny haha. The guy spoke limited English, but we started chatting about Canada - “ah, donc vous parlez le francais?” Ahaha, awesome! His French was worse than his English (by his own admission), but it felt nice to speak French for the first time in over 2 weeks haha. I of course explained that not ALL Canadians speak both… ... read more
Leaving Tromso
No mountain peaks?
Love the colours

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Tromsø June 19th 2010

What better place to spend the longest day of the year than somewhere where the sun doesn't actually set?!! Destination Tromso - 72 degrees north of the equator, somewhere amongst the fjords of Norway in the arctic circle, still with snow capped mountains, glaciers and evening temperatures of a balmy 5 degrees is a rather large city (given the living environment), host to the midnight sun marathon. Why not??? I can list a few reasons why not - cold, far away, expensive, 21.1kms - but then the reasons for are much greater than against - Arctic circle! Fjords! Midnight sun! Quality time with great friends! We got off to a bit of a rough start, with 4 of 6 of us missing our already expensive flights, requiring re-booking. However, we made up for the expenses with ... read more
World Cup Support
Go gang!!
A proud finish

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway May 26th 2010

Yesterday Per Christian and I went to a place about an hour away and on another island (as well as county), called Sortland. We started off the day in the late morning and waited for the bus to take us there. We parted with his friend Kent-Inge, who had been staying with us since Sunday night; he was flying down south to visit his sister and friend. I also met another of Per Christian's co-workers, named Jøran. He reminded me of some character who belonged in The Great Gatsby. Anyway, back to Sortland...the scenery all the way there was amazing! Pine trees, too many to count, curved up long hills which gave way to rough, looming, stony mountains. The houses we spotted along the way were traditionally Norwegian: simple architecture, usually a dark red in color, ... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway May 22nd 2010

Hey everyone! Well, my first week in Norway, I'm glad to say, was pretty relaxing once I got here. I can say I'm pretty used to life at home, though we haven't really been out much. I think the most eventful my week has been was on Tuesday, when I went to work with Per Christian and met one of his bosses, Arne, and two of his co-workers, Marianne and Henning. I hit it off with Henning pretty well, and he seemed pretty excited to meet me (he said, 'Wow, you're the first American I've ever met!' quite a bit, haha). After that, the adventure continued - we went to the grocery store! I've spent this week attempting to give Per Christian a culinary taste of America. Now, I say attempting not because I'm a horrible ... read more
Views from the Deck 2
Views from the Deck 3

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway May 15th 2010

My first flight was from Philadelphia to Newark, and guess what? Fate didn't spare me a damn thing as a first-time flyer. My flight was delayed a half-hour and then once I boarded, I proceeded to find out that the plane was number 14 to take off on the runway. Needless to say, we arrived late. An hour late. I ran through the airport and still I missed my flight to Oslo. I ended up being rushed on another plane soon after I talked to the representative at the service desk - that flight was to Lisbon, Portugal. You want to talk about feeling isolated? My cell phone had service but no network, so I couldn't contact anyone at all. And though I speak multiple languages, Portuguese is unfortunately not one of them, so I couldn't ... read more
On the Way to the City Center 2
On the Way to the City Center 3
On the Way to the City Center 4


Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Bodø December 21st 2009

Dear Norway, Today, this morning, is my last morning here in your little city above the Arctic Circle. These four months have gone by quite quickly haven't they? It has been a very interesting time and first off I want to say thank you for all that you have done for me lately. You see, I spent most of my time here dreaming of home, grieving for the Mendenhall Towers that I had left behind, and it was only a little while ago that I looked out over at your mountains and felt that same feeling of comfort that the ones in Juneau bring me. You are a truly gorgeous land -- a beautiful place that I feel privileged to have called home for these four months. And you have brought my some hardships, comforted me ... read more
My desk in my flat, I'm a post-it-note fanatic
My room, B313
My room looking towards my door

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Bodø December 9th 2009

This entry is not about traveling, it's not about the things I've done over the past week or the new friends I've made or the laughs we have shared. It's about an old event, an old friend, one that passed away exactly 2 years and 3 days ago today. And when the date was pointed out to me earlier this afternoon, I just stopped and stared. I wasn't home, I was in Sweden on the actual anniversary of her death, but on that day (Sunday), I didn't know the date or the time or have any plans. I still thought it was November. And perhaps that is a good thing, perhaps it shows the closure I have made and the progress that comes after someone you idolize has left this world. But when I got to ... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Bodø November 30th 2009

So I am a little behind in my updates, but last Thursday was Thanksgiving and it was by far the best day here in Bodo. It didn't start of so well as I just got agitated by some things of the past and it ruined most of the first half of my day. It just got me thinking too much and feeling bad about things. But around 4pm, when the people started showing up and I was running around helping Libby and Destinee get everything set up, that's when the day improved to become one of the best I've had since being here in Norway. I missed most of the planning since I was gone in London, but our day started around 10am as Libby put the 7kg bird in the oven. Then later, Destinee started ... read more
American Thanksgiving
American Thanksgiving
American Thanksgiving

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway November 22nd 2009

Toys going to the Arctic Once or twice every year dad takes us on trips when mum doesn't come along. This summer dad took us on one of these trips and the destination this time was North Cape. North Cape is the furthest north you can go in Europe. That sounded to us like a big adventure so we happily followed dad on this trip. We thought that we would have to walk for days in snow and ice, sleep in a tent, fight with wild animals and generally risk our lives to reach this remote destination so far up in the Arctic. It turned out it wasn’t quite the adventure we thought it would be. There is a paved road going right up to North Cape and once you are there you find a restaurant, ... read more
Talking to our friends
One of Walter's friends

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Bodø November 20th 2009

Life in Norway...well here I am, writing yet another blog about this beautiful Scandinavian country and only two days after I wrote my last one. I guess writing kind of helps me, helps me clear my mind too. And I'm just sitting here in the comforts of my room, waiting on my Russian friend. Have you ever waited on a Russian? Well they are quite the characters as they give you a time, end up being about 30 minutes late, and then spend 10 minutes defending why it was reasonable that they should be late because we really didn't have to be there at the time they said in the first place. It's a very complicated web they weave. Nevertheless, I am sitting here waiting as we are off to buy some Tuborg and then come ... read more
Taking pictues in the dark, you never know what you'll get
SMILE as the flash blinds us
Destinee, Polina, and her friend

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