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Europe » Belgium » Flemish Brabant » Leuven January 15th 2012

All of my entries thus far have only documented my shenanigans traveling around and hosting handsome visitors. I promise that I am actually in Europe for academic purposes. If for no other reason than to give myself a bit of credibility, I'll write today about what I'm actually doing at KUL. Final exams have begun and we will have completed all 5 by February first (after which I will hastily hop on a plane to spend 10 days in HB with my family!) Last week: Classification of Paralympic Athletes, Disability Studies January 12th This week: Biomechanics (wheelchair propulsion, gait analysis, aquatics and prosthetics), Physical Activity-Physical Fitness- Risk of Exercise, and Exercise Management in Chronic Disease and Disability January 17th Next week: Statistics Applied for APA on the 24th (yikes) The final week: Psychology of Sport, ... read more
Training Demo
Tennis for the Intellectually Disabled
The Spanish Head Coach

Europe » Belgium » Flemish Brabant » Leuven September 28th 2011

My old friend Benjamin Franklin once said, "A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body." I have found all of his views valid ever since I read his quote about the creation of beer being proof of God's love and desire for our happiness. The beer quote and the whole electricity thing. I mean, the man was legit. Anyway, I found food and fire for my body and moved in this past Friday 9/23. My classes began this past Monday, so I've been working on the whole "food & fire for my mind" part too. Laura and I toured a couple studios before signing our contracts to live in separate studios in the same building. Leuven is situated inside a large traffic circle. Most ... read more
From the window
Elbow grease
Birds Eye of Bathroom

Europe » Belgium » Flemish Brabant » Leuven September 21st 2011

Medical chart reads: "Female Erasmus student, age 25, has contracted ring worm, athlete's foot, lime disease, and the black plague due to lack of foot protection in public venues. Treatment: a swift slap upside the head." Why isn't there an alarm in my head that goes off when walking barefoot is inappropriate and unsanitary? What have twenty-some-odd years of beach culture done to my standards for hygiene? I have taken 3 hostel showers without shower shoes and walked through the halls to common, internet-friendly, lounges to Skype my beloved completely barefooted. Clean it up, MacDonald. On a slightly less rantish note, I found man's most amazing idea near the train station: the bread vending machine. Or, as I now call them, "breanding machines". Pop in a couple Euro, and shazam, a full loaf baked that morning ... read more
Bell Included.
Waar is Naranja?
Ain't she a beaut?

Europe » Belgium » Flemish Brabant » Leuven September 18th 2011

Uhmm...I think so? I endured the struggle and sweat necessary to lug my enormous baggage from the claim carousel in Brussels airport to make my train connection. An adorable young man from China named Hao helped me get them on the train and we spoke for the 15 minute journey. I asked for tips about finding housing, navigating the city, and communicating. He told me that learning Dutch would be moot, seeing as most bartenders know English. Excuse me, Hao. Hao dare you assume I'm a boozer!? (Did you see what I did there?) I exited the train praying for Laura's presence because I had no clue where to go, had she been M.I.A. From behind me, I heard a deep voice attempt to verify my identity. I thought "okay...either Laura is a dude, or she ... read more
Cobble Cobble
Spinner of death and Teeter logs.
Le Pain Bakery

Europe » Belgium » Flemish Brabant » Leuven January 31st 2011

Well after Wilm and I retired for the night, I had this plan where I would awaken at 7, grab breakfast with the other Hostel patrons, and head out to see the city. Wilm was going to wake me before he went to work and I was going to use the facilities after he was done. However, that plan fell apart when Wilm decided to call an audible and take the day off. I over slept and barely made it out of the room in time. Starving, I hit the streets and came across my first taste of Belgian waffles and yes they are everything they are cracked up to be. Picture a fluffy waffle that you eat like a sandwich with a crunchy sugary shell. You can opt to add chocolate or fruit to the ... read more


Europe » Belgium » Flemish Brabant » Leuven January 30th 2011

Well as with traveling anywhere there is always the unexpected. As I am sitting at home trying to do my online check in, I could neither locate my flight on the Air Brussels website or the continental site which was the subsidiary that I took from Newark. As I started to think well maybe there was some sort of booking error I said to myself, “Don’t Panic.” As it turns out when I arrived at Newark I was able to get my ticket, check my bag and get to the terminal in a mere matter of minutes. It actually was the smoothest flight I ever took. I got to check one bag for free, the food was good, and I had a variety of free movies to chose from. Best of all, I had no one ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Flemish Brabant » Leuven January 30th 2011

Well after our eventful afternoon in Brussels we hopped on the metro and landed in Mike’s home city of Leuven known for its University and the home town favorite brew of Stella Artois. We took a short tour of the city where I familiarized myself with the culture and surroundings and after a successful day I retired to the hostel... The hostel was everything I thought it was and more. As we entered the complex we were greeted by a Flemish hostess - for the lack of a better term - as the word hostess is too good for what she provided. Think of a person who handed me a sheet and key in a deep Dutch accent. As I arrived to the room it was empty, I threw my belongings into the locker and relaxed ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Flemish Brabant » Leuven May 23rd 2010

From Leuven, a delightful city with memories. ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Flemish Brabant » Leuven August 4th 2009

4 Dagen voor vertrek Jambo, Karibu! Deze blog is om de geïnteresseerde op de hoogte te houden van de avonturen in Tanzania! Er wordt geprobeerd wekelijks/tweewekelijks iets te posten zodat jullie allemaal kunnen meegenieten. De komende 3 maanden gaan Bernd en ik ons laten onderdompelen in een nieuwe cultuur, de pest bestrijden en hopelijk data verzamelen om een pracht van een thesis te schrijven! Een sprong in het onbekende. 3 2 1 Weg zijn we... ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Flemish Brabant » Leuven October 30th 2008

+ J.M.J.T. Dear family and friends, London and Paris were both fantastic! Indeed, I feel like I am settling into such a nice routine, balancing leisure with schoolwork with friends and family. I am sorry it has taken me so long, but here are some pictures from London along with some miscellaneous pictures I have not posted before. Paris is forthcoming! ... read more
London scene
In the British museum
The London Eye from the outside

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