Sally Foran Robusky


Sally Foran Robusky

(Pic taken Summer 2012
Playa del Carmen)

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen February 5th 2014

For those of you who love a Tequila shot every once in a while, or a frothy tasty margarita, here are a few facts about Tequila from one of my Playa Beach Getaways blogs...Tequila is quite nice used in recipes too, such as grilled Tequila-lime shrimp. I posted in the recipe below for those that want to try it on for size!!! OH and here's the blog! Tequila Lime Shrimp recipe: 2 pounds shrimp , peeled and deveined ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen February 4th 2014

Top o' the evening to you all. I'm back. (insert big cheesy smiling face :) The Riviera Maya is fast becoming an international culinary food and drink destination. Food & wine (and Tequila) festivals abound, and one in particular is held annually in Playa del Carmen. I went to it one November. Well, ahem, I went to Playa with my buddy Danielle to ATTEND this food festival & due to a mix-up, ended up missing the entire event completely &^%$. At the time I was pretty darn bummed out about it but it became good fodder for a blog. Nonetheless here's a blog about the food festival; "A Taste of Playa". If you are trying to get out of cleaning your bathroom toilet, then feel free to waste a few minutes reading this blog! Oh ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen February 2nd 2014

YOO-HOO, guess who?!!! Coming up on Sunday's brunch menu is a blog on "Beach Etiquette" me some people need a big lesson in common sense behavior at the beach (we've seen it all!). Hope it brings a smile to your face! Al just delivered a steaming cup of Mexican coffee to me (gotta love Sunday mornings)! For those of our friends traveling to Playa this month, be sure to buy some extra bags of coffee to throw in your suitcase! (Walmart & Mega sell some excellent dark roast coffee for a great price!) Sal... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen February 1st 2014

They say "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". What about a blog a day...does that do anything at all for ya? Probably not, but what the heck, here is a blog I wrote a few years back about "A mom's trip without her kids". Hats off to all the hardworking loving moms out there! read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen January 31st 2014

The ancient Mayan civilization were brilliant, and their calendar more precise than ours is. Yet almost overnight they disappeared. It draws millions of tourists a year in the Riviera Maya to see the ruins left behind. Here's my blog called, "Mysterious Mayan Ruins" for those that wish to read it. If not skip it, and pretend you know all about the Mayas :) read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen January 30th 2014

Here are 2 blogs on tips for traveling with friends & sharing a condo together (so you keep them after you come back!!!) & and on the endangered turtles who hold the secret to our longevity! Just click on the links to get to my blogs! Tips for Traveling with Friends (so you keep them after you come back!!) Magnificent Turtles: oh how I love thee!! read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen January 30th 2014

Just when you think it's safe to go on your I am! I have been asked many times about the blogs I write for Playa Beach Getaways & where (some of you) can read them. So I thought I'd share a few. I'll send them out one at a time for easier access. (Skip this if you have better things to do like get a root canal :) The blogs I write are posted to Playa Beach Getaways website, and we do it to give guests of PBG traveling to Playa an idea of what to do, what to see, where to go, tips, information, travel info, etc. I try to write them with a sense of humor to keep it light & not dull. I really believe in sharing as much as I know, ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen January 24th 2014

Life is like an ocean. It can be calm & still, or rough & rigid. But in the end, it's always beautiful. ~ Well we got home without a glitch or hitch for the most part. Coming from bathing suits and shorts to hats, mitts and jackets could be considered torture! But we've done it before many times, & I expect we'll do it again. I think it's harder for the kids than us toughened old birds! It's the price one has to pay to get away on a tropical trip. (You delight in our pain way too much!) The only issue at the airport was going through Customs/Immigration as they did not have the staff to handle the planes landing. (We overheard a conversation from "those in the know" that there weren't enough staff) & ... read more
Restaurant in Playa

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen January 22nd 2014

It's no coincidence that four of the six letters in health is "heal." Good morning from Playa! It's hard to believe how cold it is back home & how nice and warm it is in Playa. We have had one day after another of amazing weather with the exception of a few cool days last week. No rain at all, and the wind has been very slight which makes for a wonderful vacation for those that want to do water activities. Or sit around and drink margaritas :) Al had another amazing dive and saw a crab that was HUGE, like 50 pounds huge. And eels, lobster, lion fish and lots of barracudas. He had his underwater video camera and I'm hoping we can download his video so for those of you that don't dive, can ... read more
Lounging listening to a live Band
sailing the ocean blue
Mom relaxing under the shade

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen January 21st 2014

"Family is like music; some high notes, some low notes but always a beautiful song". Well this time I know where we left off. How could I not. Dad is in intensive care, family rallying around him, including 3 of his nieces who are nurses at the hospital. Talk about the luck of the Irish (well except for that stupid heart attack which wasn't so lucky) but he's in amazing hands and if it's going to happen, Dad had the best outcome possible with the exception of Mom/us being away. :( We spoke to him this morning and his lovely great niece Kendra had brought him breakfast and he was tickled pink over that. Dad LOVES breakfast, so despite what he's been through, he's eating which is always a good sign. Dad has been a fit ... read more
Fish spa
Ocean today
Awww smoothie

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