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South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota » Arica April 29th 2012

Before I start my musings I am sending much love to Ainsley Reynolds, my cousin in law ( if there is such a word, who has had a traumatic couple of weeks and is now home resting after surgery. Speedy recovery Ainso and see you on the beach for Sangria and Jonny SaTrinxa. (and maybe a smidgen Pasha) xx Sunday . So fare well Iquique. You were wonderful but it is now time to cross into the last of the 12 regions of Chile to the city that lies on the border with Peru, Arica.Most ... read more

South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique April 26th 2012

Iquqiue is really Ique Ique. I learnt this fact whilst wandering about the regional museum today. It is the local indiginous word meaning peace and tranquility. I can see what they mean. With constant sunshine, great beach around the corner, the ocean sweeping in, surfing, paragliding it will be difficult to leave, but leave I must. I have visited so far 11 of the 12 regions of Chile, and have one to go before crossing the border with Peru. In the museum I also saw a small shark with two heads in a bottle of formaldehyde and pictures of folks who lived in the town during its heyday of nitrate mining. There was no door musuem, which was a blessing but in some of the photos of the folks, doors were clearly visible. But it turned ... read more
looks like drugs from class A-C
Piss-balls. the new cocktail
in one

South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique April 24th 2012

So, as this is the best place to launch yourself off a mountain and land in a beach best give it a go. Mind you can think of one or two people who I used to work with, and I use the term work very loosely here, who I would gladly push of a mountain, and rather than a safe landing on a beach, a #ing hard landing on the head, the shute still in my hand as I watch them plummet. I won't mention any names but they know who they are. My companeros for this lunacy are Rich and Stacey, a brother/sister combo from Calgrey. Rich is a 24yr old lumberjack, and actually he´s OK. Sleeps all night and he works ... read more
down below
Rich the lumberjack, Stacey and Me.
ready, lets go!

South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique April 21st 2012

Question: how do you get from 2800 meters above sea level to sea level in a large bus? Answer: very very slowly The journey to Iquique was a negotiation of the Andes and its valleys. Long a steep 'S' and 'U' bends. Outside the bus window nothing but dust and a railway track following the line of the road. Away in the distance mines producing valuable nitrates, bought down to the railway sidings and transported to the coastal port town of Tocopilla. Once at Santa Lucia the bus follows the coast. The sun actually sets this time making a fantastic journey along the coast. This time I am sat on the correct side of the bus. The colours of the sky as the sun disappears meant I just stared out of the window watching it turn ... read more
little and large
land of quakes and Tsunmai

Before I begin this blog I would like to send my best wishes to Amanda Fraser, wife of friend and colleague Steve, who had a liver transplant on Easter Sunday. I know she reads my whitterings and musings and so from over here Amanda I wish you a very speedy recovery. I hope these photos bring a smile to your face. ( whatever colour it may be at the moment) An incredible day. Salar de Uyuni is the vast salt flats outside the town which bears its name. So the night before. Arrived in Uyuni which is a shithole. Even the guide books describe it as such. First time I think I agree with them. It is a backpacker mecca purely for the salt flats otherwise no one in their right mind would come here. We ... read more
dinosaurs stalk the flats of Uyuni
dancing the watoosi on deck
thought food last night was a bit too much

Kid, the next time I say we go someplace like Bolivia,let's go someplace like Bolivia" A classic line from one of my favourite films, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It was with some trepidation that I decided to book a round trip tour to the salt flats of Bolivi in a 4x4 vehicle from San Pedro. When I obtained my emergency passport I did not mention this country at the time and so it is not recorded as I country I intend now to visit. However I am assured by a very reputable tour company that I will be no problem crossing over and then back do I can then drop down to Iquique so continue north in chile. There are three reasons for going. First santiago is going and speaks Spanish so any communication ... read more
View to the mountains
Me at 4500 meters above sea level

So to San Pedro de Atacama. A small village of around 2000 souls high up the driest desert in Chile at 2,400 meters above sea level. All the houses are adobe type construction of a single storey. I am writing this entry sat in a hammock in the terrace of my accommodation, the Florida Hostel. Dry, hot day. I am a D.V, a desert virgin so I suppose this is typical deserty weather. Stepping out of the bus at a stop in a mining town of calama i I spark up a cigarette and get chatting to Zane (Zano) and Lisa. They are from Cape Town, South Africa . Zano is a good looking, very amenable 27 year old guy and is of mixed heritage but prefers to be thought of as coloured. This is the ... read more
sun going behind a mountain
natures own ampitheatre
San Pedro de Atacama

South America » Chile » Antofagasta Region » Antofagasta April 14th 2012

The bus descends down from the hills and drop into Antofagasto which on first impressions is Spanish for 'Ghastly unholy mess' . Oh my giddy aunt. How can i best described it? Even the word Ghastly is in the name somewhere. Imagine waking up one morning following a really good night out. Maybe a really decent curry washed down with Indian beer, or fine dining washed down with an equally impressive wine. You sit on the toilet and you know you are about to evacuate something pretty spectacular.(come on, we have all done it) You then stare into the pan and gaze at your achievements. A battleship royal of a turd lies in the pan Huge and magnificent, one that fills you with pride knowing you have produced a fine healthy specimen. If you had a ... read more

South America » Chile » Antofagasta Region » Antofagasta April 13th 2012

Am sat in the bus to Antofagasta, six hours north following the Pan American highway along the coast all the way there.My intention is to stay the weekend, say hi to Janet, who I met in Santiago, have a look round and then head to San Pedro de Atacama Monday. Trouble is I booked the window seat on the opposite side of the bus so instead of the view being the mighty south pacific rolling into the desert shore, my view is a whole heap of nothing. Just desert, and lots of it, interspersed with the odd cardboard built house and other similarity impressive constructions. Time to catch up on my book. Leaving the village we drive past the stinking osiones factory in the dusty portside industrial estate. Memories of my nutty collectivo driver flood back. ... read more

South America » Chile » Antofagasta Region » Antofagasta April 11th 2012

Did you ever have one of those days when you wake up with a spring in your step and that the day ahead was going to be something special? Well today is that day. Well almost. My credit cards are en route from Santiago to me and there is still a nagging within me that Chile Express will let me down. I pen this entry sat on a white beach where the desert meets the sea in a tiny coastal village called Balia Inglesa. Hot sun and little cloud. The South Pacific waves gently lapping the shore. There is hardly a sole about. Some cafes lining the shore are open but for the most part the village is shut for the autumn/winter break. A village of 200 inhabitants during the off season and 6000 during the ... read more
Our nutty driver
Loreto beach
Aki and I

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