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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai January 5th 2014

This morning I arrived at Lang Prabang International airport (a 15 minutes dusty journey by tuk yuk from my Merry Guesthouse.) It was very small, took me 5 minutes to check in, 5 minutes to go through security and most importantly 5 minutes to find something to spend my last few kip notes as they are useless once they leave Laos. The airport was similar to how Leeds Bradford was twenty years ago where there is one runway and you just walk straight up to and on to the plane. I took a picture of it with the mountains in the background, it reminds me of a Swiss or French village in the Alps. The flight itself took 1 hour and we were served two snacks and drinks in that time, very polite service and made ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai » Doi Suthep January 3rd 2014

Az Uj ev itt Chiang Mai ban altalaban egy hatalmas utcai buli, tuzijatekkal, visszaszamlalassal, himnusszal es elo zenevel mindenhol. Lampionok kerulnek meggyujtasra es feleregetesre, az oev bujat, bajat szelnek eresztve, vagy az ujevre kivant szep es jo remenyeben. Sokszor voltunk mar utcai bulin, ezert iden a guesthouseban beszelgettunk, Andrea, Carla Claudio es jomagam, majd megkukkantottuk, hgoy mi folyik a wat-okban (templomokban). Chiang Mai nepe mar keso delutantol keszulodik, es a watok kertjeben tomott sorokban elhelyezett muanyag szekeken este elkezdodott az ima. Egy emelevenyen 3 szerzetes ult,k vezettek az imat, a hangjukat hangosito rendszer vitte szerte szet az ulopavilonok fele. Zsolozsma szeru, monoton, eros energiat ereztem, ahogy elfoglaltuk a helyunket a szekeken mi is. Akulon erre az alkalomra nyomtatott imafuzetek sajnos csak thaiul voltak, farangul nem, ezert figyel... read more
Happy New year!!!
Warorot - fura allatok

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai » Doi Suthep January 2nd 2014

Hello hello, ismet jelentkezem Thaifoldrol, epsegben az ujevi lampioneregetes es zsolozsma utan:) Na de kezdjuk a legelejen: december indult a gepem Dohaba, a szokasos 8 oras tranzittal majd ugy erkeztem Bangkokba, hogy mar lekestem az utolso buszt is, vonatot is Chiang Maiba. Nem igazan kivantam rostokolni BKban, ezert nagy batran lekoccantam a Morchit palyaudvarra, hogy tuti hogy lesz ejszakai jarat Chiang Maiba, max varok egy kicsit... 20 fok volt, barsonyos az ejszaka, sok sok szojatej es szaritott alga a boltban, ezert ugy ereztem, barmit is hoz a sors, allok elebe. Jott is egy mukso nemsokara, hogy hova mennek... mondom Chiang Mai. Ejfelkor indul a minibusz, reggel 8 ra Chinag Maiban vagyok. Szuper. F1 kor be is szalltunk, es ahhoz kepest hogy ures volt a palyaudvar, meglepetten lattam, hogy mar teli is a jargany, mindenki szendereg, ... read more
Napfelkelto jogasok
Suli elott vedd le a pacskat:)

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai December 28th 2013

December 28th 2013 - January 9th 2014 We spent a good chunk of time in Pai, what was intended to be 4 or 5 days turned quickly into 2 weeks. . I anticipated wanting to stay for a long time, small mountain town, reggae music, hippie backpackers, cheap hostels but it was not the best energy for me for some reason, emotionally and physically I was running on empty. Not getting much sleep the night before probably contributed to the nausea during the car ride up. The road to Pai from Chaing Mai is 175km with 765 twist and turns. Its a narrow road, people drive fast and pass on blind corners, the journey to pai is part of the grand-jour of the town. Leanne and I arrived first and found a beautiful little patch of ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Rai December 27th 2013

AM I woke up early at 6am to study and get ready for my massage course exam after a poor nights sleep punctuated by nightmares about massage, like the sleep I’d get the night before an exam in the A level exam period, when passing exams seemed to be a matter of life and death. I was really not looking forward to the final exam. We’d covered so much material so quickly, and in the evenings I would fall asleep really early as I was so tired so I didn’t get to meet anybody outside the course. The girl I was working with was becoming insufferable, she was bossing the teacher about, giving both of us instructions, taking over the teacher’s job and was verbally aggressive to everybody. I realised that the course was doing me ... read more
flower festival chiang rai
flower festival chiang rai


Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai December 26th 2013

Today in class we had a new teacher and she re revised what I missed yesterday – massaging legs and abdominals. In the morning we did a yogi exercise, a hand-knee exercise, medtation, body stretching demonstration. We then both received a fully body massage from the teacher whilst each of us had to say the instructions. I was learning quickly and I passed the written exam but by the afternoon once I had to practise massaging abdominals I found it really complicated. Once back at the hostel at 5pm I slept for the whole evening until 8pm. I woke up, walked around and began my evening hunt for food. I first of all went to my favourite café and ordered Pad Thai (I always order either Kao Soi with beef, Pad Thai or chicken with ginger ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai December 25th 2013

I skipped massage school today. We were supposed to be learning about massaging abdominals and legs today but I needed a day off to rest my body. When I signed up for the course I didn't realise thai massage was half way between martial arts and very difficult yoga postures. It's really interesting, its a whole new field of knowledge and I'd love to carry on learning more about it in the future. Its quite difficult to take it in all at once. There are just two of us in the class Katarina (from Germany) and me. The teacher shows the technique on one of us and the other watches and vice versa. Then Katarina and I perform the massage on each other. It's fair to say we don't really get on too well and have ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai December 24th 2013

Happy New Years Eve! In day 2 of my massage course we began with a lecture on the origins of thai massage and which sorts of people to avoid giving thai massage to (drunks, aggressive people, paralysed people, people with high blood pressure etc...) I had my blood pressure tested and it's completely normal which is great to know. Today we practised and demonstrated the hand-knee massage and meditation, back massage in the face down position and arm and palm massage. The arm massage was the most difficult as there are so many pressure points and cautionary areas (where there are lots of veins and arteries.) I'm enjoying talking in Spanish at break times with the three Argentinian students who came over from Buenos Aires to study Thai massage. They are lovely people. In the evening ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai December 23rd 2013

Today was my first day at massage school. As its the Xmas holidays there are just two of us in the class so they are quite intense classes. The other girl is called Katrina, she is from Germany and herds and counts cows in the mountains in Germany for a living. The teacher is called Pop. Today we started with a prayer to King Rama 1, then a prayer to Buddha and then a prayer to the doctor of Thai massage. We then cleaned our feet and got ready to learn massage. We did hand-knee exercises and meditation as a warm up. We learned the hand and sitting position in Thai massage. In the afternoon we learned and practised head massage, neck massage and shoulder massage. We also completed face massage with oil and back massage ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai December 22nd 2013

This morning I set off early for the airport as today there was an enormous demonstration planned for Bangkok which brought the city to a standstill. They are still waiting for the prime minister to step down and they only have until New Year to achieve it as many people in Bangkok leave the city to go back to their home towns and spend New Year holiday with their families. This afternoon I arrived in Chiang Mai. The flight was quick (50 minutes), Nok Air were great and I slept comfortably for the whole time. I'm very tired at the moment and I'm just resting today. I arrived into my hostel. It's really nice, very comfortable and it has three swimming pools. Unfortunately towards the end of the week I will have to change into a ... read more

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