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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai February 1st 2014

So I forgot to mention, while we were at Tyne Saturday market, walking around, shopping and haggling for trinkets to bring back, suddenly music came from a speaker attached to a building and everyone stopped in there tracks and looked, everyone, still. I think it was the national anthem. You could have gone screaming down the road like a banshee and no one would have moved a muscle. Then as soon as it ended, the streets came alive again! Also, it's Chinese new year so there were children dressed up with hitherto big colorful dragon running through the streets.... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai January 31st 2014

Hands down my longest travel days ever! I arrived last night at around midnight, popped a sleeping pill, stuffed earplugs in and hoped for at least 10 hours of sleep, well I got 6 but feel great! The airport was interesting. If you want to make fast friends hang out at the cell phone charging station! with a spare charger! I saw this young guy running around trying to stick his Korean plug into every outlet he could find. I called join over and hooked him up. He was very grateful and gifted me with a half a stack of Pringles potato chips (airport booty!) then a young girl came up and asked me if she could use my plug, and we started rot chat. She was going home to Laos cause her mother died 3days ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai January 28th 2014

So tonight marks the last night of my time in Pai. Its been the most idyllic, peaceful, and relaxing place of my journey so far. Its the only place that I don't want to leave however I have done my stint here and seen everything there is to see so time to move on. I am going to miss this place a lot! Anyway, i'll back date a few days... Sunday 26th at 9am I checked out of "Wait For It Guest House" in Chiang Mai. A mini bus came to collect me at 9.30am and we set off on the road to Pai. It was only a 10 seater and we had to pick a few people up around Chiang Mai and within two stops we were full. We headed off to Pai, on the ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Sukhothai January 27th 2014

Hello, Sorry all its Kev writing again so you'll have to wait a little longer for another one of Carly's entries! The last few days have been spent in the ancient capital Sukhothai. It's split into the New City and Old City and we stayed at TR Guesthouse in the New City. The Old City is about 10 miles away and is where the UNESCO historical park is located with the ruins of the ancient capital. The New City however is where the better guesthouses are and a wider variety of food options. Our guesthouse turned out to be really good and we could tell not just because the first night we stayed there was a sign in the window stating they were fully booked but also when sitting out on their porch over the next ... read more
TR Guesthouse
On the train

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai January 26th 2014

So our sight seeing around Chiang Rai continued with a visit to The Black Houses. Some call the Black Temple although not a temple in the Buddhist sense. First we had to get there. Another local bus from the central bus station. We established which bus it was after asking several people and the driver when we were on board. We knew it was around 10 kms out of town. So off we set along the same road we had been in the morning to the White Temple. Alarms bells started to ring and were confirmed when we got to the White Temple and the conductor told us we had reached our destination. She apologised when she realised she had given us wrong information and gave us back our fare! So we waited, luckily not too ... read more


Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai January 25th 2014

Tuesday 22nd January I contacted the local Thai embassy at Bangkok airport to establish where I had to get a re-entry visa. Due to the government shut down in central Bangkok, all the embassies were closed however, they had made a temporary tourist embassy in a shopping mall, Imperial Shopping Mall in Lad Plau, Bangkok. I managed to get a taxi over and get the visa sorted in just two hours. Hopped into another taxi to take me to Hui Humpalong Train Station in central Bangkok so that I could get the over night train to Chiang Mai. I specifically asked for a private sleeping carriage as I didn't fancy sharing a train bunk for 14 hours with some random. My ticket cost me £36.... When I was on the train I thought "This is alright, ... read more
Inside the train station
My private sleep carriage
Front & only door of my carriage

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Rai January 17th 2014

So, Chiang Rai. A new city for us to explore! We were dropped by the taxi at Lek House our guesthouse for the next few days and then off to explore. Chiang Rai is smaller than Chiang Mai. The streets in the centre fanning out from a beautiful clock which at 9 every evening had a light show with music. There were also some very beautiful Christmas decorations and quite tasteful. After settling in we were off to explore. We visited the small, but very interesting, Hill Tribe Museum a beautiful flower garden and found The Lounge Bar recommended by Ben in Chiang Mai. It was owned by his friends Brit, Bob and his wife Thai, Jack. We were told by Ben we must try the green curry which comes highly rated as five stars on ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Rai January 15th 2014

And so were nearing the end of our stay on Koh Chang. It had been a wonderful time and we knew this was an island we would return to. The understated Christmas (with lovely chats on the phone to our three children). The surreal New Years Eve, the people we had met and the stories we had heard. One in particular that we will remember was from the Canadian couple staying in the bungalow near us. I would say they were in their 70's and not your typical couple of that age as is common in Thailand. They were an arty couple, he a musician and her an artist. They both had long hair down to their waist and were regulars on Koh Chang having lived and worked there in the past. They now stayed for ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai January 7th 2014

Today was similar to yesterday. I’ve booked all my hostels in Hong Kong, planned my itinerary and I’ve planned my time in Osaka and booked a hostel there. I can’t wait. I’m on stage two of my trip now and I’ve got all my laundry done, I’ve been given some tablets to take for my cough, I met a wonderful teddybear which is really warm to cuddle when its 34 degrees outside and I spent my last evening in Thailand listening to a singer playing guitar and singing in Thai and English (The Fields Of Athenrai) in my local bar. The mellowness of the Thai music and my last sip of thai green tea has re-energised me for packing for the rest of my trip and getting up at 3.30 tomorrow morning all seems worth it ... read more
local bar near hostel Trekker

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai January 6th 2014

I took the day out today to really prepare myself more for Hong Kong and Japan, sort my money out, catch up on my blog, do my laundry and eat well. I found a very cheap, local street vendor where I could sit down to a meal near my hostel. In the evening I went to the same German restaurant I went to before, I ordered the same spaghetti Bolognese, a chang beer and listened to an American guy in his 50s sitting on another table talk very loudly to another guy about his sex life with his Japanese wife. He lived in the suburbs of Tokyo and was comparing Thailand to Japan. I not only listened to this thrilling conversation but I also listened to some great music in the restaurant (one song was que ... read more
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