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Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam March 15th 2014

So landed back from my trip to Korea and finished at 3pm. Then had to run to another terminal to meet my friend for our little holiday to Rotterdam at 3.30pm. What a rush, don't know why I do this to myself! I was off to Rotterdam for 2 nights to stay with one of my Dutch friends, called Michelle, that I had lived with in a hostel in Sydney when I was travelling Australia 3 years ago. Was meant to be a sort of big reunion with more people but only me and one of my friends from London could make it. We have had a few reunions in London, and Amsterdam couple of years ago. Just so nice that most of us still keep in touch. So anyways, we had a fun girls weekend. ... read more
Tastiest kebab ever
Graffiti in Perron nightclub

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam February 2nd 2013

Итак, подготовку к дню влюбленных считаю открытой. Пока что только забронировала дорогущий отель на день и думаю что надо брать на два, но дешевле. А вот и немного советов по теме: ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam January 6th 2013

I was in the cinema, watching So undercovr with Miley and when the movie was over, TOnny picked me up and took to the biking event. Unfortunetelly, I do not remember the name of the place but it was a big stadium, that I found impressive. Competition was still in action and I unexpectadly got a lot of pleasure watching. Noticed that i was also curious about rules and even picked team I liked the best.... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam October 29th 2012

The place that confronted me 1,5 years ago with all sorts of problems and where I saw the meaninglessness of the path I was on in life, is the same place where I have managed to find the path toward becoming whole again. This is an unlikely story which still seems unreal when talking about it. Back then India managed to break down all of what I thought was my real personality, initiating a time of despair. The personality and the mask I was wearing back then was crushed into pieces, making the trip to India one of my last real attempts at seeking happiness in the external world. The same India is the ‘place’ where I have found meaning and joy in life, away from material desires and into the depths of inner wisdom. Inside ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam September 13th 2012

Last week someone said: "When death approaches we realize how powerless we are." I think there are two ways of approaching this. On the hand there is the external world, in which we can control things up to a certain point, give some direction to our life, but (in most cases) the major turning points in life are the ones which we have no control over. When death arrives, this powerlessness hits us. But it can be beautiful too, a time in which people open up, become more real, as if they take off the masks they have been wearing all their life. Somehow in my experiences with loss I always got this nice feeling of peace. Then there is the internal approach to death. I think here we can have a lot of control over ... read more


Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam August 29th 2012

Boom Festival in my words… alternative reality …Europe’s Goa …a result of the 60s flower power, sort of ‘modernized’ hippies …love all, exclude none …discovering a world of opportunities …unity …peace …creating, sharing, loving …nothing to do, nowhere to go, just be! Boom festival is a gathering of conscious minds. One week of expressing and experiencing the field of consciousness expansion. From Permaculture to trance dancing, from lectures to psychedelics, from Yoga to nutritious food, from natural medicine to meditation. This is Boom in a few words. When entering the Boom ground (in Portugal’s beautiful, deserted, unspoiled mid-land), I had this immediate sense of something special coming up. Having never experienced a transformational festival before, the idea was just to remain open-minded and jump into the experience wi... read more
Wandering through the Boom lands

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam July 18th 2012

Its been a couple of months since my last blog. The problem is that so much information comes in on a daily basis, so many different ideas and thoughts which are worth sharing. And its usually also not easy to transfer this wisdom into my own words. Sometimes I come across books, music and movies which can describe something so accurately for that particular moment, that it blows my mind. In one of the chapters of Aldous Huxley’s brilliant book called Brave New World (written in 1932) the topic of religion is discussed. He uses a quote from another brilliant scholar William James: “They say that it is fear of death and of what comes after that makes men turn to religion as they advance in years. But my own experience has given me the conviction ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam July 4th 2012

Fabulous time back in Holland! Bit of a saga getting there, with track work which delayed us after Brussels, and involved two extra train changes and Will having to pick me up in a different city,... but I made it. He bundled me into the car and drove us (at breakneck speed, to make up lost time) to Zaltbommel Church, where he was rehearsing and then playing in a beautiful Bach Cantata. It was such a lovely church with great acoustics, and my brother was playing so wonderfully, that I was moved to tears. As usual! He makes me feel so proud, which is ridiculous really, because I obviously can't take any of the credit for his talent and success, but nevertheless, there it is! Pride is a funny thing... Monday we just ... read more
Channel Tunnel
Antwerp Station
Antwerp Station

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam June 14th 2012

...y mi primero blog en español! Lo siento porque voy a hacer muchos errores! Héctor y yo tenemos muchos problemas con nuestros pasaportes. Yo no puedo vivir o trabajar en Holanda después de Julio. Tengo que volver a Inglaterra (o Nueva Zelanda). Él tiene que quedarse en Holanda porque está trabajando en un programa que tarda tres años. Pero no quiero vivir en Londres sola. Extrañaría mucho a Héctor. Creo que si no puedo vivir con él, pues voy a hacer el mejor de este momento, cuando no tengo un trabajo pero tengo un poco de dinero. Quiero hacer algo divertido, preferiblemente en un lugar con el Sol. (El verano en Holanda es un chiste). Me encanta viajar, y además me gustaría a poder de hablar en español. Hace cinco meses que empiezo estudiarlo, y es ... read more
Un Ave

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam June 5th 2012

Some might say I made a bad call when I accepted the job offer in Rotterdam last year. I had a very stable, enjoyable job at a large international company in London, one of the greatest cities in the world. I had friends and family, amazing colleagues, played sport, went out often, and lived in my own flat. In mid-2012 I resigned, and in September I made the move to Rotterdam, a port city in the Netherlands, to work for a local utility company. I couldn't speak the language making it difficult to integrate into the culture and make friends. I missed my colleagues, family and friends from the UK and NZ. The weather was even worse than in the UK (hard to believe but I swear it is true). My car was broken into. My ... read more
Mussels in Brugge, Belgium
Kinderdijk, Netherlands
Mont St Michel, France

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