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Asia » Nepal » Chitwan November 13th 2007

Arriving at our lodge in Chitwan involved an incredible drive through the Chitwan National Park where we saw elephants wandering past and herds of water buffalo bathing in the river. The lodge only opened in September and 50% of profits go to innovative development projects in the local Tharu communities. It also offers some top class excursions of which we treated ourselves to three: a visit to the Tharu village, a canoe ride in the Buddi Rapti river and an elephant trek at dawn. The wildlife was amazing: rhinos, deer, peacocks, kingfishers, parrots, wild boar… and we saw it all from the back of an elephant! Gliding silently past the sleeping crocodiles during the canoe ride was a little disconcerting. We also went to an elephant breeding centre, but this involved quite a scary walk through ... read more
Crocodile hole :s
Tharu village house decorated for Tihar (Nepalese Festival of Lights)
Canoe ride in the Rapti river

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan November 6th 2007

Namaste! I'm finally getting a chance to update the old blog again. I do think about it, about how much you guys are pacing around back home barely being able to go on with your days, but I’m a busy girl, what can I say? My days in Chitwan have officially come to an end. Tomorrow morning I am on the 5+ hour bus journey (provided there are no Maoist road checks or attacks or anything) to Pokhara to start my trek in the Annapurna mountain range. I’m sad to be leaving everyone I have met here. I’ve become so attached to all the kids I teach, the locals in our surrounding villages and of course the kids at the orphanage. Tonight is my last night with the kids and then it’s goodbye. It’s very surreal ... read more
Dashain Festival Celebration With the Kids
Eating Dal Baht - Nepali Style
Canoe Trip Down the Rapti River

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan October 31st 2007

Chitwan National Park was created in 1973 but has been protected since 19th century by becoming a hunting reserve of Nepali. Strangely the fact it was actually a hunting reserve may acted to protect it from habitant loss. In 1950s when King Mahendra heard only 100 rhinos and 20 tigers remained in the area and removed the peasants. The Park consists of Forest, Marshes and grassland and is home many wildlife species including the horned Indian Rhino, tigers and leopards. But sadly much has been lost under Maoist struggles as conflicts have prevented the protection of this valuable region. With the opportunity to see tigers and elephants I was very much looking forwarding to getting to Chitwan but the trip there was not without a few embarassments. Chandra miss understood the location of a toilet at ... read more
River Crossing
One for me and ok many for you
Me at Royal Chitwan National Park

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan October 28th 2007

Following our amazing trip down the Sun Kosi, we were back on a Nepali bus again, preparing for an eight-hour ride to Chitwan National Park. Once again, our bus ride turned into quite an adventure of its own. Less than one hour in, we had to pull over for a flat tire. Two hours after that, there were riots in the streets of a small village we were going through so we had to find an alternate route. Lastly, about 8:00 in the evening, the bus broke down and we were stranded in the dark in a small and strange village, somewhere very near the border of India. After three hours in a hot & steamy, mosquito-filled bus and the removal and repair of the rear differential (or so we were told), (did we really want ... read more
Royal Chitwan National Park
Elephant Tika

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan October 25th 2007

And yes, after all the adventures on our river ... we made it to chitwan, where we wanted to give our friends a relaxing time between the wild animals of Nepal ... If we all survived??? Yes we did, but we saw our lives passing before our eyes a few more times .. when the wild chicken came dangerously close to Amber and Kay...when Mike almost got stuck under the elephant during his showertime ... when Marc discovered the big mountain of rhinopoop still fresh and warm ... when Kalu had to give Leen the bill from 17 glasses of Rum in one evening ... dangerous moments for all of them ... but we all survived!... read more
Kalu and Mr. Elephant
Nice and clean after the shower!


Asia » Nepal » Chitwan October 20th 2007

Deutsche text unten! Op 9-10 hebben wij het stoffige Kathmandu verlaten en zijn we naar Chitwan National Park gegaan. Om 7 uur zijn we vertrokken in een shabby bus. Onderweg zagen we echter dat onze bus nog relatief oke was in vergelijking met de andere overvolle bussen die hier op de wegen rijden en in Europa al lang afgekeurd zouden zijn! Na een lange rit van 7 uur (gepland was 4 uur, maar hier loopt nooit iets als gepland) werden we in de middle of nowhere uit de bus gezet. Alleen waren we niet: minstens 30 taxichauffeurs en stonden ons op te wachten: " Where do you want to go, Our Hotel is much cheaper, where did you book? That hotel doesn't exist anymore......!!!!!!!!!!!!" Heel rustig gingen we op zoek naar onze driver, want we hadden ... read more
in der Ferne
veel voorkomende krokodil in chitwan

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan October 20th 2007

Wie in unserem text über Chitwan zu lesen ist haben wir auch jede menge Elefanten gesehen. Wir waren auch Elefanten reiten. Was eine Erfahrung......Es sind und bleiben wunderbare Tiere so intelligent und einzigartig.... und werden so misshandelt. Wir saßen auf dem Elefanten und ohne dass er etwas getan hat schlug der Elefantenführer der Elefant mit einem Stock auf den Kopf bis der Elefant anfing zu "schreien". Da blieb uns die spucke weg und der ritt durch den Jungel war nicht mehr zu genießen. Für uns Europäer/Touristen ist es natürlich nicht schon anzusehen und unbegreiflich. Wir haben beschlossen solche Aktivitäten nicht mehr zu tun. Ich habe mich anschließend mit einem Nepali unterhalten und erzählt dass wir das nicht mehr unterstutzen. Der Nepali antwortete: Wenn sie die Elefanten nicht so behandeln wurden hatten sie kein Respekt vor den ... read more
Elefanten Auge
Elefant in Ketten
training olifant

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan October 17th 2007

Oh gosh, where to begin - it’s like a whole other world over here. I’ve been in Nepal for 2 weeks almost and am still getting used to the culture. I have so much to tell you all - this country is amazing! I guess I should probably start with the details of my arrival in Nepal - what a disaster! After saying a teary goodbye to mom and Kirbi in Frankfurt, I was getting pretty excited to start the next part of my journey, alone, in Nepal. I arrived in Bangkok around 6:30 am on October 1st after a long day of flying from Athens to Frankfurt and then on to Bangkok. I was really excited to be on my way to my last flight to Kathmandu, when the worst thing happened. I got to ... read more
Views of Mount Everest From The Plane
Buddanath Buddhist Temple in Kathmandu
Tikka Powder and Jewlery For Sale

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan October 17th 2007

Hi Guys - I've just updated my blog from Nepal.. it's a long one, but only 4 pictures right now. Uploading them made my computer crash so I couldn't do anymore, but there will be more to some.. promise. Also, I don't think you got the email update about that entry so that's why I'm sending this. Hope you enjoy! Meghan... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan August 8th 2007

Got a bus from Pokhora early in the morning and arrived at the park at about midday. Were taken to a different lodge than the one we were told we'd be in, although when we walked past that one it seemed to be mostly rubble. Our lodge was about 15 minutes away from all the main stuff which was a bit of a pain, especially as we were the only ones staying there and it got a bit lonely at meal times. Felt a bit like being at school with set meal times and no choice in what we ate, food was simply brought out to us as we ate. First afternoon we did a walking tour of the local area and saw some traditional villages with their mud and straw huts. Ended the tour in ... read more
On the Elephant
Rosie washing an elephant
After washing

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