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Europe » France » Brittany May 13th 2008

Our days are starting quite late; it doesn’t get dark until almost 10pm. But when we finally got going we went for a browse through the town in Dinan. Fantastic old medieval buildings that look like they’re from a Harry Potter set. I think it’s of season but it doesn’t seem to be touristy at all. The shops are regular clothes shops (and for a windowshopaholic it seems insane for me to say) but I had better things to look at. I was expecting the temperature here to be 15-18c but it’s 28 today; well at least it was until we decided it was hot enough to go to the beach. We drove to a little peninsula that had sand on both sides and a scattering of islands in the bay. As soon as we got ... read more
Dinan Hostel
The hostel overlooks a stream
Old medieval buildings

Europe » France » Brittany May 12th 2008

We must have struck once a year weather for the ferry trip from Ireland to France, we didn’t even need to break open the travel sickness tablets. There’s an instant change driving off the ferry at France, poppy’s and sculptured trees line the streets, the houses are more ornate and it’s so green. We stopped by the abbey on Mont St Michel and wandered up the narrow cobbled streets lined with tourist shops leading to the Abbey. This place is amazing, a maze of steep steps, huge rooms and chapels, with gardens and terraces. We got there quite late which was great; we were almost the only people here. Just up the road from the old Dinan port is the hostel, it’s gorgeous, at least on the outside; inside it’s kind of like a school you ... read more
Our knights in training
Knights amour
steep narrow streets

Europe » France » Brittany » Ille-et-Vilaine May 10th 2008

I started out the day by going to the Marche de Lices in Rennes, which is an immense outdoor market that's held every saturday, to sample some cider. Just a note to you readers: the cider here is amazing, so take advantage of any future opportunities to try Breton Cider. Meanwhile, I'll be researching US Customs laws concerning the personal importing of alcoholic beverages. Afterwards, I met up with some friends and took an afternoon trip to Fougeres, which is a small village on the border of Bretagne, about an hour north-east of Rennes by bus, and also happens to have one of the largest chateaus in France (so I am told). This chateau was first constructed around the year 1000 in order to defend the region (an independant state at the time) from outside aggressors. ... read more
The Chateau
One of the entrances
Another view...

Europe » France » Brittany April 24th 2008

Goodbyes suck. Sorry, I haven’t got anything more profound or literary to offer than that. Maybe I’ve spent too much time with middle schoolers this year, but even if it’s caused my verbal skills to deteriorate, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. This week put me through the emotional wringer, and made me fully realize how much this experience has fundamentally changed who I am. So basically, it was like college graduation, except this time it meant something. Wednesday, I went for a morning walk to soak in the splendor of the Pyrenees and some of the warm April sunshine that you’ve got to pounce on when you get it, here. The afternoon, I got down to business in the kitchen because I had a lot of cookies to bake for my last day ... read more
Sel de Guerand

Europe » France » Brittany » Brest March 24th 2008

Travel Tip #1: If you decide to go anywhere, read up on it a little bit. I mean, at least know where you’re going. Being the adventurous exchange students that we are, and desirous to see as much of our host country as possible before we return home, we decided to take advantage of this long Easter weekend and book a trip to Brest. Being the assertive type-A student that I am, I agreed without question (i.e. without asking things like “where is it?” or “what is there to do there?”). The first sign of trouble was when both of my host parents could not understand why we had chosen Brest, instead of another, more interesting city. Being a port city, I was informed that Brest had been almost completely demolished by the Allies in World ... read more


Europe » France » Brittany » Rennes March 16th 2008

I’ve been meaning to start a blog ever since I got here. I could say there are many reasons for not having done it sooner, but the long and short of it is that I just never pushed myself enough to make it happen. Voilà…better late than never. France has been really cool so far. I’m living with an awesome family that includes a mother who teaches the Harp and traditional Breton music, a father who teaches Spanish at a high school (lycée en francais), a 10-year-old boy who’s beaten me at chess every time (he’s won a few tournaments), and the most energetic 5-year-old girl I’ve ever met. They don’t speak English at all, so I’m forced to speak French at all times with them. The city of Rennes, at least in terms of weather, ... read more

Europe » France » Brittany » Rennes February 10th 2008

Beaucoup de Aventures Salut! Ca va? It has been a while since I have posted, but this time I have so many new adventures to share. I have been very busy lately with trips, school, and life. I am going to tell you about everything that I have done to the smallest detail. So, after reading this blog and looking at the pictures I know that all of you will want to come and visit me. J'espere!!! Saint Malo As most of you know and for those of you who don't I visited the beach on Saturday. Seven of the foreign students and I packed our bags, bought a bus ticket, and headed to Saint Malo for the day. We did not know what kind of adventures or fun that was coming our way. History of ... read more
The Group
The town
The town

Europe » France » Brittany » Rennes January 30th 2008

Adventuring Out Bonjour! It has been a while since I have written, but as you know I have so much going on. Especially from looking at the blog I have posted. On Saturday January 26, 2008 the exchange students at Rennes 2 went to Munt Saint Michel. It is monestary and is surrounded by a bay. It is just absolutely gorgeous. Mt. St. Micheal is just a place that you need to see. It has so many steps there that are steep and you have to climb. When you enter you go throught a village that is very cute. It has all these shops, creperies, and restaurants. The walk through the town is quite steep. Also, the fun thing is that there are several cut throughs that are so narrow. My friends and I ended up ... read more
Mt. St. Michel
Mt. St. Michel
Mt. St. Michel

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo January 7th 2008

"When the earth is sick and dying there will come a new tribe who will be called the warriors of the rainbow...and they shall bring healing to the world...!" Dinan (Breton: Dinan, Gallo: Dinan) is a walled Breton town and a commune in the Côtes-d'Armor département, France. It is one of France's most attractive walled towns or citadels. With a population of 10000 it has become a very attractive investment opportunity. Many retired nobility and foreign investors come to this area to set up retirement homes or second summer homes. Brittany in the last ten years however has become more fragmented as speculators move in and it becomes harder for normal working people to live normal lives. My hosts showed me oldwedding dresses of the brittany people ,their jackets and the music, language and cultural roots ... read more
2008-time to move on!- lets begin...
garn dam
itsa wild wild world we live in master jack!

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo November 23rd 2007

Today mainly walked around St Malo small old town but very nice! The view was amazing!! the sea, the tides, the islands, the fortress walls.....very beautiful even though it was cold and windy!!! Inside town there is a nice cathedral with some nice stained glass windows...esp liked the yellow set...haaa! it didnt take too long to see the town and other times...i got myself started on Greys not good....haaa! Train strike over!!! so easier to get to Luxembourg! heeee... read more

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