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Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Tilburg » Berkel-Enschot February 25th 2012

On Thursday night I was at Briony’s birthday shindig in Cambridgelaan (my housing block thing) and a girl turned around and introduced herself to me (Nerea, from Spain). I’d seen her once before at the Cambridgebar but we hadn’t really spoken, except to tell me how she’d only gotten her dreads that day, so they were nice and soft. Anyway, she told me that she was going with some people to a zoo the next day, although I didn’t hear the ‘day’ part, so I thought it was some crazy African moondance safari or something. As part of Carnivale/a promotion stunt, they were letting people with dreadlocks and people dressed up as ‘rastas’ into the zoo for free. Uh, free trip to the zoo?! Hell yes!! The zoo was in Tilburg, or just outside of it, ... read more
Looked so bored.

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Tilburg » Berkel-Enschot February 13th 2012

There are few moments in the course of human history when one man (or woman) has changed the world; Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and if I had to include a woman too I guess I’d say ummmm, I dunno Oprah? No I hate her. No women have changed the world. The point is, circa last Friday I changed the world. This occurred at approximately o-seventeen hundred hours Tilburg time when Daniel Waldmann transformed Jenga into a drinking game. Now initially there were a lot of naysayers saying “no Daniel I just bought that Jenga set, don’t draw on it” and “that’s already been done Daniel, it’s not that good of an idea”. However if there’s one thing I don’t take for an answer its nay. So I explained to them the beauty ... read more
Queen's Reception Hall
The Lake Outside Parliament

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Eindhoven February 6th 2012

Great weekend in Guildford. Surrey student union, relaxing and then the Superbowl! But now it was time to start my travel adventures with Kaitlyn. We met up at Waterloo Station in London to then get a shuttle to Stansted airport where we waited very impatiently for our flight to Eindhoven. First stop was TU/e, Technical Universiteit of Einhoven. They have a very large industrial design program so we were interested in seeing how it worked. I really liked it and could definitely see myself going there, maybe for my masters! We took a train from Eindhoven to Rosendaal where my uncle, Ome Kees, picked us up. His house in Bergen op Zoom would be our 'home base' for the next week. So we settled in and ate dinner with him and Elisabeth. It was delicious!!!!! Our ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Tilburg » Berkel-Enschot February 3rd 2012

Finally I can say “no that’s not dandruff, it’s snow” without someone pointing out it isn’t snowing. Oh what a day! On Friday I looked outside my window and thought that *well known coke addict* was in town, but no it was snow! After I spent 45 minutes thinking of a joke to make about a celebrity who uses cocaine a lot to share with my flat mates I decided to venture out of my room and let someone suggest to me that we go outside and play in the snow. My previous snow experiences have been far and few in between. When I was a kid my father took me to Perisher but it was summer and I got really dehydrated in my ski gear. Then when I was a bit older my dad took ... read more
Trying to Play in Snow
Cheese 'Museum'
Veiw at Zaans Schans

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Tilburg » Berkel-Enschot January 29th 2012

Well what was a very busy, eventful first week has been followed by a pretty ordinary and relaxing one. You know, I’m pretty wild and crazy so naturally this has been pretty disappointing for me. Monday was just a day to recover from the introduction camp, which I desperately needed to do after spending two days making myself appear like I was having a really good time. Tuesday was similar; I spent the day having a pretty relaxed time taking care of some immigration stuff, did some grocery shopping and then prepared to go to the mentor dinner that night. The mentor dinner and following party had a theme; Welcome to Holland! So we were supposed to wear orange. No probs, I anticipated the need to wear orange well in advance and brought with me my ... read more


Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Tilburg » Berkel-Enschot January 20th 2012

What a weekend it’s been.On Thursday I went to the Beer Cantus and then on Friday Introduction Camp! Where to start. . . Well Beer Cantus. . .now what is this? Essentially you take a hall (in a football stadium), fill it with long tables and benches, a stage and then with people. Once the people get there provide them with a lot of beer. However, it is not as simple as merely putting people in a room and giving them beer. Upon the aforementioned stage is a band, this band is going to sing a whole lot of songs (half of which are Dutch, half English) you are expected to sing with them, if you do not know the words lyrics will be provided, however you must not drink whilst singing! In fact, you may ... read more
Beer Cantus
Beer Cantus
Football Stadium

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Tilburg » Berkel-Enschot January 18th 2012

So today we went to Winter Efteling. A winter wonderland type theme park where you control the action. Actually it was great, zero ques, decent rides and no children. I got to find out that Lebanese men scream like girls (in fact actual Lebanese are quite different to those in Australia. This guy’s favourite ride was a 3D movie about Pandas) I saw someone start crying on a rollercoaster (a grown up someone) and I had my childhood wonderment ripped out of me. That last bit happened whilst on the Sprookjesbos “where fairy tales come to life”. It was a really pretty fairy tale world with really nice animatronics and nice colours and you gently perouse this wonderland in your cart exploring different aspects of the colourful world. I liked it quite a lot and thought ... read more
Ice Skating
The Python!
The Gang

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Tilburg » Berkel-Enschot January 17th 2012

So I have managed 4 in a row now. Today though was just more organisational stuff; being told how to study at Tilburg, how we shouldn't plagarise, a library tour and a little dutch course before being told about all of the crap I have to do regarding immigration. In fact the most interesting part of the day thus far has been grocery shopping. . . No, wait. That wasn't interesting. Actually after I shopped I went into the centre because my mentor group was having a dinner at one of the mentor's places. It was pretty interesting getting to see a dutch person's house. It's like a normal house. This was fun and chummy and it got more lively when we started playing "I've Never". The problem was that there was a big divergence of ... read more
Mentor Group 6
Pre Drinks
Glow People

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Tilburg » Berkel-Enschot January 16th 2012

Ok Day(vid Krantz) 3 (I realised I probably wont be able to do this everysingle day from now on). Today was druggery. I woke up at 7:30am (well actually 4:30am, my dad hasn't quite grasped the concept of time zones) and had myself some high fibre cereal and tea, a shower and then me and my floormates headed to uni. We got to the Cobbenhagen Building at 9 after treking what must have been over 100 metres in the not blistering-not pleasant cold and were given the speil about IESN and the forthcoming TOP Week (which is just a week of socialising where the world record for asking 'what's your name? where are you from? & what are you studying?' will probably be broken). Then we were divided up into our mentor groups, which are essentially ... read more
The Campus

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Tilburg » Berkel-Enschot January 15th 2012

Well last night was a welcome drinks evening at the bottom level of my building where I got to meet everyone on exchange this semester. It's pretty diverse though the largest group are the Turkish by far and then Finnish and then its all pretty even. There are two other Australians who I've met, a couple of Irish (one on my floor), Scottish and Canadian as far as english speaking countries. South Americans, some asians but mostly European countries. The night was a chance for me to exercise my socialising muscles by yelling loudly at foreigners who would laugh politely at my hilarious observations. Unfortunately the massive lack of sleep and my confused body clock got the better of me and by 12 I was ready to go to sleep. Today promised to be interesting; a ... read more

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