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20th January 2014

Fine German beers
Enough reason to leave the airport and visit the town.
20th January 2014

Dusseldorfer airport
We were their for over 3 hours recently for a lay over. Certainly wish we had explored as you did. Looks fantastic.
21st October 2013

Fish and Chips
I have yet to find fish and chips that get anywhere close to the UK and can only suggest that you visit the Midlands! Although I don't come from Newcastle I have many friends from that area and have never seen what you describe, curious!
21st October 2013

Outstanding blog as usual Delek Delek. While i'm not too envious of your usual deboucherous escapades this one would have suited me just fine! Everyone all grown up, sensible and staying in luxurious villas... my style exactly. And you're right, opposite ends of the earth but awesome effort for all those attending to make it there for Lee-ness. Everyone has to get better at staying in touch. Thank god for FB!!! And look at Davies & J-Lo all grown up with girlfriends and Leeness & DDP getting married LOL! Just you left bro - pressure is on, but mind you, you may not get to travel as much as you have if you do tie the knot! Choose wisely!
18th October 2013

Old friends gather together
Always good to re-connect with those who know you best. The view from the villa was outstanding. Sounds like a lovely wedding and good friendship. Nothing better.
15th September 2013

Yeah- about time we did a trip together! Was lots of fun and probably some places Loren and I would never have got around to seeing otherwise. Thanks for doing all the organising. TBH didn\'t realise we had seen and done so much till I read your blog! Cheers, Rangi
12th August 2013
Canning Dock

I'm (Donna) from the Wirral, just over the Mersey from Liverpool. Enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the pics. It's changed a lot since we were last there in 2009! Liverpool is a great city for a night out and actually has a lot of sights (as does the Wirral!). The Lobster Pot is a Liverpool institution for late night munchies after drinking...we have stopped there many a time for chips - you should have tried sausage, chips and gravy - waaay better than dodgy fried chicken!
From Blog: The Scouse Stag
12th August 2013

All Class
Lee-ness was all class bro! he rocked that Borat manikini better than Borat himself!! Seems like a well-behaved weekend if the old lady grabbing his nuts was as shady as it got! All class boys, well done!
From Blog: The Scouse Stag
23rd July 2013
Statue Of Liberty

very good. i just started your blogs, so will be fun!
From Blog: The Big Apple
23rd July 2013

for me hill of crosees looks junky and believe me there is more kitch and show than true believf involved, which does not need to be this crazy showy. Anway, very interesting to read outsiders views of my country.
23rd July 2013
No Vomming On The Driver

how fun when such simple signs can be interpreted by imagination. i confused sometimes what they mean too, in serious way though.
22nd July 2013

Big hassles make great stories.
Great photos of the Hill of Crosses and a great tale of adventure! I had similar hassles both getting in (having to spend the night in the Berlin bus station) and out (having my bus to Riga leave early without me) of Russia as well as a truly hideous train ride between St. Petersberg and Moscow (I was in the top of the 4 bunks and was saved from the barking authorities only by my many kind cabin mates). Yes, you're right--Imperial Russia left us some visual treats, but there's a price for visiting them. Glad you made it out ok!
21st July 2013

Old Soviet Bureaucracy
Enjoyed reading your blog, especially your ordeal at the Russian border. Felt like being there too. Judging by your story and your pictures though, you had a great time in Lithuania, so all's well, I guess. :)
16th July 2013

Fantastic blog
Can't wait to go!
9th July 2013

Great blog with some fantastic photos. I have great memories of my own trip to Moscow.
9th July 2013

loved to read about Russia
Its fascinating to read this article.Felt like I was there with you enjoying Russia,the Land of Stalin.Though I think someone have to be there to understand the people living out there, still this article actually giving me a fresh idea about Russian people. Thank You.
26th June 2013

Hurry, quick, road trips!
Congratulations on your possible move to Amsterdam. Always good to have a new experience. You've enjoyed London but sounds like you are ready for Amsterdam. The caves sound interesting. Enjoy each day. Looking forward to your blogs.
From Blog: Twin Peaks
22nd April 2013

Glad the ants and snake didn't get your toes. This blog made me crave caiprinhas -- I always found that unlike a lot of other liquor, the cheaper caiprinhas always tasted better. Sounds like so much fun and can't wait to see your blog on Paraty -- plenty of canines there, too. :)
22nd April 2013

great blog entry Delek, def adding this one to my bucket list - although i fear south american snakes and spiders so will need to man up first. Beach looks mint, accomo prolly a little rough for my liking but still keen to check it out... one day...
22nd April 2013

Jelly legs, ants and snakes, oh my!
Sounds like a great island to spend a few days. The hike sounded tough. Glad you didn't meet with tragedy. Love the pineapple prawns.
9th April 2013

You're right
San Jose is a horrible, horrible city, a new Detroit of the 21st Century, while Detroit is now an admireable city. You are so lucky to be from a cool city like Aukland, where it does have a nice downtown. San Jose is a suburban wreck, thanks to the people of San Jose and its city leaders.
20th March 2013

It's a shame I didn't know you were here !
I've been living in San Jose for the last 6 months, pros and cons definitely. For me the tech industry plus the hiking a hour in every direction is fantastic... send me a message the next time you're here and we'll discuss it further over a beer :)
20th March 2013

Definitely next time...
Yeah, that is a shame - had no idea you're living there. I get sent to Redwood City every now and then so will definitely drop a note the next time I'm over there. I actually got a message from Brendan, Dave and Merry Jo after I had published my blog on San Francisco last year but I was unfortunately well home in London by the time I had published it! Would be awesome to meet you and the team at some stage.
26th February 2013

I was laughing out loud reading your encounter with the spicy curry. Reminded me of when I was in Indonesia and ended up drinking the bowl of water that was meant for washing hands -- ewww. Sometimes, sticking out like a sore thumb can be some of the funniest moments (er, more so with hindsight) when it comes to traveling. Interesting blog as always!
22nd January 2013

What a place
Really enjoyed reading your blog Derek. We are going there in February, liked your photo and thought your style of writing easy to read and informative, thankyou

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