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Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb July 14th 2013

Croatia is a cool place. Lazy morning getting my things in order - needed to do laundry (ugh the worst pack of backpacking, let me tell you), buy bus tickets to Plitvice and train tickets to Budapest. So lazy, but productive. The walk to the bus station was beautiful in it's own way. There was no one out - Sunday seems to be very dead here in Zagreb. Ghost town-esque. Stores are mostly closed and even a lot of restaurants are closed too. Odd. Anyway, the road to the station has a long wall with graffiti all over, so I was quite content snapping away my photos. After that I pretty much spent my day wandering towards the Upper and Lower Towns. Very very quiet... again, must be because it's Sunday. (Hoping it's a little livelier ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb July 14th 2013

Zagreb capital of Croatia 11 and 12 July 2013 Feeling elated after our wonderful walk along the Plitvicka Lakes and after a lovely shower (even though it is a little cooler up in the mountains (28 degrees), it was still hot walking and climbing), we did the leisurely drive to Zagreb. Even though the E71 was a second level road, it was an excellent road. We drove through Karlovac which had an Old Town. After that, we joined the A2 motorway. The toll was 33 kuna ($6 AUD). We set our GPS to the only camp site near Zagreb, first by its coordinates. It took us to a site which was an empty paddock, and later we found it was about 500m from the camp. We then reset it to the name of the camp site. ... read more
Pams new found friend in Zagreb
Zagreb Cathederal Croatia (2)
Check out this roof of the Church in Zagreb Croatia (1)

Zadar and Plitvicka National Park 10 to 11 July 2013 The road from Sibenik to Zadar along the central coast of Croatia was again, magnificent. I will let the pictures tell the story. The coast from Split to Zadar is 149 kms. The coastal road from Sibenik to Zadar is 74 kms. These roads are slow travel because of the windiness, the number of villages and the number of cars on the road. We didn’t mind because that gave us more time to look at the scenery. We stopped as much as we could but we wanted to get to Plitvicka National Park in good time because this was going to be yet another highlight of Croatia. When we arrived at Zadar we parked and walked around the town. As usual, there are glassy café-bars sprinkled ... read more
Plitvicka National Park (35)
Road from Zadar to Carana Plitvice Lakes Croatia (4)
Dolines - caves - at Plitvicka National Park (1)

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik July 9th 2013

Dubrovnik Croatia 5 to 8 July 2013 We drove up from Kotor and passed through the border of Coatia with no problems – although it took ½ hr to be ‘checked-out’ of Montenegro. The police on the Croatia side hardly looked at our passports, and of course, no stamping of passports was done. We later learned that 4 days before we crossed the border, Montenegro had officially entered the EU so the Montenegro customs/police officials were not sure of the new rules, hence the hold up of getting out of the country. We arrived in Dubrovnik at about 4.30pm and found Camping Solitudo which was 10 minutes from Old Town called Grand. It was a big park with beautiful facilities. Once settled in we caught a bus into Grand to soak up the atmosphere. And wow, ... read more
Lopud Island (9)
Old Town Dubrovnik Croatia (5)
Old Town Dubrovnik Croatia (9)

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split July 9th 2013

Split Croatia 9 July 2013 It’s day 58 of our 6 months – I can’t believe we have been away for 2 months already. It has been such a wonderful experience. After leaving Omis we headed up the coastal road to Split. This was another stunning drive. The ocean is so blue, the rugged whitish rocky mountain range and orange roofed, light-coloured houses packed into coves and up the hillside. Many of these coves have fine gravelly beaches. It is a really busy time of the year so plenty of traffic and plenty of European holiday-makers. We were really enjoying the drive along the coast of Croatia. There is no wondering why people from all over Europe come to this area for their summer holidays. It is beautiful and the temperature is definitely beach weather. The ... read more
Tom at Old Town at Split Croatia
Emporor Diocletian and his guards at Split Croatia (7)
Basement of Diocletian's Palace Split Croatia (9)


Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Sibenik July 9th 2013

Trogir, Sibernik and Krka National Park, on 9 July 2013 We drove further north along the Croatian coast and came to Trogir, a town that was founded by the Greeks in 3rd century BC. We had read that its Cathedral was one of the finest in the Adriatic so we wanted to pop in a see it. Trogir’s old town is built on an oval-shaped land squeezed between the mainland an d the larger island of Ciova. Modern Trogir stretches for several kms along the coast. We parked the camper and walked over the 17th C. Land Gate, a simple arch topped with a statue of the town’s protector, St John of Trogir. We visited the Cathedral and walked around the town. I have included some photos of the town. We then drove 60 kms north ... read more
We rode 4 kms to Krka Travertines in the National Park near Sibenik Croatia
Krka Travertines in the National Park near Sibenik Croatia (4)
Krka Travertines in the National Park near Sibenik Croatia (3)

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Kolocep July 8th 2013

Day 7: Group adventure to Lokrum We had a lazy morning - before heading off, me and one of the girls decided to check out the roof of the hostel - it's a bit of a sketch staircase... I mean it's concrete, but it's narrow. The view from the roof is great - it's overlooking the port and the other side of Dubrovnik (Lapad). The climb back down, my buddy fell down the last four steps on her butt I was like OMG DON'T DIE ON ME. hahahaha. Anywho. We headed off to Lokrum as a group - oh yes, we have a group: an Aussie, a Brit, two Fins and me reppin' the Canucks. We had an absolute blast! First off, we saw a boat in the harbour that looked like a pirate ship, so ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Omis July 8th 2013

Omis in Croatia 8 July 2013 After leaving Bosnia-Herzegovenia, we then drove up to Omis where we checked into a Camping Park. All the beachside Parks are really busy as it is Europe’s summer holidays. There is always space available but prices are higher in the high-season. Instead of paying 13-16 Euros we are paying 23-45 Euros per night. It was really difficult to decide which beach to stay at because there are so many along this stretch of the Croatian coast. We chose Omis because it was on the beach rather than on top of the cliff overlooking the sea. After checking in at Camp Galeb we set ourselves up. The Park was busy with all the holiday makers. There were a lot of families which was great. After walking down the drive of the ... read more
Omis Croatia (1)
Omis Croatia (3)
Omis Croatia (14)

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik July 6th 2013

Spent Friday night in Gatwick... tried to sleep, was very much unsuccessful in my endeavour. First it took me forever to find two seats together. Once I finally got all comfortable rearranging my bags and getting a make-shift bed going, have my ear plugs in, eye mask on, am totally comfortable... and this lady comes over, starts poking my shoulder and asks to sit. Now, airport sleeping etiquette: you do not ask someone who is clearly either asleep or almost asleep to move their bags. There are other seats. It’s a damn airport. Also, you, under no circumstances, POKE SOMEONE WHO MAY BE ASLEEP. Seriously. I told her I was trying to sleep, to which she snarkily replied: “I think that’s what most people are trying to do.” Whatever. You want to break the code, you ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik July 5th 2013

Day 49 – Dubrovnik - Croatia After our very quick trip to Vienna we moved onto Dubrovnik, Croatia. It was a short 1 hour flight and the views flying in helped us get into a beachy frame of mind. The islands were gorgeous and the water crystal blue. We’re staying in Old Town Dubrovnik which is really cool. It’s surrounded by a massive wall and no cars are allowed inside. We had to drag our suitcases through the cobbled streets and alleyways to get to our accommodation. We were lucky we didn’t get lost with all the laneways leading in different directions. We had a cocktail, late lunch and gelato while exploring the town. From our room we only have to walk a few steps to get to the water. There’s no beach there ... read more

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