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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai June 22nd 2013

Hi Again ... well it has been an adventure filled 24 hours. It is hard to beliive we have only been here a day ... let me share with you what we have been up to. Leaving Koh Samui was hard ... we felt like "locals" at the Infinity Resort towards the end of our stay as we seemed to outstay everyone else. Most people we met there were only staying for 5 nights ... so our 8 nights made us part of the furniture :) We enjoyed our transfer in air conditioning from the hotel before enduring a very hot wait lining up to check our luggage through at Koh Samui airport. You see ... it is an "open air" airport ... the first of this type I have been to! Thankfully we were travelling ... read more
Riding the Open Bus at Koh Samui Airport
Up to the Plane at last ...
Bangkok Airways Lounge :)

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai June 10th 2013

Buatong is a unique spring fed waterfall situated just about an hour drive from Chiang Mai going North. It is formed on coral rocks, these rocks are abrasive and non-slippery which makes it easy to jump (I saw some teenagers jumping but I won't recommend anyone to dream of being superman:-)or walk up and down the falls. There is a little swimming area on the top of the fall that is just perfect for toddlers. I called it toddler pool. The bottom of the pool is quite rough as it is filled with rocks. You may want to make your toddler wear a pair of crocks while in the pool. The pool is clean but the water does get a little cloudy because of the presence of some limestone in the water. These pool empties itself ... read more
A 3 years old climbing up the waterfall
Posing for pictures.
Picnic area

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai June 8th 2013

Throughout our travels we have had a pretty good general idea of where we would be travelling to for the next couple of months. When we lived in houses for a month or two at a time, we found we needed to make future housing arrangements at least a month or more before we arrived in a new area if we wanted to insure we got the best available accommodations. Now that we find ourselves moving more rapidly, it has become more difficult to keep ahead in our planning. We arrived in Yogyakarta, Indonesia struggling a little with what we wanted to do in our future plans. We only had one week left on our Indonesian visa so we knew we had to leave the country, but for the first time in our travels we had ... read more
Wat Chedi Luang
Wat Suan Dok
Night Bazaar Vendor

I wish now that I'd stayed longer in Nepal - I think it takes two weeks to really start to love a place - but coming back to Thailand was like coming home. I had a big stupid grin on my face when I got back to Khoasan. I know, I have some gaps to fill in, but this entry is just about today. Sometimes there are days where you barely do anything, and absolutely nothing happens. And sometimes these are the days you know you'll remember best. Today was one of those days. And this is a rather long post about not much at all. After sitting around at the pool for a few hours, chatting, reading, messing around on Facebook, I decided I really wanted some pineapple - the kind you get in a ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai June 4th 2013

Although I had been to Thailand before and had some idea of what to expect, arriving in Chiang Mai I couldn't help but notice more of a difference than I expected in comparison to Cambodia. Everywhere was generally cleaner, smarter and more developed than Phnom Penh and other places I have recently visited, which obviously, in the case of the latter, is due to the country's recent troubled history. I did notice a slight drop in temperature, especially going up into the mountains, which was a welcome relief. As a town I thought Chiang Mai had a really nice ambience about it. It consists of the old town in the centre, which is shaped like a square with many streets intersecting it, some of which are quite narrow. A few sections of the old city walls ... read more
Tha Pae Gate
A section of the canal surrounding the old city
One of the charming narrow back streets in the old town


Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai May 30th 2013

As I mentioned at the end of my last blog post, I embarked on a 3-day, 2-night trek in the jungle near Chiang Mai. It was, without a doubt, the most physically grueling thing I've ever tried to do. The trekking itself wasn't that bad in terms of distance - 10-15 km each day - but it was fast-paced, and the heat was an absolute nightmare. Think mid 90s with high humidity, often in direct sunlight, climbing steep hills with no clear foot paths. In a few years, though, I'm sure the memory of the painful ascents will fade while the memory of the beautiful scenery remains. I don't regret doing the trek, though I don't think I'd do one again unless I were visiting during the cool season. My group consisted of 10 people: me, ... read more
jungle me
jungle terrain 4
jungle terrain 3

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai May 29th 2013

We moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand from India in February 2013. The flight fom Kolkata to Bangkok was less than 3 hours. Kids behaved quite well in the flight. We stayed two nights in Bangkok airport hotel before we flew to Chiang Mai. Our two days in bangkok with our 3 years old twins were uneventful. We went to paragon mall, took them on the skytrain, taxi rides and several escalator rides which they loved. Our flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai was short, about an hour. We stayed in a hotel for a week while we looked for a house to rent. Staying in a small hotel room with two kids for one week wasn't a choice I would have made. It is ok if we were just vacationing and had outing planned everyday. But ... read more
My neighborhood.
My street

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai May 29th 2013

When travelling I love moving from one place to another every month or every week. But now that we have two toddlers in tow everywhere we go, moving slow is a must. We were drawn to Chiang Mai by its reasonable cost of living expenses, International schools and less complicated visa process. We pay less than $400/mo per child in a pre-school in an International school . My husband and I are happy with the school and the kids are always excited to see their teachers and friends!. By putting the kids in school Monday-Friday my husband and I have time to explore the city and the kids have plenty of opportunity to learn social skills and to maybe even learn a little bit of Thai language. I have been looking around for activites that my ... read more
Huay tung tao lake
Kad suan kaew play area

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai May 25th 2013

I explored Ayutthaya on foot a bit on Friday, wandering around in about a mile-wide radius of my guesthouse to see some of the local sights. Ayutthaya is a busy little city, and I got something of a feel for central Thai city life. I stopped at a pleasant wood-paneled restaurant for a breakfast of shrimp and noodles before heading to the train station for a train to Lop Buri. Lop Buri is another historical site in the vein of Ayutthaya; it was a place of strategic importance around 400 years ago and served as royal residence for part of the year. The modern city, like Ayutthaya, has arisen built around the ruins, and everything of note is easily walkable from the train station. Unfortunately, my train from Ayutthaya to Lop Buri was delayed by a ... read more
train scenery 1
night market 1
tuk tuk

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai May 22nd 2013

I've been to Bangkok a couple of times in my life, but have never ventured far out of the city. So this trip is fantastic in that it allows me to spend a decent amount of time exploring Thailand. And so far, I'm having a great time! Yesterday was my first full day in Chiang Mai. I was slightly zombie-like for most of the day since I didn't get much sleep on the train from Bangkok, but managed to get out and get a basic understanding of what's in the local area. First I went for a wander down the main street near my guesthouse, and found a market selling all sorts of food, clothes and silver and gold jewellery. Luckily I managed to find a pair of non-brand gym shoes for 399 baht (around $14), ... read more

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