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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town March 17th 2013

Ugh! I’m tired. Tired from doing and taking the big world into a relatively small mind. We had another excellent breakfast at Hotel Aron (Muesli, Yogurt, coffee, sweet cakes, boiled eggs, and bread with jam). Mom still hasn’t given into the liverwurst. Then, we packed everything back into our bags and headed to Florenc Station. There main bus station building has a baggage room where you can pay $2.50/bag until midnight. The guy who works there seems to really hate his job, but he guarantees safety and that is really all we need. We gladly gave him our luggage and headed to the Prague’s Jewish Quarter. The Jewish Cemetery was easy to find. Buried there were people who lived in the ghetto all the way back to the 1800s. There was a special group of people ... read more
Jewish Cemetery
Jewish Cemetery
Jewish Cemetery

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town March 16th 2013

We had an amazing breakfast at Hotel Aron this morning and headed quite expertly to the Florence station. Then jumped on a tram that went near Charles Bridge. We stopped at a souvenior shop and I bought Ava a small set of Matroshka dolls. Those are the Russian dolls that go inside of each other. The girl at the counter gave her a free sheet of Prague stickers, which was really nice of her. We had a short walk along the river and then headed over Charles Bridge in the morning sunlight. It was mostly empty and very beautiful. Ava had given me the stickers to hold, then taken them back again, and then gave them to me to hold again. When she asked for the stickers back for the third time, I told her no, ... read more
Pretty Building
Prague Castle
Prague Side Street

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague March 16th 2013

Bonjour bonjour, Avec un titre comme celui-là, je ne laisse pas beaucoup de place à l’interprétation de mon appréciation de la capitale Tchèque. Il est arrivé que certaines villes me laissent un peu plus indifférent, mais Prague est vraiment une belle surprise. J’avais vues des photos et je m’étais renseigné, mais même si je savais un peu à quoi m’attendre, j’ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à découvrir cet endroit, certes touristique, mais très charmant. D’abord, la ville (le centre en tout cas) est superbe. Les bâtiments sont colorés, diversifiés, âgés, mais surtout ont été épargnés par la guerre. En fait, j’ai pu apprendre que Hitler planifiait de venir y passer sa retraite. Il a donc fait en sorte de ne pas trop bombarder le coin. Au grand bonheur des habitants. Il a même évité de détruire ... read more
Horloge astronomique
Grande place

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » New Town March 15th 2013

"Wow! It looks like a magazine!" Ava's eyes were wide as we walked into St. Vitus Church. I have to agree, it was grandiose. The ceilings were high covered in ornate decorations. The front of the church had an amazing altar. There were ornate and brightly-colored stained glass windows covering half of the wall space. Mom and I spoke about royal weddings throughout history taking place in this church, and what amazing affairs they must have been. After all, St. Vitus is inside Prague Castle. We walked all around the castle, taking in the grandeur. Unfortunately, it was very cold outside. It was windy and had snowed on and off throughout the afternoon. When we first arrived to the castle, I was feeling famished. We decided to go into the first English-speaking restaurant that I found. ... read more
The Doors of St. Vitus Cathedral
Stained Glass Window
Stained Glass Window

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town February 16th 2013

A magical city of castles and churches, rich with history and blanketed in a foot of freshly fallen snow, Prague opens its doors to three days of unforgettable photos and of course pub crawls. Having arrived at 5:30am in Prague there is not a lot one can do to escape the falling snow then check your luggage in early and prepare for a long day of site seeing and immersing one’s self into the culture. Setting out in to the dark and snow covered streets headed to the famous Charles Bridge and Prague Castle, it is amazing how quiet the streets are, only the sounds of the street workers clearing pedestrian walk paths. Charles Bridge, whose construction commenced back in 1357, still draws the crowds of tourists and locals alike every day, linking the old city ... read more
Prague baby 011
Prague baby 033
Prague baby 050


Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town February 13th 2013

Okay so I finished off Part 1 with Jaclyn and I being absolutely exhausted from spending the entire hours between 8am-6pm on foot through the streets of Rome. We crashed and burned in our beds that night and were in no mood to hit the town like I failed attempt the night before (I hadn't mentioned it as there was, well, nothing to mention). The morning of the 29th of January we got up slowly but surely, had our breakfasts of cake and orange juice and made our way to the bus station to catch a bus to the airport for a flight to Vienna, Austria that afternoon. This was the point where we said to ourselves...why did we have to do 6 cities in 10 days? We were sore, tired and I was getting very ... read more
Old Town Square, Prague
Prague castle
Amsterdam canal

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague January 15th 2013

It was a rough day. Theresienstadt was our main visit of the day; it was a camp and ghetto. As we pulled up, all I could focus on were the graves outside of the small camp. Without knowing who the graves were for at first, I thought it was really disheartening to see a giant cross in the middle and the Star of David in the back. Learning that they were the graves of the people in the small camp, mostly political prisoners, it made more sense. Walking into the small camp I had an eerie feeling. It had a very abandoned feeling, kind of like an old western movie, and had a smell that I will never forget. It was horrific. I wonder if it smelt like back in the early 40’s. Walking around all ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague January 14th 2013

Today we had a tour around the old Jewish area of Prague. We saw 5 beautiful synagogues and a large Jewish cemetery. One of the synagogues really got to me. As you entered, every wall was covered in names of all of the Jewish people, about 80,000, from Prague that were killed. As I kept entering rooms I expected the names to finally run out but it never did. There were in all but one room. This other room is the room that upset me the most. The room was full of pictures that the young Jewish children drew while they were in the ghetto. They were picture that ranged from what they missed from home, what life was like back then and in the ghetto, and what they thought life would be like once they ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague January 13th 2013

Prague here I come! The 5 hour train ride was one of the prettiest things I have ever seen. It reminded me of a mix between southern Idaho and Hood Canal, but 100x prettier. On the train, we met another group from the states (they were from North Carolina). I did not get the homework done that I would have liked to because I spent most of my time looking out the window. Hopefully I will find some time soon. Upon arrival, I have discovered that Prague is the prettiest place I have ever seen. I do not wish to ever leave. Ever. Walking around the center near our hotel we discovered the beauty and witnessed a proposal, so romantic. Dinner was traditional Czech food. I had beef goulash with dumplings which was really good. We ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town January 7th 2013

Although the dust had only just settled on the mad rush of Christmas and New Year, we were off to Prague to aid one of the most dull and depressing times on the calendar: post Christmas blues. When we arrived in the town centre, we were invited to the sight of the architecturally beautiful cathedral with its roof lit up, standing out from the backdrop of the black early evening sky. After the admiration of our surroundings, we realised we were the only few people around the square. Other than the workers taking down the decorations from the once festive Christmas tree and the last of the little huts from the markets- we'd just arrived at a party that had just finished. Cue the tumbleweed. We figured we'd check into our hostel and be reassured if ... read more

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