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Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík December 29th 2009

Once we had arrived back at the Downtown Hostel in Reykjavik, we used the leftovers of our Christmas groceries to cook up a mean pasta before making our last use of the rental car to have one more go at a decent showing of the Northern Lights. Driving about 30mins out of Reykjavik, to a little side road pitched in complete darkness, we waited excitedly. Northern Light "forecasts" on the internet gave us minimal chance of actually seeing anything tonight - and unfortunately the forecasts were to prove correct. So back we drove to the car rental place, calling up a taxi to take us back to the hostel. Although we had kinda seen the lights in Hveragerði, we were saddened that it didn't really happen for us on this trip. I'll definitely make more attempts ... read more
Blue Lagoon

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Hveragerði December 26th 2009

Whenever someone asked me what I was doing for Christmas, and I replied "Iceland", I got this crazy stare back in return. "Won't it be cold there?" Errr...yeah? "Why Iceland?" I still honestly can't answer the second question. I guess I was looking for somewhere that would take a few days to explore and somewhere that I haven't been before, and I came up with the crazy idea of going to Iceland - and I'm so glad I did. Travelling on Icelandair, it was awesome to be flying a proper airline again where you don't get charged to check in a bag - and you get in-flight entertainment! My choice of entertainment was a documentary about Sigur Rós, in my opinion the best band to have come out of Iceland. The whole documentary was about a ... read more
Northern Lights
Sunrise At Þingvellir National Park

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva December 13th 2009

About two days before I flew out to Switzerland my doctor had told me to avoid eating dairy products to help my sinus go away. He told me it was OK to fly, but of course I naturally didn't tell him that I was going to Switzerland...ya know, the land of cheese and chocolate? The part of my job that I love the most is getting to go overseas on the company's expense. I was in Geneva for a two-day meeting on a Wednesday and a Thursday, so since this was my first time in Switzerland, I though I might as well take the Friday off and schedule my return flight to come back on the Sunday. On Wednesday evening, we were taken out for a traditional Swiss fondue, which happened to be my first ever ... read more
Bern & The Aare
St. Peter's Cathedral
Lake Geneva

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna November 22nd 2009

I was a little annoyed at Davies' insistence on walking to the train station in Bratislava, but went along with it anyway. After we got a little lost, queued for tickets once we got to the train station, missed our train to Vienna as a result and waited another hour for the next train, my annoyance was a little more visible. Anyway, all's well that ends well and we enjoyed what was a fairly scenic train journey, the first one I have done in Europe since April last year. And so we arrive in Vienna, one of Europe's most famous cities. On my big trip in 2007 I had deliberately not come to Austria or Switzerland as I was planning on following England to Euro 2008, which was to be held in those countries. So much ... read more
Grosse Parterre At Schönbrunn
Maria Theresa

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava November 19th 2009

They say it never rains, it pours, and it's certainly been like that this November with my travelling. Just three days after arriving back from Milan, I was on another after-work, budget, Ryanair flight to Bratislava, Slovakia. Davies and I must've arrived on the last plane to Bratislava, as the airport was completely empty. It was cold outside, shrouded in fog. We needed to find a ticket-machine to buy bus tickets, but none were to be found as the bus arrived. The driver points out a couple of machines that our eyes have missed before mercilessly leaving us behind. Grrrrr. Twenty minutes later we get on the next bus, rattling past IKEA and a big shopping mall into town. After some difficulty finding our tram at the main train station, we hop onto it where it ... read more
New Bridge
Primate's Palace
The Watcher

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan November 15th 2009

It was somehow ironic that we would be going to Italy of all places for a weekend of Kiwi sporting pride. And going to Milan to watch my first ever All Blacks match on a cheap Ryanair flight (£16 return), it seemed inevitable that I was going to bump into some fellow Kiwis that I knew. And sure enough, when I got off the bus from the airport at Milan's central station, I saw my old cricket mate Jacques, who I hadn't seen in years. Jacques, just like us, was here for the match and we had a bit of a mini-catch-up before making our way to respective hotels. Almost giving up trying to find the right bus-stop to get to our hotel was indicative of how things have changed in the last two years. As ... read more
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Castello Sfrozesco

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest October 25th 2009

Can you see what I've done with the title here? Ah, creativity lull (or I've read too many British newspapers). Anyway, in terms of a city break, Budapest is simply awesome. As you will discover by reading on, this place has everything. As is worryingly becoming the norm before a holiday, I had so much going on that I had not really thought much about the holiday itself until I was actually on the plane after work on Thursday. I wasn't even excited until Davies and I touched down in Budapest, and realised we were in a completely different country. Hungarian as a language is weir- I mean, unique. It is not like any other European language so I could recognise no words or signage whatsoever except those taken from English. You know, words like "burger". ... read more
St. Stephen's Basilica
Szechenyi Chain Bridge

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg September 6th 2009

"It's autumn in Gothenburg, I'm walking home to my suburb, Rain falls hard on the city, On every homeless kitty, Oh please God bring relief, Even if it's only brief, But she said that dreamers just make-believe, But I thought she said maple leaves." 98% of you will have no idea what the lyrics above are all about, but it just about sums up my September trip to Gothenburg, Sweden. The lyrics are from one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite artists, who comes from this very city. Therefore, this trip was somewhat of a pilgrimage and this blog entry will be packed with more Jens Lekman lyrics and references than there has ever been in any piece of writing not actually about Jens Lekman. It was also a return to Sweden, a ... read more
The Avenue

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath August 9th 2009

I've not done a huge amount of travel around this country that I live in so I decided to change that by taking a weekend trip to Bristol and Bath. It was a bit of a class trip as I was going with four friends I went to school with - Davies, Gkee and Kelley who have all appeared on this blog before, and another one of my old school friends Mitra. I had heard good things about Bristol - that it is a lively, modern city with a vibrant nightlife. On the way back from Bristol, we would stop by at the by-all-accounts-beautiful and much talked about tourist trap that is Bath. As per usual I was slightly hungover and in a rush to get to Paddington Station on Saturday morning and was sweating a ... read more
The Clifton Suspension Bridge
Bath Abbey
The Royal Crescent

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor June 5th 2009

Before sending away my passport to the UK Home Office for six weeks, I decided to take one last holiday for some fun in the hot sun along the Adriatic coast. I only organised the whole trip about two weeks before leaving and so my first holiday since Krakow came a lot sooner than expected. It also gave me the chance to visit the second newest country in the world - Montenegro. Having gained independence from Serbia in June 2006, Montenegro only relinquished it's title as the world's newest country in February 2008 to it's Balkan neighbours Kosovo, who also gained independence from Serbia. Therefore I was intrigued to see what I would discover and experience in this new land. Montenegro also marked my personal three-o - the 30th country I have visited. Now, only 165 ... read more
Cathedral of St. Tryphon
Our Lady Of The Rock

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