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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe March 5th 2014

Nous avons tous super bien dormi : pas trop de betes, pas trop de cris, meme le lit ne semblait pas si dur. Je ne sais pas plus si nous vous l'avons dit mais nous dormons sous une moustiquaire dans le bungalow ... Donc, levés à 8 heures ce matin, nous partons pour la journée sur un bateau direction 3 iles ko lanchta, bitsi et ...Christophe et Ju plongent pour Ju ce sera son bapteme et Lola et moi snorkelons (c'est à dire masque tuba et palmes). Nous sommes un groupe d'une vingtaine de personnes : des allemands, des français et des italiens. Ah oui et j'oubliais Richard de Front 242. Le groupe est trés sympa. Lola et moi sommes encadrés par Gianni (qui est suisse) !!! Christophe et Ju ont plongé deux fois : sans ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe March 4th 2014

Alors après une nuit quelque peu difficile pour moi (il faut dire que les bungalows sont face à la mer mais dans la foret avec donc plein de bruits d'animaux où tu te demandes ce que c'est et surtout après deux expresso (enfin un vrai café), je n'ai pas vraiment dormi. Les filles et Christophe ca a été qd meme ... On s'est réveillé à 9h pour un bon petit dej face à la mer : pancakes nutella pour les filles et moi avec jus de fruits frais et pour christophe pancake aux fruits frais puis playa ! Nous sommes allés louer des masques, tubas et palmes pour tout le monde et en route, pour explorer les fonds marins : on se croit dans un véritable aquarium il y a des poissons de toutes les couleurs ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe March 3rd 2014

Alors petit résumé de notre deuxième journée : Réveil difficile à 9h30 : il y a eu effectivement du bruit, de la musique jusqu'3h du matin mais ni les filles ni moi n'avons été embetées... Seul Christophe a a tourné et retourné dans le lit avant de trouver le sommeil. Petit déj continental à l'hotel et nous voilà repartis à la découverte de la capitale : nous avons été à Aquaria qui est un aquarium avec comme particularité : un grand tunnel en verre qui passe dans les aquariums et nous sommes donc entourés de toutes les sortes de poissons : des raies géantes, des requins, tortues ... magnifique Nous avions prévu ensuite d'aller dans le quartier de chinatown mais trop juste en temps ! nous sommes donc restés dans le quartier près des tours : ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe December 17th 2013

Yes, as of now, there is no need to claim I'm young anymore. Forty is a turn in anybody life...there is no need to claim we wish to do something in our life...if at forty you haven't done something with your life, it may simply be already too late... This entry should be important, kind of a landmark. I took time to chose the pictures, took even time to put them in the right order. This entry should have been written on the 17th December...that's four days after my birthday. And here we are, the evening of the 21st December. Next stop is already Christmas...and still, I haven't had a minute to myself the last few days to write any line of this entry. A busy man, one who has goals...and two fun kids to take ... read more
He will remember that moment!
Having some great time under water...
Celebrating my 40th...

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe May 11th 2013

When we were originally planning our trip we’d always wanted Thailand to be our final country. Having loved it here on previous visits and with Bangkok being a premier shopping destination we thought it would be the best place to fly out of once our time was up. Sophie pushed to have as much time as we could here as although we’d spent near on 3 months during previous visits, here we’d only travelled a relatively small part of the country. After forgoing our return to the Philippines we entered a few weeks before we had originally planned and would have just short of 2 months to spend here. We were coming in on the Andaman side at the start of May, just as it went from high to low season, although we knew that it ... read more
Koh Lipe
Koh Boulon Leh
Sunset Beach


Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe February 17th 2013

Since our last blog we have managed to travel half the country from South to North. We're now sitting here in our super posh overnight bus to Chiang Mai and type this (over due) blog. Before we recap our last 10 days or so, we just want to mention how incredibly amazing these long haul buses are! We took a 9 hour bus from Surat Thani to Bangkok today (500BHT each). They fed us snacks/drinks..put on 2 movies, had AC, seats reclinced almost all the way to a flat position, annnd we had free neck pillows! Fantastic. We then hopped on another bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai for another 9 hours. This bus has 2 levels and we chose the bottom as there are only 5 seats and we're the only ones down here. Our ... read more
Our bungalow at Varin Resort
Colourful bungalows
Hanging on the porch

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe December 25th 2012

This is quite a long blog, so it might be an idea to settle in with a nice cup of tea and a biscuit! We started this trip with a 12 hour wait in between our flight arriving into Suvarnabhumi airport and our next departing from Don Muang airport…plenty of time to head into the city and get a Thai meal before hopping in a taxi to Don Muang to wait for our onward flight to the far south of Thailand. The journey to the island Arriving into Hat Yai airport, it wasn’t immediately clear what our transport options onwards were…there were some guys there selling onward minibus and boat tickets for 1000 baht and it seemed a little overpriced, we opted for the minibus to the bus station at 100 baht ... read more
First glimpse of the beach!
Chicken fried rice - lunch
A meeting of the minds ;)

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe April 25th 2012

Where we went:- Bangkok, we spent the most time here seeing monuments, walking around kohsan road, taking tuk tuks and took one day trip - our day trip was to the floating market (so hot that day) where we were paddled through the market on a long boat, bought cheesy plates with our pictures on them, had an amazing lunch of chicken, BBQ pork, egg (well Chris had the egg), rice, cilantro, chilies, cucumber and some red sauce - YUM, for dessert we had these thin crispy wafers with meringue and mango/ papaya soo good! Then there was a motorized long boat to take us through another side, we ended up at a hotel that had a cobra show - we didn't go, we didn't want to! Then it was to the bridge over the river ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe April 19th 2012

I've uploaded 79 pictures, 3 there really need to write anything about our adventure...well...where should I start! First thing first, the host of the week, the Forra diving Liveaboard. This is a first for Tiffany and Leslie, we spent 3 nights and 4 days on our way between Koh Lipe and Koh Phi Phi, with main stops in Hin Muang/Hin Daeng as well as Koh Ha. This is also my 11th far the most basic one, by far the best one too! What you will find on the Forra have a choice of sleeping in a cabin...they provide a total space for 12 people....or sleeping on the sun deck...way more romantic. The boat has a total of 2 toilets/showers....with cold water. There is clearly no "en-suite" here. Cabins have a fan, but this ... read more
Antoine, Leslie...and the devil's ray...
Always something!
cuttie nudibranch

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe April 16th 2012

We spent only one night onland in Koh Lipe. So on this entry, you won't see any diving this is our next entry. We came here in May 2011 and at the time I had only one regret...not to have discovered Koh Lipe earlier. I was also scared that Koh Lipe would be on a fast track to become another ugly Phi Phi development. Rest re-assured...nothing much has happened yet....and that's great news. Koh Lipe is still by far my prefered island in Thailand. This is also Tiffany first visit to our little paradise. We came here a month before she started to join us in Bangkok. Imagine, in just over a month, it will already be one year...time fly! Koh Lipe is special to us, not only for the scenery, not for the diving, ... read more
yes, it does still exist in Thailand!
Sometimes, simple is great too!

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