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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Glenorchy April 8th 2010

It had been an eventful day from the start. After four straight days of the most spectacularly clear, sunny, cool autumn weather, I decided this week would be a perfect time to splurge on the all-day horse trek up in Glenorchy and Paradise (about 45 minutes up the road from Queenstown). Honestly, I'll find any excuse to drive up to Glenorchy, as it has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth, completely unspoiled by human activity (the town has a population of 320 people, if that gives you any idea). Not to mention the winding road alongside Lake Wakatipu to get there is like having your own personal 48-kilometer go-cart track to fly around! Blare some good music, roll the windows down, take in the mountain's a good drive, even in our ... read more
Finally Got Around to Photographing This Sign
High Mountain Horses
Heading Out, 9am...

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown April 5th 2010

Hi everyone! I know we just sent a blog a couple of days ago, but we've had some lovely excursions up to Arrowtown to check out the beginnings of the autumn foliage. We also discovered (THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!) an amazing restaurant that gives us a taste of home...and the funny thing is, it's French! Arrowtown has this amazing little cafe called "Bonjour" that serves absolutely the yummiest food we've had in this country, hands-down. I went last week and sat under the crisp leaves and devoured Burgundy snails drenched in garlic butter with fresh-baked baguette. Yesterday afternoon Jeremy and I went up and I nearly cried when I bit into my croque madame poulet - toasted French bread topped with chicken and melted cheese, smothered in creamy bechamel sauce, and topped with a fried egg. ... read more
French Food and Foliage - What More Could You Want?
Buttery Garlicky Escargot - YUM!!
Croque Madame Poulet

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Wanaka April 2nd 2010

Yeeehaw and howdy, y'all! It is I, Jeremy, making a very belated (6 weeks in point of fact) blog for Warbirds over Wanaka. Aren't you so happy Amy writes most of these? It was the second day of the show, on a Saturday. I started my day with a peek out the window at around 7:30am, revealing a most spectacularly cloudy and icky day. However, this would not deter me from missing out on Warbirds, as I had already traded my shifts for the day off. I got dressed, found all our cameras, and kissed my lovely Amy goodbye. Which in return got me a groggy "I love you, too," and wave of her hand to leave her alone. Giddy as a schoolboy I raced out to Wanaka in my pathetic Toyota, up and over the ... read more
Supermarine Spitfire

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown March 29th 2010

Greetings everyone!! Highlights from the past couple of weeks in good ol' Queenstown include: 1. A bizarre combination of a severe thunderstorm and an earthquake. What is even stranger is that earthquakes are far more common here than thunderstorms! NZ gets over 100 earthquakes a year strong enough to be felt, but only a handful of lightning and thunder. To experience both of them at the same time is probably unheard of. Yet, that was our experience last week! We awoke around midnight to an ear-shattering clap of thunder and sat there watching the lightning for half the night, awed by how much we miss all the great thunderstorms back home. Finally we went back to sleep, only to be jolted awake at 4am to rattling windows and shaking walls. Figuring it was just another big ... read more
Beautiful Queenstown Gardens
Jeremy at the Base of a Sequoia Tree
Splashes of Autumn

Oceania » New Zealand » National Parks March 15th 2010

You have a farm in New Zealand and you are plagued with an overpopulation of rabbits. You need to exterminate the extra creatures before they destroy your farm, and want the most efficient method of doing so. You would choose: A. Trapping B. Poisoning C. Hiring a helicopter and a sniper to shoot the rabbits from the air While "A" or "B" may seem like the most logical answers, some Kiwis do indeed pay a mere $500 an hour to hire a chopper, pilot, and sniper to shoot rabbits. Jeremy and I watched this take place last week when we went on our horseback ride in Cardrona. At first we thought they were joking, but no, sure enough...rifle blasts were coming from the low-flying helicopter and little furry critters were rapidly, if not ridiculously, being eliminated. ... read more
Entrance to Routeburn Track
Love the Braided Log

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Cadrona March 8th 2010

If you were staying at a four-star hotel and the fire alarm went off, and someone in their pajamas raced into your room and ordered you to get out...what would be your reaction? This is the very interesting predicament that we found ourselves in last weekend, except in this instance, Jeremy and I were the ones in our pajamas, given the authority to enter guest rooms on the ninth and tenth floors of our hotel and escort people out. It was a rather humorous night. We (miraculously) both had the evening off, and were in our room watching a movie at about 10pm. The alarm sounded, and we waited a moment or two to see if it would click right back off. No such luck. Wearily we got up and joined the exiting masses on the ... read more
A Gaggle of Appaloosas
Cardrona River

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Bluff February 21st 2010

Greetings everyone!! This will be a short blog, but we visited a very cool point this weekend that I think you all will get a kick out of. We traveled for two days this weekend all the way to the bottom of the south island, to Invercargill, for a two-day assembly. Yesterday afternoon when the session had ended, we drove another half hour south to the southernmost point in the country, a tiny town called Bluff. Here we gathered (with Hungry) for the obligatory photos beneath the Land's End sign. For those of us who don't think in kilometers (ourselves included, though we're slowly starting to after four months!), here are some conversions: From New York City: 9,004 miles From London, England: 11,374 miles From the South Pole: 2,886 miles Of course Florida wasn't on the ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast » Fox Glacier February 15th 2010

You’re on the west coast of the south island of New Zealand. You awaken to a rare sunny day on this coast, as it covered with lush temperate rainforest and receives over 50 feet of rain every year. You step outside your cabin and are greeted by the majestic snow-capped peaks of two of the country’s tallest mountains, Mt. Cook and Mt. Tasman. You inhale a deep breath of salty air because, despite the fact that two 10,000-foot peaks are right in front of you, the Pacific Ocean is directly behind you. Today you are going to visit a river…and you are going to walk on it. You can do this because the river you’re walking on is in fact frozen, and known as Fox Glacier. After working for two straight weeks without a day off, ... read more
Bare Peaks of Wanaka
Bizarre Cliff Face of Lake Hawea

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Queenstown February 7th 2010

A Day in the Life of Living at Rydges Hotel 1. Wake up (unfortunately). 2. Work (definitely). 3. Eat (maybe). 4. Sleep (optional). 5. Repeat. If you're wondering where we've been lately, kindly refer to the above five steps. After loading our entire life into a Toyota, we've now lived in Queenstown and have been working day and night for the past ten days. I would love to have great stories of paragliding or rock climbing for you, but alas, I have only a brief description of our new jobs. Perhaps if we ever get a day off again, we might do some more fun stuff. For now: "Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go..." Jeremy and I are "food and beverage attendants" at this fine establishment, which basically means we do anything ... read more
This is Your a Car!
Inigo Bar, Where I Spend Oh-So-Many Hours
Ben Lomond Dining Room, With its Spectacular View

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Glenorchy January 28th 2010

And here we have it...a tale of two jobs. (Three, I guess, if you want to get technical.) The past four days have been eventful, stressful, exciting, disappointing, and hectic, all rolled into one big blur and a lot of driving. So here we go! I believe we left off in the last blog with Jeremy's job prospect here in Balclutha at the human resources department. Monday afternoon he went for his interview. And he nailed it! They loved him, loved his attitude, loved his prior work history. All looked to be going in his favor until it came to the actual job description. Being in human resources means being familiar with work laws, worker's comp, holiday periods, benefits, etc, etc. Being in human resources in New Zealand involves knowing all of these things ABOUT New ... read more
Giant California Sequoia, Planted in 1876
The Way to Paradise...
View of Lake Wakatipu From Rydges Hotel Front

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