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Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rovinj August 14th 2013

As we neared the border of Slovenia and Croatia, the traffic started to build. So far, on our travels, we’ve been really lucky: managing to avoid heavy traffic for most of our journeys. Or perhaps it’s because we both live in the South East of England, we are used to battling heavy and aggressive traffic everywhere we go? The first jam was for the border crossing, although Croatia entered the EU in July, at present they still stop and check passports or official papers as you enter the country. We waited our turn for the officials to take our passports and stare at them, and then at us, long enough for us to start to wonder if we had done something wrong, then once our passports were handed back we were on our way. The motorway ... read more
Saint Euphemia Church
Sunbathing On The Rovinj Rocks
Rovinj Old Town

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia August 10th 2013

We left you at Makarska looking at the Adriatic, up close and personal and expecting several days of quiet contemplation. Well, it was not to be. We had no sooner gotten settled and we realized that our table and chairs were in the pathway to the sea for a group of tenters. After dark, our closest neighbors put up a light that shone directly into our bedroom and secured an additional tarp thru our motor scooter rack, thus trapping us in. We were also immediately next to a neighboring campground with party central happening. Sooooo after Guy had the manager remove the light and a rather sleepless night, we decided that our 4-5 days there would be drastically cut to 2 and we left early in the morning, headed for Camp Kate south of Dubrovnik. The ... read more
 Dubrovnik alley way restaurant
 Dubrovnik main street-old town
 Dubrovnik Port

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb August 8th 2013

Surprise – We Are Going to Croatia!... read more
Neretva 2

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split August 4th 2013

TRYING TO BEAT THE HEAT As reported previously, we have been sharing the heat wave and it's effects with the natives and visitors. Our campsite in Prebold was a perfect location for our visit to the center of the Hop-growing and brewing Industry in Slovenia. As we headed into the local city of Celji, we found Large fields of what appear to be giant pole bean plants turned out to be HOPS. Natural growing hops are supported by trees but here they have poles to support their growth, We also learned about the industry and the attendant celebrations throughout the year. We were able to use our motor scooter to access Celji, locally known as the City of Legends, and one of Slovenia's oldest cities. We were able to learn of the legends of conflict between ... read more
Church of St. George, Ptuj
costume collection, Ptuj Castle
European capital of culture, 2012, Ptuj

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Drvenik August 4th 2013

FOCUS ON THE BEAUTY OF NATURE For the first time in weeks we woke the morning of our exploration of Plitvice Lakes, to a cloudy sky. The clouds remained most of the day and was a blessing for our 6 hours hike thru the park as well as aiding in the drama of photography. We had been warned that lines for tickets were know to be very long and so we were at the ticket office at opening (am). Probably the 3rd in line and we had long solitary periods during our hike. It was beautiful and comfortable to explore this UNESCO World Heritage site that is made up of 16 lakes and we were able to move around by following footpaths and footbridges. Of course as all of these lakes empty into numerous dramatic waterfalls, ... read more
Big waterfall 2
Big waterfall
boardwalk 2


Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia August 4th 2013

Sunday August 4 – Today is the last full day of seeing new things on this trip. Tomorrow I start my journey back to Split and then to Basel the next day. I am still excited to get home, but sad that the vacation is ending and work is beginning. Surely teacher summers should be longer? Today Tina and I decided to start the day slow, and then go to Lokrum island, which is only 15 minutes away from Dubrovnik by ferry. We got up when we did, ate eggs for breakfast and then got the bus to the old town. We even tried a different bus this time, we were feeling so adventurous. We walked over to the dock and paid for our return ticket to the island, which also included entry into the island ... read more
Monastery ruins
Monastery ruins

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik August 3rd 2013

Saturday August 3 – As if we knew what to do at 5:30 in the morning. We got up even earlier than before and headed out at 5:20 to the bus stop near the apartment to catch the bus to the main bus station. We waited for a while, but the bus did not come, and we were not sure we should wait all that long, so we decided to walk over instead. It wasn’t that hot yet, so it wasn’t a big deal. What made me the most nervous was the possibility of getting lost. It just shouldn’t be that hard to find our way around, yet we constantly had trouble finding our way in this city. I don’t know why. We took a route we weren’t sure about and went through the palace, but ... read more
City walls from outside
City gate

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Trogir August 1st 2013

Thursday August 1 – This morning we made some eggs for breakfast and then took the boat to Trogir, a city with a medieval old town. The boat ride took an hour, and I enjoyed seeing the shore from a boat for a change. We arrived around lunch time, so we picked one of the many restaurants that all look exactly the same lining the water and ordered pizza. It was quite salty actually. Not the best I’ve had here. We spent some time walking around the old town, including a long stop at the cathedral. It was built in the 13th century, which of course, still blows my mind. It had beautiful carvings and chapels. It also had a small treasury and a bell tower which was great to climb for the views. When we ... read more
View from boat
View from boat
View from boat

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split July 31st 2013

Wednesday July 31 – Another early day indeed. We were up at 5:30, and not super quiet for our roommates. Not quite payback, because I wasn’t that loud, but it was nice to not worry too much about being quiet since they weren’t worried last night. We were waiting for our 6:30 bus back to the main bus station by 6:15, but the bus did not come until 6:45. I was a little worried about missing our 7am bus to Split, but it worked out fine. Croatia is quite a long skinny country, so it takes a while to get from place to place. We got to Split around 10:25 and the guy whose apartment we rented picked us up and drove us around for an hour to get us acquainted with the area. My sense ... read more
I'm in Split!

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb July 31st 2013

Here is the last of it. On our last day, we went to Domagoj's Pride Shop, went to Croatia's biggest mall, ate supper at Bobans and hung out with the family for a bit near Jelacic Square. The one out of the ordinary incident was the fact that Abbey and Ayden met Dražen Ladić. He was likely Croatia's best goalkeeper. There is no bigger sport in Croatia, so it was nice to meet someone of such importance. All in all, it was a very good trip! Thanks for following the blog!!!... read more

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