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Asia » Philippines » Metromanila » Manila February 10th 2013

Nibbling our way through Chinatown on Chinese New Year... read more

Asia » Philippines » Metromanila » Manila May 9th 2012

“Love your PARENTS. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.” When I found this quotation circulating in Facebook, it hit me like a ton of brick. I was guilty. Not that I don’t love my parents, my Mom, in particular (my Dad is a totally different story). I was just busy living my life, working and raising my son that my Mom quickly became a figure left on the sidelines. So, when I read this quotation, I made one hard look at my Mom. She’s getting old. And now that she’s retired from work, life is (sort of) passing her by. And it dawned on me that I needed to be with her more often, no matter how busy I get. My Mom and I weren’t really close. In ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Metromanila » Manila March 15th 2012

DAY 1- 1/4/12 Just Landed in Manila Airport...its 5:45pm, so tired even though its the same time-zone as perth, must be just from flying all day. the airport is pretty small and smells weird, like old people, now i have to grab a taxi and check into the Hotel, the hotel i booked into is the Dusit Thani Manila Hotel, its 4 and a half stars. the total amount i have to pay is PHP 5,160 thats like $144.44 australian dollars thats really cheap! while i was checking in i couldn't help but notice the beautiful greenery outside the hotel's garden, so i went to show the bell-hops my room number 123 and while they organised my luggage i wnet to explore the hotel... then i went down stairs to the lobby to check out the ... read more
Shopping Mall of Asia

Asia » Philippines » Metromanila » Manila March 1st 2012

I spent my childhood and teenage life in just one school. It was approximately 15mins. on foot. Basically, I was used to travelling within short distances and that was my life for almost 11 years. But it was a totally different story when I graduated from high school. I received a letter from a certain universityin the capital and there it was, my new route was already set.. new life and new adventure. When I created this blog, I thought I would fill it with my up and coming trips in and out of the country. But then, another epiphany came just minutes ago. I realized why not share with you guys how I lived and tell you stories of bizarre adventures I had within the metropolis and outside Mega Manila. I must say, the four ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Metromanila » Manila February 19th 2012

YEY!!! We’re so happy! We’re so happy! We’re so extremely happy! If you still don’t know, Mokong (that’s my son!) and I usually have our epic trips with a couple of long-time travelling friends during the Holy Week. Yes, it’s that week-long Christian commemoration from Christ’s crucifixion to His resurrection. Instead of sitting around at home and bumming around, we make use of the looong vacation as an opportunity to travel somewhere. Since 2007, all our Holy Week epic travels have been out-of-the-country. And this year’s trip is no exception. But unlike the previous ones, I had an extremely difficult time securing the requirements of our tourist visas. Not that the requirements were hard to get, but since I resigned from work, well, things have been a little bit complicated. I’ve been so stressed about it ... read more


Asia » Philippines » Metromanila » Manila June 5th 2011

I'm feeling pretty tired now after the last two days of 'getting my bearings'. On Friday night I was invited out for a meal by my new boss and the team. When I was asked I didn't feel like it because I was so tired but I'm so glad I went. It was a great chance to meet most of the people I would be working with and to eat some Filipino food. Everyone was really nice and they were all welcoming which has put some of my fears to rest. Although they said they wouldn't bully me too much, which I found concerning. Luckily we didn't talk 'shop' for too long as my brain was in no fit state after 36 hours without sleep. I just hope I can remember all their names for my ... read more
Mall of Asia
Ice skating anyone?
sky over Manila Bay

Asia » Philippines » Metromanila » Manila April 27th 2011

Every year, Aliwan Fiesta (Festival) is being held in Manila, Philippines. It is an annual competition for the cultural festivals all over the Philippines. The competition is divided into Cultural Street Dance, Float Parade and Reyna ng Aliwan (Queen of the festival). This is a great venue to experience the cultural diversity in the Philippines. Here are some of the pictures I took of the event last April 16. -- read more
bagong ani

Asia » Philippines » Metromanila » Manila April 13th 2011

While its Asian neighbors have temples and pagodas, the Philippine landscape is dotted with heritage Churches. A legacy from its Spanish colonizers for nearly 400 years. Indeed, much of the history of the Philippines can be gleaned from the Catholic Churches spread all over the archipelago, many dating back to the 16th - 18th century. If you are spending a couple of days in Manila before heading off to a beach destination, you may want to spend some time visiting a few of these churches. Intramuros The highlight of a trip to Intramuros would be Fort Santiago. A fellow Filipino earlier blogged about this, and I think his write-up serves as a good guide in exploring Intramuros, especially Fort Santiago. Directions on how to get to Intramuros are also outlined in his blog. I included a ... read more
Malate Church
Paco Park: Chapel, Park & Cemetery
Binondo Church

Asia » Philippines » Metromanila » Manila April 6th 2011

It is Lent. Time to go visiting the Churches. The norm for Catholics here is to visit 7 Churches, preferably on Maundy Thursday. But I have decided to instead do the 7 during the entire Lenten Season, and to choose the 7 Churches with lots of history. First off: San Agustin Church in Intramuros, a 16th century church claimed to be the oldest stone church in the country. Filipinos A Strange Race? From Makati where I live, we drove along Roxas Boulevard with a lovely view of Manila Bay towards the Pier. We took the right towards Intramuros, where one finds Fort Santiago and the Manila Cathedral. We skipped both, and drove directly to San Agustin Church and Monastery. Standing right in front of the Church and looking around, I found how un-Asian this corner in ... read more
Inside the San Agustin Church
Many Sermons Heard From This Pulpit
Burn in Hell!

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