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Hugs and Kisses, seeing many familiar faces...I am finally writing from home. Lawaan is a coastal town, home to a population of 5,058 with a quarter of it (if not half) probably a relative. The town dates back to late 14th or early 15th century with its discovery by a family, Juan 'Guingot' Gabrillo, his wife, and his children who took refuge from an approching storm under a Lawaan Tree. The storm started shortly after they reached the Monbon Island which was bordering the mouth of what is now the Lawaan River. The town's name was taken from the same tree that sheltered the family from the violent winds. It has gone through the Spanish, the Japanese, and the American occupation and has its own version of local myths & monsters i.e. Agta (a tree demon ... read more
Lawa-Lawa (Cotton Candy)
How it's made :)
Puto (steamed rice cake)

Asia » Philippines » Eastern Samar March 12th 2008

As always, the friendship that I had back home will always be in my heart no matter what. Those people whom I have spent most of my life with, grew up with, played with, studied with, cried with and laughed with will always be in my heart and the memories we have shared will always remind me of the wonderful friendship that I had. I may be miles aways but they will always be with me. I will never forget them!... read more
MSH Sisters Academy Pioneering Class Batch '98
Olga & Jade
Olga, Farrah and Jade

Asia » Philippines » Eastern Samar March 9th 2008

Philippines is one of the most beautiful country in Asia. People are so nice, the view is great and breath taking. Eastern Samar is the province where I came from. Lot's of coconut farms, rice fields and fishing in the area. Life is very simple, yet people are up to date. The dance called " Kuratsa" is very popular in this area. From politicians, socialites and normal or ordinary people dances "Kuratsa". People loves to chat, go swimming and stay out. I love this place! And I miss this place too. Giporlos is the town where I grew up, a town that I will always love and be greatful of. One day I will come back with a big smile and dance with my Kababayans.... read more
Our Lady Of Remedy
Coconut Farm
Bob in the farm

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