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Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Tilburg June 29th 2009

Now this is something I had never heard of before - a small pyramid that could help a baby sleep! Amazing!!! We dropped by to see Lorenza's cousin Liesbeth, plus Michel and their absolutely gorgeous daughter - Fleur. I thought it was nice of Michel to point out that they had named their daughter after me. Mmm, perhaps not? Ok, my surname does have something to do with flowers but Michel was stretching it a bit with his explanation of how they arrived at their daughters name. The pyramid was suggested to Liesbeth as a way to help Fleur sleep better, she had been having trouble sleeping and obviously this was having a flow on affect on the sleep of the whole household. So, the suggestion was to place the pyramid under Fleur's bed and she ... read more
Fleur & Lorenza
Liesbeth, Fleur & Lorenza
thats it - the sleep inducer

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht June 29th 2009

Now, what a lovely city! We spent a great afternoon in Utrecht, with Guido and friend Marina. The weather was perfect for casual strolling while doing our best to avoid being run down by the fiets. We had an interesting dining experience, out of respect for the fact that Marina is a vegetarian we decided we should eat at the vegan restaurant we found by accident on the banks of the canal. I had no idea what any of the items on the menu were, after all it was written in Dutch and it was also in Vegan, so I put my trust in the waiter and asked of he could suggest something. He said it was no problem, he could put together a plate for me to taste various grains and other organic delights. What ... read more
around Utrecht
around Utrecht
around Utrecht

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant June 27th 2009

It took about 5 hours to get from Paris to Deurne. It could have taken a lot longer if I had not realised that I had initially entered "Duerne" into the GPS, which is a town in France. Luckily I noticed my mistake, oh I also noticed there is a Deurne in Belgium - we found the one in the Netherlands with no problems. We got to spend a few days with Lorenza's cousin, Guido and his family. Lorenza really enjoyed catching up with Guido and her Aunties and Uncle. It was the first time we had spent much time with Guido's dad and it was good to get to know him a bit. He had some interesting stories about growing up during the war around Deurne and also in Indonesia and some funny tales about ... read more
Lorenza & Didi
The sign says it all
war museum near Deurner

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris June 26th 2009

In 2007 we dined with Alexandre and Catherine and found out it was Catherine's birthday. This time around, Beatrice and Jean invited them for dinner and we found out it was Alexandre's birthday! It was a warm evening and we got to know Jerome a little better, who was a young man staying with Jean and Beatrice while he was working in Paris. He seemed to have enjoyed his time in Paris and would soon be returning to Lyon to continue his studies. Also, Ella-Pauline (Rob's petite cousine) was in Paris for the night, just before she departed for China. We were lucky to catch up with her for the evening. As you can tell by the photos it was an enjoyable evening. Jerome had us laughing as he mucked up removing the cork from one ... read more
Lorenza & Jean
Rob & Alexandre

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Giverny June 25th 2009

We took a drive about 80kms outside Paris to Visit the house and gardens of Claude Monet. This was suggested by my cousins Jean and Beatrice, who came along also. You get get full information about this place here ... Giverny and Vernon - In the Heart of Impressionism This was a beautiful place to visit, it was a little crowded, but you still got a very good idea where Claude Monet got his inspiration from. Hopefully, my few photos give a hint of how lovely this place was. (PS: I am still trying to forget that on the way back to Paris I managed to loose the passenger side mirror off the car. Well, loose is probably not the right word considering I collided with the mirror of an illegally parked van and the mirror ... read more
the Heart of Impressionism
the Heart of Impressionism
the Heart of Impressionism

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris June 24th 2009

We flew into Beauvais airport at about 10pm from Venice on the 23rd. I forgot to read the fine print of our Ryanair ticket and was informed at check in that we had only paid for hand luggage - bugger! After some discussions and negotiations our fare changed from a bargain to a reasonable price. We noticed the same thing happened to three people in front of us in the check in line, they got very agitated, loud and obnoxious about the issue and the staff would not budge, so we tried smiling, staying calm and being reasonable - it worked out much better for us than it did for the agitated trio. Now, we got told by some French folks we met on the way to Venice that Beauvais was not a very exciting place. ... read more
of good friends, food & wine
of good friends, food & wine
of good friends, food & wine

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice June 20th 2009

Venice is probably on all the "50 places to visit before you die" lists. Lorenza insisted we visit, I was curious and wanted to see what this famous city was about. In his book "The City of Falling Angels", John Berendt wrote that ... "Venice could be a disorienting place, even for people who lived there and thought they knew it well. The narrow winding streets, together with the serpentine course of the Grand Canal and the absence of any landmarks visible from a distance, made it difficult to keep one's bearings." Ernest Hemingway described Venice as ... "a strange, tricky town". From the beginning of our stay in Venice I felt a bit disoriented. Perhaps it was because of our aborted ferry trip from Rovinj? Or perhaps it was the affect of the narrow streets ... read more
on the Vaporetto (ferry system)
courtyard of our guesthouse
around Venice

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rovinj June 14th 2009

Cobble stones + luggage = not much fun finding our way to the old town centre and our apartment on "Art Street". Luckily we would only have to repeat the cobble stones + luggage once more when we left. In the mean time we had a great stay in Rovinj. Our apartment was in a narrow street in the postcard perfect old town centre, the street was filled with art galleries, plus a smattering of restaurants. A short walk up the hill was the main cathedral, an even shorter walk took us to some rocks where we could sun ourselves and swim in the Istrian sea. Magic! We got out and about on a boat tour and also bicycles during our stay. We met up with some friendly folks from Tilburg, the town where Lorenza was ... read more
art street
art street

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana June 13th 2009

We took up an invitation from Tone (our CS contact in Ljubljana) to attend a picnic for his name day (i.e. June 13 = Saint Anthony day). So we drove about 70k's from Ljubljana and found our way thanks to GPS to a small village where we stopped and called Tone for more directions. Within a few moments we found ourselves in a field, with views to some mountains and out over the surrounding farm land. We were greeted by Tone, plus a lot of his family and friends. Also, some other CS folks from Chicago. The weather was so perfect and we had a great time playing volley ball, talking, eating and drinking. It was so nice to be amongst such friendly and accepting people. Everyone made us so welcome - this was such a ... read more
Happy Tone Day
From Chicago
Happy Tone Day

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana June 8th 2009

Oh our aching heads! Our night drinking with the Irish newly weds in Bled certainly helped us kill a lot of brain cells! When will I ever learn not to mix my drinks - an aching head, eyes that did not want to open and a mouth that tasted like the bottom of a budgie cage. If we had not already booked an apartment in Ljubljana then we would have extended our stay in Bled. We packed up and did our best to drive to the Slovenian capital - it was not fun! We found our way to the apartment building and got completely lost in the under ground car park. Slovenian signs can be a bit hard to fathom when your brain is not working! We were so thankful to finally get ourselves in the ... read more
Such great dragons!
Ljubljana markets
Ljubljana castle

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