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Asia » China » Shanghai » Jing'an June 26th 2012

For those of you who have followed our blog, you know we don't "Live the High Life" while we travel. We actually had never even heard of a hostel until we moved to China and were introduced to the website Hostel World. Thanks to Jason & Kathleen, this website helped us stretch our travel budget much further than paying for 2 to 4 star hotels around Asia. Our last month in China was quite crazy, we decided to treat ourselves to 3 nights at the Portman Ritz Carlton on Nanjing Xi Lu in Shanghai. For those of you that don't know Shanghai very well, this road is like the Fifth Ave of New York City or Rodeo Drive of Beverly Hills. Every designer that you can think of has a shop on this road and there ... read more
Drinks @ Highest Bar in the World
Tallest Buildings in China
Cheers to The Highest Bar in the World

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Hangzhou June 23rd 2012

This past week was crazy trying to see everyone that we wanted, pack and decide when we should leave Hangzhou. Thanks to Kirsten we decided to treat ourselves to some R&R at the Portman Ritz Carlton in Shanghai for 3 nights before our flight on Tuesday afternoon back to the USA. We met up with Crystal for drinks at Starbucks on Tuesday evening. WOW, I hadn't been to that Starbucks at 8pm, only 8am before work, but it was the place to be as it was packed with young professionals socializing with friends. Blows my mind at times how much the coffee scene has grown in this tea culture since we moved to China in August 2009. Crystal had finished her first year of her Pre-Masters program in Glasgow, Scotland so it was great hearing about ... read more
Having Fun
Crystal & Pete
Crystal & I

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Hangzhou » Tonglu June 22nd 2012

The 1st day of the Dragon Boat Festivalwe took a bus from Hangzhou West Bus station to Tonglu, where Crystal gave us a great 5 hour tour of Tonglu. We hadn't taken a long distance bus this year and it was PACKED full of people due to the holiday. We had no expectations of our time in Tonglu. so it was a very great way to spend one of our last days in China. We checked out Barbizon Miller Resort, Crystal's family members soft shell turtle farm and restuarant, picked Bay Berries on their farm, had a city tour in Crystal's Nissan Teana (US Altima model) and relaxed at her family home with cucumber facials. Crystal's step sister is 24 yrs old and her younger cousin is in high school, it was fun to meet more ... read more
bus ride to Tonglu
Goose & Ducks

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Hangzhou June 18th 2012

On Sunday afternoon, Peter and I both received texts from fellow Business English teachers that we would have tea at a teahouse from 10am-5pm. I knew I had to work at FESCO until 11:30am so I could meet them at the teahouse around noon. We both thought this was a very long time but that we would show up for 1.5-2 hours to socialize with our fellow colleguages. When I arrived at 11:45am a few of the female teachers were already there eating and drinking tea. They asked if I wanted to eat and I responded with an of course as it was lunch time. I was lead to a room that had a buffet of snacks, fruit, veggies and soups. Peter, Mark another American foreign teacher and York a Chinese teacher arrived about 20 minutes ... read more
Cherry, Head of Business English Dept & Pete
Cherry, Andy & I
Rockin' Out (more like Acting like it)

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Wenzhou June 17th 2012

Elyse and I were invited to the home of one of our favorite students in nearbyWenzhou. (Sounds like: when joe) We knew relatively little aboutWenzhouother than where it is located and that the people there have a lot of money. The latter is according to our students although we still have yet to pinpoint what industries are located there to allow for such wealth. We were accompanied by two of our students Tibby and Louise when we took the 3 hr and 45 min high speed train from Hangzhou Station to Wenzhou South Station. From there we took a 30 mins cab ride to our hotel in the center of Wenzhou city. We were met by our student Chain and Bree who was also a student at our school. It was Chain that invited us to ... read more
Pete, Louise and  the famous ice cream place
Robert & I

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Hangzhou June 15th 2012

Let me make the title more clear...Class of 2009 is when the students started college at WXP. All the grades start with the last 2 digits of the year they entered college, so instead of it being the Class of 2012 like in the US it is Class of 2009. Onto the activities over the last few weeks. On the evening of May 29th, instead of having my typical night elective class of Oral English I took my students to the Spring Variety Show that kicked off the Graduation Celebrations. My freshman Business English majors were bummed that they had class and couldn't go but a few lucky students are in my elective Oral English class and got to go for class. I enjoyed watching the students perform and figured it was a great way to ... read more
Andy & Motorola rockin' out
amazing duet
Leaders & Us

Asia » China June 9th 2012

After I posted the blog "Things We Will NOT MISS About Living in China" I got a very rude and racially hurtful comment from a Chinese man living in Harbin, China. I won't use the explicits that he told me but I decided to change the blog to private. It then triggered me to go through our blog to change any blog from public to private that had negative feelings or emotions toward China. Out of 240+ blogs only 5 were changed to private. As a blogger I have tried to keep a journal of my experiences of living in China and our travels as real as possible so others can see that life here isn't just peaches and roses. But I guess I touched a nerve with a fellow reader as the tensions in China ... read more

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Hangzhou June 1st 2012

A spa and massage junkie that is.....after college I always thought I knew when I "Made It" in life when I could afford a weekly massage or spa treatment. Well life in China has done just that but I haven't gotten the satisfaction that I have completely "Made It' in life. I have had massages and/or spa treatments in every country we have traveled to since moving to China. When we lived in San Diego I would go to the School of Massage in PB every so often for the $40 hour massage, living in San Diego $40 was a bargain. But after living in Asia for 2.5 years $40 can get you one hell of a spa treatment, especially in Ubud, Bali. I have had the run of the mill treatments from foot massages, to ... read more
My type of Spa
Ah comfort
Foot Massage & Cupping

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Hangzhou May 31st 2012

Here are a few pictures of our favorite places we have visited this Spring in Hangzhou. Favorite Season in Hangzhou: Pete & Elyse both Spring & Fall (very short), Summers are brutually hot, humid and long and the Winters are around freezing temps and wet/damp with little insulation and lack of central heating aka miserable. Favorite Activity: Pete & Elyse both biking & hiking around West Lake tea terrace area and visiting the many free attractions Favorite Chinese Restaurant: Pete & Elyse Grandma's Kitchen mulitple locations Favorite Expat Restaurant: Pete: Eudora Station 101-7 Nanshan Lu Elyse: Vineyard Cafe 173 Yugu Lu Favorite Expat Bar: Pete & Elyse Burton's Coffee B1/F, Alipay Building, 16-4 Wantang Road ... read more
Baochu Pagoda
Taiziwan Park
Newly Opened Hangzhou Museum

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Changzhou May 27th 2012

On St. Patty's day, we met fellow Travelbloggers Splakawitz in Hangzhou through mutual friends. That weekend we had fun and have kept in contact and knew we wanted to go visit them in the neighboring province of Jiangsu. They just moved to China to teach English in February and are teaching at a Vocational College just like ours. So Friday afternoon, we set out to the train station to catch a high-speed train from Hangzhou to Changzhou. Zhou means city in Chinese so that is why so many cities have zhou at the end of it, especially in the Yangtze River Delta. The train ride was around 2 hours passing through one of the most populated regions on Earth. Per Wikipedia " The urban build-up in the area has given rise what may be the largest ... read more
Hongmei Park
Hongmei Park
TGI Summers Burger

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