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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town March 29th 2014

The long awaited day had finally arrived--an entire day off in Prague. No hockey trainings, no warm-ups, and no chalk talks. Just one day to ourselves to be tourists in Prague. After five days in the township of Beroun, it felt like we were country bumpkinds heading into the "big smoke" of high-flying city life. The train ride in was interesting as we journeyed across the countryside. I had anticipated an extended suburbia as we approached Prague, but was pleasantly surprised to see paddocks dotted by small villages until just 5 minutes outside Central Station. The station is located in the "old town" not far from the Jewish Quarter and Old Town Plaza. There was magnificent stone architecture everywhere one cast their eyes. Some buildings were spectacularly ornate with elaborate statues incorporated into the facade and ... read more
Grand Cafe Orient
Charles Bridge
Ornate Buildings

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague March 16th 2014

"I know you can be overwhelmed and you can be underwhelmed.... but can you ever just be whelmed?" "I think you can in Europe..." Who would have ever thought that quote (any guesses from what movie?) would enter my existence? But I think that pretty much sums up my experience. I actually waited this long to write this final Prague blog (combined days 3 & 4, which is unusual for me) because I left the city feeling dejected. Wow - that was difficult to write, but yes, this is my final impression of Prague. How unfortunate! This is a city that I've longed to see for years! That my friends long to see or one they love! A truly beautiful city with fantastic people. I read on trip advisor some recommendations from a woman who claimed ... read more
Took a walk around Prague my last night there
Powder Tower
Rainy day

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague March 14th 2014

Well, I'm not going out at night and going crazy here. I'm too old and too tired! :) This morning I was so looking forward to my trip to Kutna Hora - it is about an hour bus ride southeast of Prague and contains a huge cathedral and a "Bone Church". The multiple guides I looked at said it was a daily trip at 10am and to look for the green umbrella. I saw the closest thing that looked like a green umbrella at 9:40 and approached her - she said "Oh, we don't do that trip today. Come back tomorrow at 11." What the.... ? I was mad, but didn't know what to do because i had my day planned with that in mind. I wandered around the Old Town Square, ignoring the many many ... read more
St Vitus Cathedral
Prague Castle

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague March 13th 2014

"Americans are all fat!" This was the answer Jana Dolezalova, an exchange student, gave to our 12-grade economics teacher when he asked what her first impression of America was. She didn't make a lot of friends that day... And my first impression of Czech, well, it really has nothing to do with the girth of its citizens. However, I'm seeing a lot of pot-bellies when I expected to see leggy models. Hmmm.... At least I know why: Beer. Nowadays, since I don't drink much anymore after living in the Middle East for almost two years, one beer and I'm done. But I've heard incredible things about the various Bohemian beers and judging by the number of pubs, I have my choice. So, I need to make these beers worth it. I won't go into the details ... read more
Tyn Cathedral
Honey Lager
Hotel Friday room

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town March 8th 2014

Out of all the places were going this was the bucket list. We both had a feeling about Prague. And we were right! However, we may have loved Prague but I don't think Prague loved us though as we left in a worse state than we arrived! Our first day we of course arrived on the sleeper train from Krakow in Poland. The novel there was that we had arranged through our hotel to have a driver pick us up at the station, knowing we'd be tired and unsure in yet another new city. It was kind of awesome seeing our name on a piece of paper and having this nice man take my bag for me and lead us to a luxury car outside the station. Not like our normal confusion when we arrive in ... read more
Outside St Vitus Cathedral
The Charles Bridge and Castle
Old Town


Europe » Czech Republic » Prague January 23rd 2014

Hello friends and family! I wish you were all here to see what Jess and I have been seeing. Prague is without a doubt our favorite place we've been to so far. There is a magic in the air here. Our first day of exploring, we walked from our apartment to Wenceslas Square, an historic and breathtaking section of Prague 1 district. We were immediately taken by the architecture. While walking among it, it's not difficult to imagine the streets and buildings in their time. The attention to detail on every building you see is staggering. The buildings are like individual pieces of art and Prague is the gallery. Imagine living inside of a museum! It truly is a fairy tale brought to life. One of the first things we saw in Prague were these two ... read more
Old Town Square
Our apartment
The loft

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague January 20th 2014

Even as we were dragging our overpacked bags to each connecting tram and train, all of which taking us farther from our beloved home far away from home, I couldn't help but feel a bittersweet sting of equal parts excitement and nervousness as we continued on our journey. I really can't say enough good things about the city. It is very safe, the people are polite and trusted, it's easy to get around, and the people seem genuinely cared for in case something happens. Sure the people pay for it in taxes, but the government has setup programs to help each citizen deal with life's many tribulations, from the unforeseeable misfortunes to the inevitable end. You don't see poverty like you do in some of America's larger cities and nobody appears to be jobless and looking ... read more
Flee market!
Flee market pup!

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town January 16th 2014

We were on one of those picturesque tram going back to the old town. There is something special about Prague. It is always full of tourists, but no matter how full the streets are, I feel alone in the world. Prague makes you wonder. I have to admit, I was the weird kid who dreamed of castle, dragons, cavaliers and Robin hood while every other kids were dreaming of being a member of Nsync or a football star. I always wondered how was life back then. I am not going to make a lot of friends back home (I probably already pissed you all off all with my Nsync comments), but I kind of like Queens and Kings. I understand all the good arguments against royalty, mostly the economic ones, but I think it is charming, ... read more
copyright @ peckenzo
copyright @ peckenzo

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague January 4th 2014

Today started with another excellent buffet breakfast. The day, like the previous ones, was not particularly cold. We headed out to find Tram 22 for the trip to Prague Castle. The journey was very easy. We brought tram tickets from the hotel reception desk. The reception staff explained where to catch the tram and where to get off. From then we simply followed the crowd to the castle. We arrived shortly after 11.00. After getting our tickets we decided to get into position to watch the full Changing of the Guard at midday. I am glad we saw it, even though it was nowhere near as impressive as the one at Buckingham Palace! We spent the next couple of hours generally wandering around the Castle area before finally ending up at the Lobkowicz Palace for lunch. ... read more
St Vitus Cathedral
Views from the Castle
Golden Lane

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town January 3rd 2014

Today woke up very early, around 4.30am, which is typical for me for the first few days of a European holiday. My husband, Gary, also woke earlier than usual, so we headed out before breakfast for a walk over the Charles Bridge. It was so much nicer without the massive crowds of the day before! We walked slowly over tro the other side, and then slowly back again. There was a very large crowd of people on the way back with cameras at the ready waiting to see the sunrise, which was due at around 8:15am. We were too hungry to wait at that point and returned to the Leonardo for a wonderful buffet breakfast. After breakfast we headed back to see Old Town Square in full daylight. We spent an hour or so wandering around ... read more
Old Town Square
View from Clock Tower
View from Clock Tower

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