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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg June 29th 2014

We had originally planned to go to Munich today but Dieter suggested a new plan to visit a festival in a little town called Ransbach. This festival is a week- long festival to celebrate the church with traditional dances, food and drink. We thought that it would be fun to go to an authentic festival as Munich will always be there We packed up kids and followed Dieter in his car, taking a scenic route to the town; passing fields of golden yellows and greens with trees all around. We took a side road and then went over a bridge. The town is very small, located SW of Amberg, unfortunately I could not find any link to this city. A small road led up to the town, and parking was along the very rocky field of ... read more
North Entrance
A view from the Castle
Entrance to the Chaple

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg December 6th 2013

Hi Guys and Gals Since we last spoke we were heading off to Vienna. So where do I begin. Vienna – We arrived around 5.30 o’clock. We went to the Liechtenstein Palace for a Viennese Concert that was a tribute the music of Strauss. Everyone got tarted up, I wore my suit and all the girls had there sparkly things on. The show had a bit of everything, Music, opera and some dancing which was well performed. Show went for 1 hour, then back to the ship for evening drinks and planning for the next day. We went on the Schonbrunn Palace tour which was good, had some free time there so Gaynor hit the Christmas markets in the forecourt and I went for a walk to get some more photos. Had a squirrel crawl up ... read more
View from the Ruins (Durnstein)
Rugged up
Crossing the finish line

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg November 12th 2013

This was our Bavarian day. Our later start to the morning consisted of a breakfast of tea, fruit and toast for me, because our lunch was at 11:45: white sausages, honey mustard (very sweet), and excellent sauerkraut. The keyboard player gave us “umpapa” music; some of the staff wore Bavarian dress (real thing – they don’t approve of fake Bavarian costumes); and, the tables were decorated with serviettes and balloons in the Bavarian colours – blue and white checks. We walked off the ship to meet our local guides – ours never introduced himself, but he was enthusiastic, striding along (tall and thin), talking all the time. I couldn’t keep up with pictures and notes, but I tried. The history of middle Europe is so complicated, with wars and lords and borders! The buildings continue to ... read more
Brook Lane
Regensburg Cathedral
Stone Bridge

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg April 8th 2013

Alig takaritottunk ki pesten, egy-ket masszazst leadtam, par barattal talalkoztam, korbelatogattuk a rokonsagot Sarospatak, Malyi to, Hortobagy vonalon, majd indult is a Kalman Imre ejszakai vonatom Munchenbe, a 2013as Healing Connection elvonulasra...A koncepcio hasonlitott a tavalyihoz – Sofia es Winnie, alias a Flying Yogis tartottak a reggeli jogat es a delutani acroyoga foglalkozast, Zozo es en pedig a hajnali vipasszanat, meg a delelotti thaimasszazs treninget, 10 napon at, vegan etkezessel, fafuteses szaunaval, Hoellbachhof inspiralo termeszeti erejevel megturbozva... A valosag pedig egy picit mindig valtozik, es ezt az latja aki kivulrol figyel. En mint aki egy eve elhagyta a kozosseget es most latogattam ujra vissza, igen markans valtozasokat eszleltem... a tavalyi rideg samanasszanyok valahogy “felengedtek” (lehet annak koszonhetoen, hogy nem jott be a nagy vilagvege j... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg March 29th 2013

a cold Eastern weekend in Regensburg... read more


Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg February 8th 2013

After a fascinating tour, it wasn't long before I programmed the Navigation from my car and routed me from lngolstadt to Regensburg via the Altmuehtal Nature Park. For this segment I avoided the Autobahn since I was interested in seeing the winter beauty of the countryside and enjoying my driving vacation. I went through Kosching, Bettbrunn, Almanstein and Kelheim and ended up in Regensburg, my destination for that day. It was not the quickest route, but it gave me the chance to enjoy the view and tested my skill drive in winter. After several hours of driving, I arrived at the ornate and historic Maximilian Hotel which opened in 1891. After an excellent four-course dinner at the hotel, I retired for the night, eagerly looking forward to the next day's drive. The next morning I plotted ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg September 4th 2012

We visited Regensburg - another old town famous for its roman bridge and St Peters Cathedral and it medeaval stained glassed windows. Decided not to do the tour and wander around by ourselves instead. Saw several dogs including two standard poodles inside the department store!!!!... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg May 3rd 2012

28 April 2012 - Regensburg, Bavaria... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg April 17th 2012

Nos, aki eddig azt hitte hogy csak a Pilisben vannak csodás erdei zugok, az kezdjen el merészen görgetni lefelé... a galériába feltöltöttem jó 35 képet Höllbachhoff-ról, ahol gyönyörű 9 napot töltöttünk. A hely Regensburgtól egy órányira van, Falkenstein és Brennberg a két legközelebbi városka, és 4 épületből áll, melyek a Höllbach (Pokolpatak) kanyarulatai között fekvő kis 3 hektáros erdei birtokon gubbasztanak az erdőben. Festői a táj, a turistautak is tele hihetetlen viruló zöld mohával, a levegőt harapni lehet, mindenfelé a rengeteg, melyről a második nap tudtam meg, hogy Fekete Erdő helyett a Bayor Rengeteg. Nevéhez híven a patakban hatalmas erők rejlenek - itt ott csöndesen kanyarog, máshol pedig óriási sziklákat görgetve, árvíz idején örjöng. A mi kis birtokunk pont a legszebb ilyn köhordalékos helyen van, tehát éjsza... read more
Hoellbachhoff havasan - kozosségi ház

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg September 15th 2011

Hello everyone! I have returned to Germany for another year for all the Pretzels, Beer, Wurst & Sauerkraut! My time back in Australia was well worth it but seemed short while I was out having fun with longtime friends and catching up with family. The flight back was awful! It was a 14hr flight to Abu Dhabi with a guitar, laptop, bag, plus 2 Bundaberg bottles I picked up at Duty Free. Etihad was so much better than China Airlines though, worth the extra $100 or whatever. To all those who I didn't get to see, I'll post more another blog with some funny stories and pictures. How is it to be back in Germany? Well I can still understand German which is good, but jetlag sucks and waking up at 3am, then 4am... then 8am ... read more

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