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Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam March 10th 2007

hey everyone...well I'm feeling it again that dreaded homesickness. To be honest with everyone I'm really super lonely on my trip. Granted it was my first night in a hostel and well I did meet someone to hang out with he's from Germany... but he's leaving tomorrow and well I dunno I'm really not finding it easy meeting people. yeah yeah I know i've only been here 1 night. I just feel like I want to come back early....which I wont..but I feel like it. well anywayz enough about I'm in Rotterdam. Gee it's a beautiful city. Some of the structors here are soooo amazing it's insane. I took quite a few pictures but wont be able to download them on to here until I get back to Gerard and Marties which is on Wednesday. ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam December 22nd 2006

Just started up this blog to make sure we can document our trip to Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hainan from December 28th to January 26th.... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam October 30th 2006

Hello again, Well, finally have a huge chunk of time and unlimited internet access! Currently in Rotterdam, finished the tour, so I'm warning you now, this will be a long one. We left Paris and headed for Switzerland. Really long drive day, but totally worth it! Totally fantastic scenery, and we arrived in this valley that was really something out of a movie. We were staying at Lauterbrunnen, this little village, which was great. Just beautiful. Nothing exciting that night. The following day was possibly one of the best things I've ever done. We had an optional to go up to the top of europe, the highest point, calld Jung Frau. Took a train after breakfast all the way up 3000+ metres, and it was freezing, covered in snow, and totally fantastic. The views were amazing, ... read more
On top of the world
On the bridge of Avignon

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam September 5th 2006

Hello everybody, after a long 9 hour flight we finally arrived in Paris. It was a hot muggy afternoon and we definitely were not prepared for the humidity to be so bad. After not sleeping at all on the plane we decided it would be a good idea to go and discover Paris... Needless to say after a few hours of walking we ready to find our bed. The next morning we took an early train to Brussels and on to Brugge which is the most beautiful town. We say this after only seeing a few cities. We hiked 360 stairs up to the top of the bell tower in the town center for a great view. See the picture! After some Belgian fries and waffles it was time to go to our next town of ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam August 22nd 2006

We had a goodbye party for all of my family - it was a nice time to catch up and see everyone before heading back home. A very big thank you to Pim and Marijke for their wonderful hospitality and kindness! And also thanks to Peter and Simone for being our chauffer and tour guide and simply for their good company! See you all again soon... read more


Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam August 20th 2006

Formula One in Rotterdam... An interesting day filled with rain, more rain and topped off with thunder, lightning and even heavier rain! Couldn't see the cars through the rain but managed to get in the newspaper as they thought my good looks deserved a "Hunk de Rotterdam" nomination!... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam July 9th 2006

Yes, this is my Blog turn! The ‘’ was causing negative spillover effects (spam reactions!), so I give now the chance to … some of you might argue that this is not the most adequate blog as I am not exactly travelling (except for an occasional trip preferably every few months ;-) but I found at least 135 reasons to justify it: 1) We are actually a huge travelling platform. We have our cells making huge trips in our bodies all the time! 2) … 135) I just read that ‘there are 134 molecules and they all count as travellers in the vast interstellar space’, so why can’t I? So, what happened in June? I went to once the city of the Towers, now the city of the Bridges (you guessed well, Prague! :-) and ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam July 3rd 2006

Holland was another chance to catch up with family and relax, and finally the weather started to warm up. We went to Bruges and Gent for a day trip, which are both very picturesque historical towns in Belgium, tasting some of their world famous beers and chocolates going back for seconds and thirds etc! Another day we visited an area close to where we were staying and took a boat cruise down a canal to see all the windmills. We also went to a place called Medurodam which is a like a miniature model of the main attractions in Holland - it is quite an amazing place where it is done to replica on a scale of 1:25. Lastly we visited Gouda which is known for its Cheese, of which we naturally had to taste and ... read more
Kinderdyk - Windmills
Gouda - Raw Herring

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam June 13th 2006

And here I am again.. Back in sweet old Rotterdam :). It's good to be back, in my own city, with the Oude Haven, Kralingse Plas, Koopgoot, de Maas, etc etc. And back in the country of the best cheese of the world, of bikes, of affordable fresh products and alcohol, ... But most of all it's good to be back with my friends and family. However, I must admit, I'm already looking a bit forward to my next travels, starting this September. To be continued..... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam June 10th 2006

We spent the majority of our day in Amsterdam checking out all of the sites. We decided to rent bikes for a few hours and take a look around the whole city. We saw Dam Square, the flower market, Central Station, and all the other famous sites of the city. At one point, I did get my bike tire caught in a tram track and was mere feet from my death. Actually, I was no where near death, or danger for that matter, but I did destroy my toe when I put my feet down to catch myself from falling. Besides the accident, the bikes were an excellent idea, and we got around the city super fast. There is definitly a big biker population, and many bike pathes and laws, but I think we fit right ... read more

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