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Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo September 15th 2006

Europe » France » Brittany September 14th 2006

I didn’t have easy access to the internet for the first few days of my trip, so forgive me if these first few passages are a bit long; I do have to cover seven days’ worth of events. First things first, the plane. It was a very quick ride (to me) and fairly enjoyable. To my delight, I had a window seat, and to my discontent, I had a wonderful view of the right wing. The view due east was spectacular, however, as the Chicago skyline was surrounded by clouds and fog at sunset, casting this pink and purple luminescence, plus the moon was already full and high, as it were only seven o’clock (we were a bit delayed due to some troublesome Canadians and their baggage). The whole scene was something out of The Neverending ... read more
Morning in Brest
A view from the ferry
La Baie de Lampaul

Europe » France » Brittany » Côtes-d'Armor » Trégastel September 13th 2006

Europe » France » Brittany » Gouarec September 11th 2006

Europe » France » Brittany September 9th 2006


Europe » France » Brittany September 1st 2006

There was a group of us that flew into Renne and hired cars to stay at Château des Ormes nr Dol-de-Bretagne. Château des Ormes is a keycamp place which provides caravans, supertents and tree houses to stay in. 6 of us stayed in a caravan. Château des Ormes was absolutely fantastic for entertainment. It had a lovely swimming pool with slides, driving range, tree top adventure climbing with zip lines, evening entertainment and a basement nightclub plus amusements and a supermarket. You didn't really need to leave the place. We stayed a week but we did live to visit Saint-Malo which was well worth the trip. There was a fabulous restaurant called La Table Ronde in a medieval theme. ... read more
Château des Ormes
Château des Ormes

Europe » France » Brittany August 7th 2006

I'll let the photos speak for themselves! Overall a great week spent in Brittany! What a wedding! In France, they say the food makes the wedding - I want to hire the chef!... read more
Wedding preparation - Table layout
Pre-wedding drinks
Relaxing by the river

Europe » France » Brittany July 25th 2006

We spent 3 days at St.Brieuc, Marion's maternal grandparents' place, right on the coast of Brittany. Getting there was quite simple using Frances tolled highways part of the time. Driving along the North-western regions along the coast with a bit of atlantic breeze proved to be a blessing. It was about 10 degrees cooler then the rest of France, which was going through a heatwave. Apparently France takes the heatwave so seriously that all working people are required by law to donate all their earnings from one work day of the year towards the costs of easing and remedying heatwave conditions, which causes the death of 10s of victims every year, usually older people living in bad conditions, etc. Marion's sister Pascal, her husband Patrick and their daughter Briana were also at Marion's grandparents', so we ... read more
Marion with grandparents

Europe » France » Brittany » Brest July 1st 2006

the first time I went abroad by myself, well well well, how to say, I was very exciting though. Since I took French as my another foreign language, and after that, my college offered a study programme for us, then there i was. the airport Charles-de-Gaule is incredbly massive, my teacher told us that we need to be aware otherwise we might get lost there!! haha and we took another flight to Brest which was the west coast of France. Le CIEL is the language centre we studied for a month, to be honest, my francias wasnt that good at that time, however, I joined the dubetant level in a way that I can challange myself more. Everything was fine in the school, the majority students were taiwanese, Arabians and Russians. I got to say, those ... read more

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo June 25th 2006

Arrived in St.Malo on the Friday morning by the Condor Ferry from Jersey and coming into the harbour we could see the walled town which never ceases to amaze me as it has a sort of Citadel appearance from the sea. We quickly made our way to the Campsite by Taxi which for a very reasonable price includes baord, swimming pool, bar, pool table, table tennis and many other activities. The mobile homes were actually quite good as well having plenty of space they had room for 4 people, shower, bathroom, cooker with plenty of cutlery. So the Friday day was basically an intense game of Ping Pong with Eddie and then hit the pool and water slides and after having done it sitting, forwards and backwards we headed off into St.Malo town for dinner and ... read more
Beach Sparring
Kicking Back with the Boys
Camping Site

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