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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 10th 2013

Decisions, decisions. Where to go on holiday this year? My husband says Europe. There are still places in Europe we haven’t been and so many places that we loved and would like to revisit. But I am always looking East. My Asian love affair shows no sign of abating. But Europe is also wonderful. So where? Italy. We haven’t been for years. We’ve done all the big cities. What about the countryside? Tuscany? Dolomites? Amalfi Coast? Let’s go! But wait, the tickets are really expensive. OK, let’s check cheaper flight destinations. There are two choices: Croatia or the Czech Republic. Oh yes, Dubrovnik. I’ve been to the north of Croatia and had a fantastic holiday with day trips to Slovenia. Now I am itching to see the south of the country – Dobrovnik, a bit of ... read more
Bubbles, Prague
Outside Kafka museum
locks on a bridge in Prague

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town August 24th 2013

My first impression of Prague was definitely a good one. I arrived at my hotel to be greeted by the receptionist in Spanish which was quite a pleasant surprise and from that moment on, I knew I was going to like the city. It was a nice change to be in a city where English didn't seem to be the Lingua Franca and I just got a feeling that because of that Prague maybe wasn't going to conform to international standards like most of the other cities I've visited. The thing I noticed about Prague though was that there just seemed to be tourists (mostly Spanish speaking) everywhere and I didn't see too may locals around although that may just be because I didn't really venture much off the beaten track and pretty much stuck to ... read more
Prague 087
Prague 184
Prague 195

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 20th 2013

We should have taken it as a sign of what was to come, a gruff taxi driver who reeked of cigarette smoke, greeted us with little more than a grunt and yelled out "arschloch" half a dozen times during our short journey to the train station. One scary frau! Then our train to Prague was late, not by a great deal but it puts you on edge and you wonder whether you have the right time, right platform etc. It's reassuring when you speak to others and they are waiting for the same train so that's what we usually do when we are unsure. When we eventually boarded we found someone sitting in one of our seats. She was adamant that she had the right seat and showed us her ticket. I had to point out ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Holesovice July 31st 2013

Prague, yay. New fav city! Love it, so pretty. Last night we had dinner at the plus hostel then went out to 3 bars. The last club was the biggest one in Europe 5 floors, we danced on the 80's floor most the time. After two hours sleep a few of us set off to the square to check out the sites and for once i wasn't sweating out of my face, there w actually a breeze yay!. W went and saw the palace and did a little shopping then went to the sex museum which was interesting to say the least, then back to the hostel. Im def coming back here its awsome, wish we had more time.... read more


Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town July 25th 2013

Road Trip! This morning I met Jon and Lori Anderson at their hotel. We rented a car and ventured out into the wilds of the Czech Republic. The day was not without mishaps, but we had a fine time. Beautiful country, interesting sites and great company. As I mentioned, Lori is in Prague at the invitation of an International Nurses Association, making a presentation on topics I could never hope to understand. The Nurses put the Anderson's up at the Prague Hilton. Can I just say, that like international airports, every convention hotel in the world looks exactly the same. Big, clean, efficient and dare I say a bit "sterile." Give me a small European hotel on a back alley anytime (as long as it serves a proper English Breakfast). The day began with a discussion ... read more
Rural Czech Building
Another Rural Scene
Human Skulls In Bone Church

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town July 24th 2013

First a big congratulations to everyone. We won a Photo Contest for the blog entitled "Prague." I have no idea what the criteria was, but we won something, so congrats. I spent the day reading, writing the blog, getting a hair cut and continuing to explore the city. The big item on the agenda was, however, the famous Ghost Tour of Prague Castle (those of faint heart should probably stop reading now, lest the horrors disturb your sleep). We gathered in Old Town Square after dark and met our guide David. We then wandered the streets of Prague, crossed the bridge and climbed up to Prague Castle. David regaled us with true stories and legends about the city and the castle. Prague Castle is beautiful but it is quite creepy at night, and this creepiness ... read more
Clock Tower At Night
Approaching Castle From River
Roofs Of Prague From Castle Staircase

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town July 23rd 2013

I start today with good news. Grapes have returned to the markets of Europe. Much rejoicing ensued. It is hot out. Really hot out. Apparently it has not been this hot in Prague since 1977. I have been dividing my time between modest hostels and the occasional hotel. Luckily I chose to be in a hotel this week, with its much needed air conditioning. I am staying at the K+K Hotel Prague Old Town. Those of you who have followed my travels know I am a huge fan of the K+K Hotel Chain. The K+K Prague Old Town did not disappoint. Today I ventured into the heat to see the sites. I really did nothing but walk all day. I visited the narrow streets and wide plazas of Old Town, walked the riverfront and the islands ... read more
Prague Theater
Yellow Building
Gate To Old Town

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town July 23rd 2013

I would like to start today's blog with a big shout out to our friend Tayler McCann (is he a friend or has he logged enough time to be considered part of the family? ... well he is at least an honorary member of the Nikolai Family). Tayler joined the US Marine Corp and he leaves for basic training on Monday. God Speed Tayler! Semper Fi! Its another hot day in Prague, and I witnessed yet one more example of how we are all the same. A Japanese mother attempting to get a photo of her three rambunkcious (I believe I spelled that wrong) teens in front of the Charles Bridge. One does not need to speak Japanese to understand a mother telling her children to "stop fooling around!" As an aside ... and this really ... read more
Prague Opera House
Grim Statute Commemorating Don Giovanni

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Dejvice July 17th 2013

Now we are in Prague and we are leaving shortly to go to Austria. In Austria we are going to a swimming pool. My mum is going to teach my brother to swim. Yesterday I bought little glass anamals as souvenirs. My brother got a bottle opener. It connects to metal. See you later! Love Xcena xxx... read more

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