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Europe » Estonia » Tallinn April 13th 2008

From Sweden I hoped on a ferry to Tallinn the Capital of Estonia to begin my journey through Eastern Europe. First off I have to say that the ferry had to be one of the weirdest experiences so far. The trip is sold as a cruise for families, but the main reason people go on it is for the duty free because things are so expensive in Sweden and Norway. Once the boat set off the line started out the door to and you could see people coming out with as much tobacco and alcohol they could carry. Then there was the entertainment lets just say it was like being in a lounge at Circus Circus in Reno ( yes, that good). Tallinn is a beautiful little city which you can tell is beginning to boom, ... read more
Good By Sweden
The Ferry
Streets of Tallin

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn April 8th 2008

From the bus we could see the change in landscape as we crossed from Latvia into Estonia. We literally drove around the former checkpoint border crossing and straight into Estonia. Almost immediately we began to notice that there is more money in this country. Even the farms and houses far from any major town were quaint and well-kept. Some of the small towns we drove though almost had a Scandinavian feel (the Fins in particular love to vacation in Estonia, only a ferry-ride away from their coast). There seems to be more economic stability here than in Latvia. We arrived at the bus station around midnight and took a cab to our hotel. We stayed at a hotel adjacent to the train station. It would have been very convenient had we taken the train but we ... read more
Tallinn, Estonia
side of a building
view of our hotel and train station

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn March 7th 2008

What started as a day-dream at work, became a crazy reality last week. I started my trip with a visit to Dublin with some of my friends from Prague. A girl we met during our teaching course lives there now, so we stayed with her for a couple nights. Then I took my one-way flight to Finland! It seemed like a good idea at the time, but as I was landing in Tampere, I realized that having nothing planned was going to be more stressful than I thought. I knew that I had 6 days to get from Tampere, Finland back to Prague. I spent some time in Tampere before taking the train down to Helsinki for the night. I should probably begin by saying that it was freezing there. What did I expect? I'm not ... read more
Temple Bar

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn March 2nd 2008

Ma armastan sind, Tallinn!... read more
city's wall
it's me!

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn October 21st 2007

March 2005 The jewel of the Baltic is probably Estonia’s capital city, Tallinn - it’s got a combination of the sights, history and that general party spirit. Whilst it’s possible to start feeling this Old Town fatigue in this part of the Baltic, Tallinn’s is possibly the pick of the bunch. It might not be as big as the Vilnius version, but it has that dramatic visual impact not found elsewhere. The most striking feature is the defensive wall, a large part of which is still complete dating from the 1500s and is capped by 18 of the original towers with the red roofs that you’ll see in all the glossy brochures. You can see instantly why the cruise ships all pile into port in the summer months. Estonia gives off that orderly feel from the ... read more
Parliament Building & Tall Hermann Tower
Kadriorg Palace
Old Wall & Towers


Europe » Estonia » Tallinn October 5th 2007

Tallinn 5th to 8th October On arrival at Tallinn airport, I decided it best to get a taxi from the airport as i did not fancy a magical mystery tour of the surroundings. This proved to be wise as my hostel was tucked away in a series of medieval passages that I would never have found in the dark! On this occassion I had opted for a private room in the hostel and this was nice given that I had to be considerate to other people in my previous destinations! I did not waste any time leaving the hostel to sample the nightlife as I had noticed a few interesting looking establishments on the way in. I spent the next 5 or 6 hours doing a pub crawl around the city centre and eventually went for ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn September 30th 2007

Tere. Greetings from Estonia. Two days ago we boarded a train in Russia and seven hours later we arrived in Scandinavia. Estonia, whilst a neighbour of Russia's, is closer in culture and style to her Scandinavian cousins. Finland is only 48 nautical miles to the north whilst Sweden is a six-hour ferry trip to the west. Estonians are Lutherans - no gilded, ornate, coloured decoration in the churches here. Not that many of the locals practice their religion. That was beaten out of them by fifty years or so of Soviet occupation (with an occupational interlude by Nazi Germany), prior to which there was a period of approximately twenty years of independence, before which Imperial Germans were in charge, before that the Russians again, then the Swedes, the Germans again, the Danes... you get the idea. ... read more
Relaxing in the town square
Tallinn in the evening

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn September 23rd 2007

Everyone we had talked to about Estonia had told us only good things about it - namely, things are cheap, the chicks are hot and the nightlife great, an undiscovered diamond in the rough. So needless to say we were keenly anticipating what may be waiting for us in Tallinn. Our ferry to Tallinn was going to be something a bit different - we were going to take a hydra-foil, which is basically a tanked-up inflatable raft that goes very fast. OK, so it’s a bit more than an inflatable raft, but you understand the principle. However, given the relative size of the boat and the fact that it has to cross the Gulf Of Finland, the ferry only leaves weather permitting. And sure enough at 11am, check-out time from our hostel, I got a text ... read more
Patkuli's Sight Platform
Tallinn's Modern Skyline
Dome Church

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn September 20th 2007

The historical city of Tallinn is pretty much untouched (bar the odd renovation or paint-job) since the middle-ages. As a result, the medieval buildings, misshapen cobble-stones, houses bunched one upon the other, impressive town-halls and churches that appear half western, half eastern, are most evocative and intriguing. To describe it as Disney is to do exactly the wrong thing, undermining its authenticity with a commercial brand, so I’m sorry, yet it is like something from the pages of a fairy story, down to the old well in a street off the main square where you can imagine Cinderella going about her daily chores, or the little side-streets and taverns where Gepetto might have gone about his business or had a pint. We of course are by no means the first people to have discovered it, the ... read more
Tallinn city street
Church in Tallinn
Open air theatre

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn September 19th 2007

Baltische trip, Episode 3. De laatste stop van ons avontuur. We vinden dat het ondertussen wel eens welletjes is met al die slaapzalen in herbergen en besluiten om een tweepersoonskamer te nemen in een hostel in de stad. Nog steeds heel goedkoop, maar dan een plek voor onszelf. Heerlijk om zo tot rust te komen en daarmee besef ik dat ik een goede keuze maakte met mijn kot in Warschau, waar ik koos voor een eigen kamer in een apartement in plaats van een gedeelde kamer in een studentenhuis op de campus. Soit, die eerste namiddag gaan we gezellig en lekker eten bij een Italiaan en tsjaffelen rustig door de stad. Terwijl we een kerk binnenwandelen blijkt dat er een koortje aan het oefenen is en dat is nog best leuk ook. Hups hops, steegje in, ... read more
Pierre @ Pierre's
De stadswal

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