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Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dinara June 9th 2013

9/6/13 been out for the day in hk checking out the streets, i went to the main jade market and did some haggling for a anklet, very happy with the price i got and she made it there in front of me. I meet a NZ couple buying some pearls, they were from hastings and she said she'd ordered some diamonds in, down the road (high rollers). Ive come back to the back packers to put my sweet soaked clothes by the air conditioning system, man its hot out there!, was no point in getting a spray tan half of its rubbed off. I had to get a batterie for my little alarm clock as i have no idea what the time is, which i suppose isnt so important today. In the late late arvo i'm ... read more

Europe » Croatia June 8th 2013

08 June 2013 Many years ago we were impressed by a television programme showing the residents of Mostar taking part in a diving competition from their 16th century Ottoman single span bridge spanning the Neretva River. Several years later we were horrified to watch it being destroyed when Mostar old town was on the front line during the Yugoslav War. It has subsequently been rebuilt using international aid and we hoped that one day we would have the opportunity to visit it. Mostar is in Bosnia and Hercegovina and as we don’t have insurance to drive the van in that country so we made several enquiries to find out if it was possible to do a day trip using public transport. After several attempts, a helpful man in the Dubrovnik tourist office suggested we should go ... read more
Wendy amongst the tourists
View from the bridge
Examples of war damage were everywhere

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik June 8th 2013

Dubrovnik is one of the most poplular tourist attractions in the medditeranean. The city is enclosed by a wall that goes around the rocky coast. The city is known for it's beautiful architecture and sculpural detail. In the middle ages, it was the state to rival Venice. Here, I will learn about the architecture of the city and the importance it has to croatia as a prominent tourist attraction.... read more

Europe » Croatia June 7th 2013

07 June 2013 Having driven 2,350 miles getting to Dubrovnik we started the journey northwards and back home. We drove about 60k along the coast to the small town of Ston on the isthmus that connects the Paljesac Peninsular with the mainland. Ston historically has been important for the production of salt. In the 14th century the Republic of Dubrovnic who then owned the town built a 5.5k defensive wall to protect its investment. Some of the walls have been restored and we were able to do a spectacular walk along them for about 3k to the satellite village of Mali Ston. On the other side of the peninsular is the beautiful Prapratno Bay with a delightfully sited campsite where we stayed.... read more
The walls from Ston
And the remainder which traverse the mountain to Mali Ston
They were a more serious undertaking than those at Dubrovnik

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik June 7th 2013

I will travel to Lokrum Island by boet. There I will enjoy the beauty of the island and the serenity of the small, quiet island. I will visit the botanical gardens, showcasing all of croatia's native flowers and plants. Lokrum Island also has a history of being the "island of kings." Around 1000 AD, Richard the Lion-heart shipwreked there and built a monastery and an abbey.... read more


Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia June 6th 2013

I will be taking a day to travel to the southern part of croatia by boat.... read more

Europe » Croatia June 6th 2013

06 June 2013 We approached our visit to Dubrovnik old town with some trepidation. Would it really be as stunning as we imagined? I am please to report that it was and we had a wonderful day there in lovely weather. We joined many other tourists but the place seemed large enough to absorb us all and added a vibrant air to the marble paved streets. The town is completely surrounded by defensive walls and forts built between the 13th and 16th centuries and now fully repaired following the shelling in the 1991 war. We walked along the walls and this was followed by a boat trip around their outside and across to the adjacent Lokrum Island. The afternoon was spent walking amongst the impressive buildings within the walls, visiting a couple of museums describing the ... read more
They are high!
The harbour, town and Lokum Island
View from Minceta fort, the highest point

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Pula June 5th 2013

The Pula Arena in Pula, is a surving roman arena. It is the sixth largest and one of the best preserved. It was built around 1st century AD. It has two levels and 72 arches, with the four side towers still intact. Making it the only one of its kind still standing. During the summer months, it is used for festivals and concerts.... read more

Europe » Croatia June 5th 2013

05 June 2013 We bravely had a before breakfast swim in the nearby beach which unusually for Croatia was sandy. The Adriatic waters turned out to be quite cool! The morning was spent on a pleasant walk to a 15th century Franciscan monastery set 152m above sea level and with beautiful views over to Korcula and Orebic. It was then a drive through the vine covered mountains of the Peljesac Peninsula and along some more attractive coast to the southernmost point of this trip, Dubrovnik. We read on the BBC website that many German and Austrian cities, towns and villages on the Danube and other rivers were flooded following heavy rain in central Europe. We had visited some of them and we wish them well. Several places had marks on their town hall walls showing historic ... read more
The monastery with Korcula over the water
Looking back towards Orebic. The local seamen built their cemetery next to the monastery
And donated some model ships

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb June 4th 2013

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia. Here I plan to learn about the culture and city life of croatians. I will visit Stossmayer's Walkway, which is an outdoor scene for muscians, painters and other artists. I will also try to eat at one of the pancake restuarants in town. Below is a sample of the kind of music I would hear at Strossmayer's Walkway. ... read more

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