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Asia » Nepal » Pokhara May 8th 2014

TREKKING DAY 1 Nayapaul to Tikhedhunga 1,577m 5/8/2014 I met my guide downstairs in the Himalayan Inn Hotel in Pokara. He looks fifteen, but he is twenty-two and has a wonderful wide grin…all the time. On the way to dinner we stopped at an outfitter store and I bought a beautiful turquoise rain jacket, North Face, for $19. I hope it doesn’t rain, though, because I am wearing my Keane sandals. The next morning we caught the 6:30 a.m. bus to Nayapaul. We got off on the side of the road. I had a cup of sweet tea at a little restaurant there and then we went down some stone steps behind the restaurant and walked through little settlements for hours. My guide had told me it would be flat. It was almost entirely uphill. He ... read more
A wonderful rock garden
The staircase...regular route for the mountain dwellers

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara » Sarangkot May 7th 2014

After a day of delayed gratification and an evening of enlightenment; I arrived at Pokhara under cover of darkness. In the hard-scrabble field/ bus station. There was little to see but dust under Nepal's dim, fluorescent lighting. So I grabbed the first taxi driver that was willing to take me for $4. I'm staying at the KC Hotel in Damside. The 'other' side of the the tracks. $6 a night gets you a huge 3-person room with a bathtub nearly as decrepit as Tom Denson's was in Ocean City, Md. Big double-bed and a single to put my suitcase on. Desk, wardrobe and lots of outlets. Breakfast included. Large terrace overlooking a placid lake. The water's edge is so close to the hotel that I might be able to see myself in its mirrored surface if ... read more
My $6 Room
The Annapurnas
Annapuna III

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara April 14th 2014

It’s Monday 14th - The Nepalese New Year's Day. On Saturday, we left Bardia National Park at 5am, just before sunrise. Rob and Santos rode on the roof of the truck for the first half a mile to lift low lying electricity cables so that Tim could drive the truck out. I wanted to get on the roof too but I was only allowed to be relay. We arrived in Pokhara at about 8pm, 15 hours and 450km later. The decision to drive for this length of time was the right one. This trip runs only once a year and normally it stops off for a bush camp about 325km from Bardia at Butwal but the decision was made to not waste time and continue to Pokhara for an unbroken 3 night, 2 day stay. The ... read more
truck that hit us.
on the way up to the Stupa
pokhara sunrise

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara April 7th 2014

Bevor wir den Bus nach Pokhara für unser kinderfreies Wochenende besteigen bekomme ich noch ein nepalesisches Makeup und eine Frisur von Aishma verpasst und eine Blume ins Haar gesteckt. Die Mädchen finden es ganz wundervoll während ich eher das Gefühl habe wie eine Mischung aus Geisha und Wanderhure auszusehen. Aber weil sie so süß zu mir sind, lasse ich alles so wie es ist bis ich im Bus bin. Gegen 14 Uhr sind wir in Pokhara und beziehen das nächstbeste Hotelzimmer wo wir uns garnicht mehr einkriegen können darüber, dass wir einen Schrank, ein Bett mit einer richtigen Matratze und eine richtige Dusche und Toilette haben. Unsere Unterkunft in Sauraha ist eben doch sehr nepalesisch, das Bett besteht aus einem Holzbrett mit einer windeldicken Stoffauflage, auf dem ich fast jeden Morgen mit Rücken und Hüftschmerzen aufwache ... read more
Phewa Lake am frühen Morgen
traumhafter Frühstücksort über dem Phewasee
World Peace Stupa

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara March 29th 2014

23-29 March, Pokhara Exchange Rate $1AUD = 86NRP (slightly less than Kathmandu) The trip from Kathmandu to Pokhara is only around 200km, however it took 8 hours for the bus to negotiate the winding bumpy “highway". We rode with Mountain Overland for $14USD one way per person. The bus was comfortable and clean, and was only around 40% full. We stopped about 4 times for toilet and tea/lunch breaks. The trip takes around 1 hour to get out of Kathmandu and then hugs the mountainside, winding its way gradually downhill and then uphill again, all the way to Pokhara. The roads are quite shocking in some places. Even with a seatbelt you find yourself flinging out of your seat as the bus rocks frantically from side to side. You need to hang on for dear life ... read more
Phewa Lake
world peace pagoda
sunrise sarangkot


Asia » Nepal » Pokhara March 26th 2014

After a very good massage and beers in Kathmandu (plus 10kg of washing), it was time to see some more of what beautiful Nepal has to offer... and in a less strenuous fashion! So we organised a 4 night getaway that took us to Pokhara (gateway to the Annapurna treks) for 2 nights, and then to the Royal Chitwan National Park to some jungle safari action! We flew to Pokhara from Kathmandu (our last regional flight, thank goodness!)... This flight was actually pretty flash, we were served a cup of orange fizz and a lolly! The poor hostesses really have a tough job getting up and down the aisle, its about 1.4m high max, but still smiling! Pokhara is a great town set on a lake, with waterfront cafe's and restaurants, boats on the water and ... read more
Atop an elephant
Rhino and babe in a swamp
Elephants like to carry logs

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara January 26th 2014

Greetings again, so soon, which means I have had this sitting on my computer for…a while. Nepali time! So onwards with the travelling part of the travel blog. I left Kathmandu for a travel excursion two weeks ago. I took the bus out to Pokhara, which is the second largest city in Nepal and it is about a 7-hour bus ride away. It sits about 25 kms from the Annapurna Range of the Himalayas, and right on a lake called Phewa Tal. Pokhara is the place where most backpackers get to and chill out for days/weeks on end, as it’s clean air is a beacon of respite after the mean streets of Kathmandu, but it still has cafes serving brownies and Wi-Fi. It’s also the jumping off point for trekking the Annapurna range, which when the ... read more
My feet and the Annapurna Range
Phewa Tal at sunset, from Derek's
Paragliding Selfie!!!

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara December 7th 2013

Resumo: O poder da mente! “and now I wanna a million dollar” (rs); Estou Bem! Conheci Kyle na fila da embaixada da Índia em Catmandu. Ele me ajudou a entender um pouco mais o processo de como tirar o visto. Ficamos conversando por um tempão. Falamos um pouco sobre o Nepal, sobre alguns bons livros, sobre o que eu estou fazendo, sobre o que ele está fazendo. Anotei as dicas que ele me deu. Rapaz muito inteligente. =) Continuamos conversando por email. Falando sobre o que estávamos fazendo, ele em Catmandu e eu em Pokhara. Procurei em mais de 10 livrarias o livro que ele me indicou: Blue Sweater – Jacqueline Novogratz, mas não encontrava. Encontrei somente na Amazon. Pensei: como seria bom se eu tivesse um Kindle. Obviamente perderia o prazer de ler o livro ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara December 6th 2013

Resumo: Discussão de um casamento que não deu certo em público! Preciso escrever agora sobre algo que eu nunca vi na vida. O vilarejo em que estou agora se encontra para discutir um casamento falido. Que? Sim, as pessoas se reúnem para escutar a estória do casal que não deu certo. No começo estávamos em umas 25 pessoas, mas com o tempo ficou mais e mais. Acho que estávamos em 40 quando resolvi sair. Inicialmente eu achei que o marido tinha traído a esposa. Ele ficou 2 anos no Oriente Médio trabalhando. Milhões de Nepaleses vão para fora, é a maior “fonte de renda” do país. Depois descobri que era a mulher que tinha relações extra conjugais durante este tempo. Era difícil de entender a situação porque a esposa não parava de chorar. Ela na verdade ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara December 6th 2013

Resumo:Visitei um vilarejo distante; a comunidade precisa de apoio; eco-turismo; voluntariado; Estou Bem. Estava meio perdida. Andava com um mapa na mão. Nesta hora um moço ofereceu ajuda. Agradeci, mas disse que não precisava, pois me achei no mapa. Estava exausta. O corpo estava destruído após quase 5 dias de trekking. Não aguentava mais andar. Esperaria o ônibus. Depois de quase 20 minutos o ônibus chegou. Estava lotado. Impossível de entrar. Ok, ainda tinha um pouco mais de energia para andar os 30 minutos até o destino final (não passou pela cabeça pegar um taxi). O moço então ofereceu carona na moto. Hesitei. Ele insistiu. Ok. Em 5 minutos eu estava onde eu queria estar. Agradeci. Ele perguntou o que eu estava fazendo em Pokhara. Disse que estava como voluntária e que iria para uma fazenda ... read more
On the Top!
Jagan & Ram

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