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Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Roosendaal December 11th 2012

Here I am, typing on my laptop in my old bed in my old room for the last time before I leave. Yet, I still feel all Zen about leaving, which is not what I expected at all! I don't have much to say at the moment, but I will keep you up to date when I arrive in Washington!... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Eindhoven November 12th 2012

Op de valreep nog een typhus-vaccinatie kunnen regelen, sloot anti-malaria pillen ingekocht, bergschoenen in het vet gezet....tijd voor vertrek! Mijn plan is vooral dat ik geen plan heb. Ik start in Chiang Mai, in het noorden van Thailand en ga daar vanuit mijn hangmat de route bepalen. Just go with the flow. Wat wel zeker is, is kerst en O&N op een Thais eiland met familie en vrienden. Yeah, heb er zin in!... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Etten-Leur August 24th 2012

We were so lucky to be in Holland to see the agriculture show that is held every ten years. It was held this time in Venlo, that is about 160 kilometres away. Not really that far over the excellent freeways here. It took just over an hour to get there. We saw soon that it was very well organised. An enormous parking field for thousands of cars was placed a fair bit away from the entrance, but shuttle busses took the many visitors to the entrance. There was no difference in price for Seniors ore Adults, but it included the parking and a single gondola trip, which was good for it gave a good overside of what there was to see. That was of course gardens, plants, and flowers with here and there a different stand ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Etten-Leur August 22nd 2012

This is the second year we are celebrating our birthdays away from Home. Nevertheless it turned out very nice. Arranging a cake and a birthday card was not as difficult as it was for Liz when it was mine, but that is just being lucky when you are staying by Family. Up till now we had nice warm summer weather, very warm actually and to feel cooler we visited a skie hall close to Etten Leur. Something that reminded us on earlier days when we were doing this sport in Australia. To have this real Dutch feeling, you have to visit a store like Albert Hein and close to that a Market. You hear the loud voices everywhere that praise on their wares, be it vegetables, meat or fish, people always look at the loudest. When ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Etten-Leur August 19th 2012

We had a beautiful dinner the night before we left with a enormous ice dessert. For the next week or so we be the guest of Jola & Hugo in Etten Leur. We told them we take the warm weather with us and we did. It was only 210 kilometres to go, not that long.Deciding again to take the small country roads, but that became a fiasco. In Holland those small roads are not really that easy, tractors, bike tracks on each side take a lot of time. We tried but not for long we soon went to the autobahn and that was easier and quicker. Just the one stop to buy some flowers. We arrived early afternoon. Emptied the car, the rest of the day was spent on talking. It was indeed very warm and ... read more


Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant August 7th 2012

Hereby pictures attached of my July 2012 trip. I updated this week my "collection"of airports. The total I used untill now are 129 different airports in 42 countries. Unfortunately I ve no list of the railwaystations for I started collecting too late. The number of Unesco worldheritagesites I visited untill now are 105.... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant August 2nd 2012

Monday evening I was back home. After 21 days traveling through 10 countries of which 38 hours by train, 25 hours by coach, 67 hours by ferries and 5 hours to fly back. All in all about 9000 km and I stayed in 11 hotels. Reykjavik excursions picked me up from my apartment at 6.30 and changing coach at the bus station I was in time for the flight of 10.15 to Stockholm, arriving there 15.00 hours and after a waiting time from just 1 hour I took the connecting flight to Amsterdam. The biggest delay during the trip was on the way from the airport to home. Due to a fault train we stand somewhere for over 45 minutes before we could move again.Back Home. The most fascinating during the trip were the natures of ... read more
Coffee house in Reykjavik

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Breda July 25th 2012

We have arrived in the Netherlands, mistakenly known as Holland. (There is a region up north which is called Holland and I believe that this area was know as Holland during the world war, but I would have to brush up on my history and geography to tell you for certain). We are staying with Sydony’s family in a small town called Breda. Yesterday was basically spent training it (second class, since our pass is not valid in the Netherlands) to Breda and visiting with Sydony’s family Today Sydony, her Tante Toni, and I went into town while Sydony’s Oom Eric went out in his boat. We spent the day wandering through town and shopping. We all came back poorer than when we left. It is getting late, we stayed up to watch Inspector Lynley. Tomorrow ... read more
Room 1
 Room 2
Room 3

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Sint Anthonis July 20th 2012

This day we should leave England and going home to Netherlands. I didn't want to go home. It felt too early to leave. I really had the feeling that I could stay at least some days or even one week (two weeks?) more. But we really had to go, we couldn't stay longer. We had to go back with the bus, and early. We had to gather 7.15 am (English time) by the bus. Our hotel, in Luton opened the breakfast earlier today, at 6.30 am (Normally at 7 am). We couldn't use the English traditional breakfast, but we had a good breakfast. Arriving at 7.10 am almost everyone of the group was gathered by the bus. The luggage had to go in the bus. We should leave at 7.30, but we left 15-10 minutes earlier. ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Breda July 5th 2012

This morning I had a sudden and exciting idea - why not share my travelling experiences with other people around the world? So here I am! This is hopefully the first of many posts...I have been lucky enough to travel pretty far despite my age -which I will not reveal! ;-) Since moving from the small, isolated island that is the United Kingdom I have settled in mainland Europe. Many countires are now within easy reach by train, car or bus. Don't get me wrong - I love flying but how great it is to sometimes cut out those endless waiting times at the airport. Sometimes I have to stop and think when I realise a passport is not needed at every border. Until recently my local cinema was in another country and I was often ... read more

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