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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town July 23rd 2013

I would like to start today's blog with a big shout out to our friend Tayler McCann (is he a friend or has he logged enough time to be considered part of the family? ... well he is at least an honorary member of the Nikolai Family). Tayler joined the US Marine Corp and he leaves for basic training on Monday. God Speed Tayler! Semper Fi! Its another hot day in Prague, and I witnessed yet one more example of how we are all the same. A Japanese mother attempting to get a photo of her three rambunkcious (I believe I spelled that wrong) teens in front of the Charles Bridge. One does not need to speak Japanese to understand a mother telling her children to "stop fooling around!" As an aside ... and this really ... read more
Prague Opera House
Grim Statute Commemorating Don Giovanni

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Dejvice July 17th 2013

Now we are in Prague and we are leaving shortly to go to Austria. In Austria we are going to a swimming pool. My mum is going to teach my brother to swim. Yesterday I bought little glass anamals as souvenirs. My brother got a bottle opener. It connects to metal. See you later! Love Xcena xxx... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 16th 2013

This was the city that I couldn't see in my interrail trip 8 years ago. This time, I came here with my choir for a Music Festival and did a bit of sightseeing during 4 days. We were staying in a place near Chodov so it was kind of annoying to take the bus and then the metro in order to get to the center. It's a pity also that a lot of monuments were under repair... Anyway, I managed to see this beautiful old city corners. What impressed me the most was the Vltava. When I saw this huge river I deeply understood what a patriot like Smetana meant in his piece 'Die Moldau'. I think I have to come back in another time, when the river rages. Then, I was at a loss of ... read more
Dancing Building
Národní Divadlo

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town July 14th 2013

Today I rode from Berlin to Prague; it was a nice ride pretty scenic and all that. I hit reserve for the second time on this leg of my travels but in 29 days and 12 countries I only hit reserve twice so I will stick with those numbers. I had heard that gas was cheaper in CZ so I was waiting until I crossed the border to buy gas. Then after I crossed the border I remembered they don’t use the Euro and I had no cash for gas and I hate using my card because of the stupid international fees crap. So I rode along and tried to find a cash machine and nothing finally I was like whatever ill just suck it up and use my card and gas was like 39Kč and ... read more
The Lennon Wall
Eiffel Tower
Charles Bridge

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 11th 2013

Two days in Prague. Perfect weather. Highlights, early morning walk across iconic Charles’ Bridge, beautiful stained glass windows in St Vitus’ cathedral, views of the castle from all over, walk through lovely terraced Gardens Below The Castle, view of the city from the top of the Prague version of the Eiffel Tower, walking the cobbled streets of the old town, so may lovey buildings, cardboard tiny model of Prague in the City Museum. The downside, as expected, is the vast number of tourists, particularly so many tour groups who seem to feel they own the footpaths. Beautiful city, a good size to wander around. Great public transport, used lots of trams and underground and it wasn’t crowded.... read more


Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town July 3rd 2013

The city of floods is a pretty accurate summary of both Budapest and Prague. We were aware of the floods prior to going there but the extent to how bad it was didnt hit us until the train ride through lower Germany let us witness how bad it actually was. Our train was delayed in Germany due to rising waters but were given the all clear after lunch and we heading to Prague at a crawling rate. Many houses were underwater along the river and many roads all closed. Lucky the train tracks sat higher up along the river and we were able to make it into the city, many of the other routes were closed for example it was very hard to get to Vienna, Austria so sadly we couldnt make it there as planned. ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague June 30th 2013

For four of the past five summers (2009-2011, 2013) I have spent six weeks in Prague teaching study abroad courses. The city is incredibly well-preserved and an architect's dream. If you go, take a few days to do the touristy activities and then begin exploring and enjoying the off-the-beaten path sites. I would recommend spending some time just getting lost wondering around the historic streets on both sides of the Vltava River. The most popular sites in Prague include the castle area, the Charles Bridge, and Old Town Square where there is always a steady swarm of tourists in the summer. Walking into Old Town Square for the first time is great and I still enjoy it each time I return. I would recommend paying the fee to take in the views from the top of ... read more
Beautiful sunset on Vltava and Prague Castle
Me at Cesky Raj
Prague Castle

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town June 29th 2013

Prague Czech Republic 27 to 28 May 2013 Wow! Prague, the capital of the ‘new’ Czech Republic is spectacular, full of contrasts, history, food, wine/beer, cheap shopping (but those who know me, I tried hard to be interested), with the Elbe River (which also flowed through Dresden) winding through the city, with many bridges. We did 11 hours of walking, with coffee, lunch and dinner stops sprinkled through the time. After a rocky history, the country is in good shape, great roads, great transport system In 1993, Czechoslovakia ceased to exist creating the new Czech Republic. In 2004 the country joined the EU but has retained its Czech Crown (about 22 Kc to $1 AUD). It is divided into 2 states, Bohemia & Moravia. The country is known for its silver (although after supplying ... read more
Amazing building for stage productions Prague (1)
Around Main Square Prague (2)
Around Main Square Prague (13)

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » New Town June 28th 2013

Today is the day we leave for Vienna. Since we had reserved tickets for the 2:39 PM train, we planned to at least complete one additional sightseeing item in Prague. Our initial plan was to go to "National Museum'. When I checked online (some folks mentioned this yesterday as well), the main museum is closed for renovation and only annexe buildings were open. We decided to skip the museum and go to Petrin hill instead. This is in an excellent location close to the Prague castle. Gardens, observation tower, observatory, restaurants and other attractions are in this area. There is a small cable car that takes you up from the street. We had to finish our showers, pack and finish our breakfast before the check out. We requested the front-desk to hold on to our luggage. ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town June 27th 2013

This morning was very similar to yesterday. Weather was much better today. We finished our breakfast in the hotel. Since we are not too far from the attractions, we decided to walk toward the main square called - Wenceslas. The train station is very close to the square. We went to the station first to make reservations for Vienna travel. We were able to complete the reservation in no time since we already had tickets with us. All we needed was to make seat reservations in the train for 4 additional euros. We walked to Wenceslas Square as the starting point. This road leads all the way to the old town square. It is a well kept thoroughfare with walkway in the middle of the road. National Museum is at the start of this road. The ... read more

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